Sunday, November 02, 2014

Stitching and stamping

I have been stitching turkeys lately!!!  I found these two charts and could not wait to stitch either of them.  They are both just super fabulous!!!!

The top chart is from Jenny at Country Rustic Primitives.  I cannot say enough about how great her designs are!!!!!!  Click HERE to go check out her charts.  They are without a doubt impossible to resist!!!

This turkey sampler is from an older chart....but it is so right up my alley.  Love the whole look and the threads for it.  I am hoping to frame it exactly as the chart shows.  

 I have stuck with my card making mojo too.  I am using up vintage images from books and magazines that I have been hoarding for years (and I mean years!) to make cards.  They look so great with patterned paper.

I also reordered some Gamsol.  This is a liquid that you can use with colored pencils to make any image look like an artist did it.  Love!!!!

It sure makes me happy to spend time with my hobbies and the friends I have that love them too!!!  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everything Old is New Again

I have been intrigued by my stamp room again!  Which is a good thing because I have so very many stamps and mountains of supplies!  I signed up to take a class using Copic Markers.  So I got out some images to practice with.  The above stamp was lots of fun to color and I think the image is adorable.
 I added some vintage wallpaper as a background to make this into a card.
 Above and below are my first two practice runs.  The class starts tomorrow.  I think I will be learning a lot and I love to watch other people's art process.  

Here is a link to the class in case you want to check it out:  Online Card Classes.  I have taken the classes before and they are Top Notch!!!!  and Fun!

 After some coloring and stamping I went back to one of my favorite styles....combing great patterned paper with vintage images.  I have two tons of vintage ephemera and have been hoarding it for years.  I finally decided just to use it!!!!!  It felt great.  I need to reduce my hoard!!!
Looking forward to trying to balance stamping and stitching.....and reading and napping!!! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Karin Moved to New York - The Cross-Stitch Gang is Very Sad

I don't know if you heard the seismic shift in the cosmos.......but there was a collective groan let out in Illinois this summer.  Our dearest best buddy Karin has moved to New York.  Her wonderful husband is now heading up the Midtown Manhattan Hilton and so the fabulous Dutch family has headed East.  But before Karin left we made sure to make the most of every minute we spent we have been doing for the past many years that we have known each other.  

But before we get too, too sad, we definitely give thanks for the world we live in now where we can be connected at all times by texting, Facebook and e-mail!  We are also thankful that Karin will be able to come back at least a couple of times a year for our stitching weekends (that we absolutely live for!!!)

So, we had an official last get together recently at Pat's wonderful abode.  First of all, we had a surprise for Karin.  We stitched this fabulous BBD design with all of our initials on it and we are going to ask that Jill Rensel frame it so it will be extra over the top special!!!!!

 Our other gift to Karin was put together fabulously by Patti.....she got together the many pictures of our times together and made this fabulous memory book for Karin!!!  Above is the cover. 
 Here is Karin looking through the many pages of happy happy memories!!!
 Then, surprise!!!!!!  Patti had books made for each of us!  I could have just wept with joy to be able to look through this book over and over and over again!!!! How thoughtful.

We had a photo shoot so each gal could have their picture taken with the stitcher of the hour.  Here is Pat and Karin.  Note all the delightful pieces of stitching and quilting that Pat has around her lovely home.  Sigh......

 Karin and Brenda.
 Karin and Patti.
 Kellie and Karin.
 Karin and Teresa.
 Karin and Linda.
Karin and me. 

Here is what it looks like when we sit around the table.  There is show and tell of stitch projects in abdundance.  There are phone and ipads to look up new projects.  There are drinks and snacks.  There is love, joy, and so much friendship.  We are so blessed to have each other and to be able to share our passion of stitching together.  We have been through a lot together and we will be through a lot more in the future.  We are a united front and we will always love each other very much.  So, you see, even though Karin is going to live in another state.....we are still very much together.  Always and forever, amen. 

Speaking of show and tell....Karin had some of her pieces framed and ready to take to New York.

 Florry Hollands by Pineberry Lane. 

 A lovely older Prairie Schooler.
Krissy Nelson by La D Da.

There just could not be a post without some stitching right?

So, to sum it all up.  We are really, really, really sad that we can't see Karin at the drop of the hat....but that won't stop us from always being close in spirit and thought.

We love you Karin!  We wish you much joy in New York......we wish you lots of trips back to Illinois and here's to many more stitching memories!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lunch with Tanya

One of the absolute highlights of our trip was meeting Tanya Brockmeyer.  Tanya is the genius behind The Scarlett House.  She is just a wonder!  So creative, so talented and so darn nice!!!!!  We were able to spend some time with Tanya looking at samplers and having lunch.  Here we are at a most fabulous Mexican restaurant in her hometown.  Yum! (I wish I was back there right now!).

Tanya's designs are just fabulous.  They are a mix of gorgeous reproduction samplers and very dear original designs.  I love every single thing she has designed and I am on a serious Scarlett House dreaming phase!

For example, this is Rachel Howell.  My friend Brenda has stitched this sampler.  As you can see it would be quite a commitment to stitch this sampler, but once you see it....all bets are off!  I am thinking of gearing up for Rachel with a January 1, 2015 start!  So excited about this!!!!!

I have this little black cat started and I am going to be pulling him out soon to finish in time for Halloween.  Love the scissor fob that comes with it too!

This is Good Company and another one I want to do STAT!!!  I love the little story in verse...actually I love every single thing about this piece.  

Coverlet houses is in my stash too.  Love this!!!

 She Feeds Them Well is in my stash also.  I know my friend Kellie finished this one already. 

Two more reproduction samplers I would love to do!  My friend Pat started Sarah Elizabeth Brooke.

I really, really, really want to do Seven Sheep Sampler!!!

As you can see Tanya is really really talented!!!!!  And to boot she is a fabulous person and lots of fun to hang out with.  As if that is not enough...she has new designs coming out at the next market!!!!
So exciting!!!

Thank you Tanya for spending time with us and making us feel so darn special!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Attic - Part 3 - Sampler Sunday

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to be at The Attic for their monthly get togther known as Sampler Sunday!!  The shop opens one Sunday a month for shopping, stitching, and show and tell!!  Plus last Sunday was International Ice Cream day so Jean provided ice cream sundaes too!!!!  

I love the fact that approximately 30 women took the time to stop and watch and listen as each stitcher showed what she was working!  Talk about inspiration!  Above Jean is showing Tanya Brockmeyer's handmade travel case.  It is so cool and it is decorated with all of her special things.  Tanya is the genius behind The Scarlett House.

 My one regret is that that I did not get the names of the stitchers of all of these projects!  Please forgive me and if there is a picture on this entry of something you stitched please let me know.  Also, I could not get a picture of everything.  I was agog and things were moving fast so I missed some great pieces.  

These two pictures above and below are great little stitched pieces turned into project bags by Faye of Carolina Stitcher!!!

 Above and below is another look at Cindy's Dutch Band Sampler.  Fabulous!

 Above and below are beautiful projects from a lady who was originally from a town very close to where I live!!!!  Gorgeous!

 This was a lovely project new to the shop.  It was recently on the cover of SANQ.

One of the things that I really appreciate about The Attic is the way they package their fabric.  When you buy a piece of fabric it gets put in a plastic bag with this great label which gives you all the information you will need to know when you get ready to stitch.  

 Linda Vinson of Needlemade Designs was working on this darling little flower.  She showed us some of her stitched models in the store and they were so very gorgeous!!!

Here is a purse that she made.  It was also on the cover of a SANQ magazine.  Total masterpiece!!!

 A beautiful holder for scissors by Linda Vinson. 
 A stitcher completed Elizabeth Sheffield!
 A start on the Seven Sheep Sampler. 
 A start on a Primitive Hare SAL.
 This is Jean's start on The Attic's Sampler of the Month.  Jesus Wept by The Scarlett Letter.
Here is the original of M.A. Badger.  I think we all kitted this one up.  

We were walking out the door on the last day and I could  not resist taking one last picture......there is always more to see at The Attic.  

We could not have had a better time at the shop!!!!  Thank you to Jean and all the shop girls!!!