Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun Weekend

Spent the weekend doing all of my favorite things.....hanging with my husband, shopping, eating out, going to the library, stitching and watch TV.  As you can see above I finished Maltilda Hornbuckle by Notforgotten Farm.  I love her!!!  Can't decide whether to frame her or have her made into a flat-fold.  Opinions welcomed!

I have so many books at home that I want to read, but when we went to the library to look for just one thing.....well, I couldn't contain myself.  I have wanted to read each of these books and when browsing the shelves and coming upon them......they just jumped in my arms.

Now to figure out what my next project will be....I should go back and work on the Wild Berries the new LF by BBD; but I feel like pulling something else out of the stash.  Plus there will be all the new market stuff!!!  It just never ends.  There is always more to stitch and more to read.....what fun!!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stash Enhancement

My stitching peeps and I took a road trip yesterday.  We drove about 60 miles to House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana.  This is one of the best shops in the country people!  Just love it.  Also, the owner and employees are just the best!  Thanks to Linda, Nancy and Joy for helping us find all of the fabrics we needed!  

Thanks to Karin and Brenda for driving me around yesterday!  Thanks to Linda for having us over for donuts and coffee (and a Jill Rensel framing exhibit) before we left.  Thanks to Teresa, Pat and Kellie for being your sweet selves.   Patti - we missed you!!!!!!!!! 

We even ran into our friend Barb of Sunflower Crossing at the shop!!!!  That was cool!

First up is the lovely new strawberry needle minder from Kelmscott.  I just love their needle minders. 
Kellie loves Elizabeth's Needlework Designs and has stitched a ton of her charts.  This one just called my name!!!  I love it!!!  I am going to pull the colors sometime and then try to antique them up a bit more.  

We are planning a get away in September to Country Sampler in Spring Green, WI.  Last time we went we had a group project.  When we saw this chart by C Street Samplerworks it became the next group project.  Really says it all doesn't it? 

 More charts that I "needed."

I kitted up two projects from the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine which I bought at Inspired Needle.  First was this fabulous project from Notforgotten Farm.  In fact, after this blog entry is finished I am off to start it. 
 Next up is Ghoul Tidings from Plum Street Samplers!!!!!

 I don't usually stitch much for Halloween but these two charts are just too too fabulous not to stitch.  They might start me up on the Halloween bandwagon.

 I love these scissors!!!  Love Art Deco and Art Nouveau style the stash pile they go.

FINALLY!!!!  I have loved Betsy for many years.....finally got the chart from Tomorrow's Heirlooms and now kitted it up at House of Stitches. 
Okay, I am now on the wagon.  I have so many fabulous things to stitch that it is crazy.  I am so lucky to be near so many great shops!!!!!  Please go visit House of Stitches, Tomorrow's Heirlooms and Inspired Needle!!!!!!!!  They are all slices of heaven!!!!!!!