Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Attic - Part Two

 Here are some more pics from The Attic.  As you can imagine, everywhere you look there are shop models.  Such inspiration!!!!!!

 If you arrive without your readers there are tons of glasses to choose from!
 If you arrive without your favorite lamp there are ones to borrow!!!!!!

 I found this to be very inspiring.  Take one square of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, stitch it and frame it!!

Oh what's this?  Just a table of beautiful fabric!!!!

 We were lucky to be present when a shipment from Italy arrived!!!!  These are beautifully hand dyed, aged fabrics from The Primitive Hare.

 You can bet we were stalking Jean when she opened this package!!!!

And we waited until the price tag was affixed to get this chart Patriotic Queen of the Needles into our hot little hands!!!

I will close with our dinner one evening.  We were stitching at the hotel.  All of us were too tired to go out anywhere and we could not think of what to eat.  We were leaning towards ordering a pizza to the hotel when the desk staff told us there was a Portillo's nearby.  We unanimously rose to our feet and decided that is where we would go.  We were trying to eat at places that are not available to us at home.....but the lure of Portillo's was just to great to ignore.  So, off we went in Arizona to a restaurant that was totally decorated like it was right in Chicago!!!  

Coming up.....our afternoon with Tanya Brockmeyer and Sampler Sunday at The Attic!!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Attic Needleworks - Part One

My friends and I are the luckiest stitchers on Planet Earth!!!!  We went to The Attic Needleworks in Mesa, Arizona last weekend!!!!!  We flew from Chicago to Phoenix and planned four wonderful days of stashing and stitching at this shop that is like Disneyland for stitchers!!!!  Here we are pictured with the wonderful shop owner, Jean Lea.  She took such good care of us!  We were treated like queens and we enjoyed every second we spent in the care of Jean and her wonderful shop girls, Debra, Beth, Andrea and Carolyn!!!  Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who made us feel so special and so welcomed!

From the moment we entered the shop to the moment we left...everything was simply perfect.  I will have to spread my pictures out over a couple of blog posts because there was so much happening and so much to see!!!!  We were able to participate in two shop events...Thursday night stitching and Sampler Sunday stitching.  In between those two events we were able to spend most of our days at the shop.  We went around and around looking at all of the models, picking out different projects and sitting at the spacious tables you can see behind our group.  We were able to shop, stitch and be together in the most perfect setting you can imagine.  

I would highly encourage any stitcher to make a trip to The Attic!!!  You will not be fact, for us, it was certainly a highlight of our stitching lives!!!!

This is the display we saw when we first walked in!!!!  Wonderful patriotic charts and models!

Another stroke of luck...that very first day we were there this wonderful chart and model was unveiled.  This is a project by Linda Danielson of Samplers Remembered.  We all loved it and kitted it up!!

The shop is full of special little nooks and corners like this antique chair with charts to look through!

Here is a darling little project that Brenda kitted up.
The Attic has a sampler of the month each month.  If you don't subscribe to their newsletter....go sign up right now.  You will receive a biweekly newsletter that will tell you about the sampler each month and much more.  Jean has ingeniously showed us several of the samplers of the month and where she is at in terms of her progress. 

Here is a sampler on the wall.  Love that red dress!

This is an older Carriage House Samplings chart that my friend Patti and I fell in love with it!!!!  We have it on order from The Attic to be sent to our homes.  Won't that be a fun package to receive!!!
While we were at the shop a package of silk threads arrived!!!  Loved seeing them in bulk!!!  They were simply gorgeous!

Jean was a very good sport when we asked her to model a huge skein of the silk threads as if it were a scarf!!!  So cute!

The Attic has every type of thread imaginable and they do lots of conversions into silks.  They will help you do and find anything you want!

I fell in love with this sampler and kitted it up!  It is by Linda Danielson of Samplers Remembered.
This is a very special piece by Tanya Brockmeyer of The Scarlett House.  We were very very lucky to spend some quality time with Tanya because she is a friend of one of our group (Karin who could not come with us).  More on that later, but I wanted to show you this chart because it was my very first purchase at the Attic!!!  

The name of the sampler is Mary Ann Farmer.  It is breathtaking!!!!

Now get I am with the designer of the piece, Miss Tanya of The Scarlett House her very self!  She is helping me pick out a piece of 32 count linen that will work for the sampler!!!!  Is that cool or what??? 

I love this little sampler.  Should have bought it!  Oh well, that leaves me something to get next time or I can always call in an order!

 Here is Mary Roe another reproduction sampler from Tanya of The Scarlett House.  It is simply stunning!!!
 This whole corner of the shop has many models from The Scarlett House.  It is so exciting to see them all in one place and dream on them.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting other stitchers at The Attic...these are the ladies that are lucky enough to call The Attic their LNS!!!  Here is Teresa with Cindy....Cindy is working on a band sampler that gets updated every week with a new border to stitch.  This is a project that started in Holland in January.  Teresa is ready to jump on this train!!  Here is a link to the site where it all started....Randje Per Week.

Patti had a finish while we were there!  Hurrah!!!!!  So cute!!

A big Hurrah to Jean and the staff at the Attic!  To Tanya Brockmeyer and to all the stitchers at The Attic for making us all feel so welcome.  You provided us with a once in a lifetime experience and we are so thankful to you all!!!!!!!

I will be back soon with some more pictures and stories!!!

Monday, July 07, 2014


EDITED TO ADD THE WINNER!:  THE WINNER BY RANDOM DRAW IS LKICT!!!!!  I have your email and will email you for your name and address!!!  Thanks so much to you all for commenting and your support!!!!!  

Thank you to everyone for your super wonderful comments on the Overwhelmed post!!!!  Your words of wisdom soothed my soul.  I really should print them off and make them into a little booklet to carry around with me (especially when I am at The Attic next week!!!)

In appreciation for your wonderfulness I would like to host a give-a-way!  Please post a comment to this post if you would like a chance to win this 2014 JCS Halloween project issue!!  I will choose a winner at random and mail this out to you!
I will pick a winner on Thursday and mail this out on Friday!!!

Thanks to all again!!!!  We stitchers know how to stick together!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014


 I know that I am not the only stitcher in this boat..... I pulled a bag full of projects from a closet.  See above. 
 This is the closet it came out of.
 This is another room with more bags. 
 Same room, more bags.  I did not photograph the bags downstairs by the couch.

I thought that I would empty out each bag and organize the projects by designer.  Maybe go through a bag a day.  Well........
Here are the rough contents of bag one.  (sorry about the "cat blanket" background.  I should have been more artsy about this photo shoot).   Note the C Street Samplerworks "Need Has Nothing to Do With It" in the middle.  Ironic isn't it??

As you can see, the contents of one bag yield about 3 years worth of stitching (actually, it could even be a decade of stitching for me since I am a slow stitcher!).  It is a good thing my husband does not read this blog!  

My plan is to go through all of the bags and get projects organized by designer as mentioned before.  I think I will get some big tubs from Target and divide them up that way.  This is a pretty sorry situation.  I never could understand stitchers who would work on one thing at a time and finish it before they went on to the next.  Oh, how I wish I was one of you!!!!  I definitely am afflicted with startitis!!!

Now, here is the friends and are I going to visit The Attic Needlework Shop in July!!!!!!!  Yikes!