Friday, January 23, 2015

Teresa's Five WIPS

Today is the day to show you Teresa's WIPS.  The first thing you need to know about my buddy T is that she loves to organize her stash.  She has a great Excel spreadsheet listing everything she has.  She is also getting ready for a move, so at first she did not have the energy to go through all of her stash to pick out some WIPs, but then I guess we inspired her because she showed up at the WIP reveal day with a list.  You have got to have lists and rules people!  First of all, and not pictured here, is her WIP, which is also known as a BAP (big ass project), Red Deer Sampler.  As you have seen, this is a group SAL and she is working on it with Karin, Brenda, Pat and Linda. 

So, as you can see, T broke her stitching down into categories.  First up is the BAP to work on all year long.  Then she has an over 1 project, a monthly project, a medium sized project and a small project.  She is playing by her own rules!  Love it!  And she will stick to it and get some stuff done!
 In the medium sized category is this lovely piece by BBD, A Merry Heart.  I am sure this is OOP so don't get too excited about it people.  It is completely lovely and cool though isn't it???
One of our rules for WIPs was that you could have it kitted up and not started....Here are the fibers and fabrics Teresa will use.  Gorgeous!!!
 Here is Teresa's current monthly is the new series by Hands on Design, the chalk series. 
 This is such an innovative and timely design!  Love it!
In the small category is this USA Crock design.  I know Teresa is already working on this one!  She started it the day of our WIP reveal.
And in the stitching over one category is this future masterpiece......the Serenity Harbor Sampler by By The Bay Needleart.  I almost caved in and joined this SAL, but then I looked through my stash and I have so many projects that I love that I have not touched.....but this is very tempting!!!!!  When I see it done I know I will faint!
As we go along throughout the year I intend to show progress pics on everyone's work.  This is so exciting!!!!!!!!  Also, today is Friday and I am so excited to have some extended stitching time this weekend......let's all stitch our guts out!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Karin's Five WIPS

Here are Karin's five WIPS.  Before I get started with the rundown.........Karin recently moved to New York because her husband had a job transfer.  Our group was devastated.....but the good news is that we stay in very, very close touch through texting, emails, and Karin is able to come back now and then to stitch with us.  We already have our 2015 get togethers all planned out.  So, while we miss her terribly, with a capital T!, we still feel very close!!!!!!

First up, is Karin's progress thus far on the Red Deer Sampler.  As I mentioned previously, several of my pals are stitching this in a SAL.  It is going to be such a treasure when it is done.  I keep thinking I should have joined in. 

Next up is the gorgeous Autumn Posy by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers.  Stunning!!!! Paulette's designs are just amazingly great.  Every, single, one of them!!!

 I like how Karin started the outline of the piece and then is doing the fill-in.
 Here is a beautiful antique reproduction sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread.  Frances Pool.  I love the colors of this sampler and the design is just totally fab.  This one is in my on-deck bag!
 Part of the fun of getting a project together to stitch is getting your threads organized.  Karin took it up a notch by putting her threads on a ring and adding this fob that she ordered directly from WTNT.  They are very limited when they are available so I know that this one is long gone.  Karin was very lucky that she got one!  Isn't it just so lovely???

Next up is the current mystery sampler by Lizzie Kate......Things Unseen.  The big reveal of all three parts was just shown on the LK site. 
 Karin has Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow in her WIPs selection.  If I remember correctly she is doing hers on a 36 count with NPI silks.

I feel faint just thinking about it being all done and framed!!!  Masterpiece!!!!!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on these entries.  What a treat to hear from all of you stitchers!!!!  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pat's Five WIPS

Here are Pat's five WIPs.  Besides being a wonderful stitcher, Pat makes beautiful quilts too!!!!  And she is a nurse!  I always wanted to be a nurse, so Pat is my hero.  

First up is Betsy by Sheepish Designs.  This design is just so amazingly cool and I love this project!!!!!!  

Did I mention the idea of an "on deck" bag????  That is the bag that I will put the kitted up projects that are to be chosen from after each one of the five are finished.  This project is definitely in my on deck bag!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!!

 Here is Roses in July by Needlework Press.  This is a very sweet project.  I also have this one kitted up.  I remember when some of the others in our group finished this...they had it framed in a small wooden frame and it was a masterpiece.

 Speaking of masterpieces..................Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings is certainly a masterpiece.  Pat is doing hers with the called for DMC on 32 count and it is stunning

 Look at these close-ups!!!!!!  Be still my beating heart!

 And the beauty does not cease!  This is the Mary Peacock Sampler.  I have this started in my stash.  Why would I ever have put it down????  This is beyond amazing and Pat will definitely finish it this year.  What a happy dance that will be!!!!

Here is a beautiful reproduction sampler by Plum Street Samplers.  It is called Esther Sayer 1796. 
 The pinks in this chart are Pat's signature colors.  The fabric she chose is perfect for this project. 
Such wonderful picks by Pat!!!!  Don't you want to see what is in her on deck bag???????  Oh my goodness, I bet it is amazing. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Four WIPS - Brenda

Here are the WIPS that Brenda pulled from her stash.  I think what sets Brenda apart in the stitching world is that she finishes what she starts!  Even big huge pieces.........she has done pieces like Rachel Howell by The Scarlett House.  It is stitched, framed and hanging in her home.  Every time I see it I have heart palpitations!!!!  She just finished Pink House Sampler by Plum Street Samplers and it is another heart stopper!

On to the current WIPS....first up is this stunner by Blackbird Designs.  This is Quaker House found in the book With Needle & Thread.  This book is out of print.  I wonder.......could BBD reprint this one????  It is much sought after and I, for one, would love a copy!!!!  Look at the floss colors!!!  Just so beautiful!

Next up is a wonderful sampler that I am adding to my someday list.  This is Not Forgotten Sampler by Chessie & Me.  It is so unique!!!!  Just absolutely lovely.

Okay, let's take a little break here.  One of the most fun things to do with your stitching stash is to have project bags!!!!!!  You can really organize in style if you have a lot them.  Here is one of Brenda's project bags that was made by Faye of Carolina Stitcher.  Here is a link to Faye's site:  Carolina Stitcher.  She does awesome finishing work too!
 I am absolutely and totally obsessed with this next project.  It is beyond gorgeous!!!  This is 1807 Tulips by Dames of the Needle.  I must do this one.  Doesn't Brenda pick the most gorgeous stuff???

Speaking of large and beyond gorgeous samplers!!!  Here is another show stopper by Tanya of The Scarlett House!!!!!!!   This is Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842.  Amazing!

It will be so much fun to follow these projects along to finished!!!!  Will try to get pics of as much as I can of finishes throughout the year.   Thanks for sharing your projects with us Brenda!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Five WIPs - Linda

2015 Stitching!  It is always so exciting to start a new year and make plans of what you want to stitch and how you will accomplish it.  I am so very lucky to have a group of stitching friends to obsess over this with!!!!  Pat came up with the idea to pick five WIPs from our stash and concentrate on finishing each of them this year.  So, this past weekend when we were all together I asked everyone to bring their five choices with them so we could have show and tell.  What a blast it was!!!  I took pictures of everyone's choices and over the next several days I will show them to you!  So many great projects!!!!!  First up are Linda's choices!  I am obsessed with this first choice.

The Birds & The Bees by Carriage House Samplings.  It is a amazing!!!!!!!!!  Who would ever think that these colors would work, but they sure do!!!!!!  I am putting this one on my wish list for sure. Linda makes the best choices for projects.  I should just follow her around and stitch exactly what she does!!!!
 And then look at the perfection of her actual stitches!  She is a real artist and does such lovely work. 

 Next up is Sarah Spurr by CHS.  Another one that is on my to be stitched list!
Linda is participating in the SAL for Dorothy Walpole.  This is one amazing stitch.  It will be a total masterpiece when it is done. 

I wish this picture was not blurry!  This is Birds of a Feather by BBD.  Another masterpiece!  Linda is so close to a finish on this one.  Once we finish a project the idea is to rotate another one into the five current WIPs.  

As you can imagine, and as you have probably done yourself, we have all amassed quite a stash of stunning charts to be stitched so rotating in the next WIP will be so much fun!

Several of my friends are doing a SAL with The Red Deer Sampler.  Here is Linda's progress.  I think I am going to be sorry that I did not join them.  Really, as I said before, I should just follow Linda's every move!!!!!
Will be back soon with my next stitcher's five WIPS!  So fun!!!!!