Monday, May 25, 2009

Late to the Party

I finally saw the movie "Marie Antoinette" tonight. Wow! Talk about a beautiful film. I wanted to jump right in and swim around in the gorgeous blues, pinks, creams and yellows that were such a part of the cinematography.
I will now have to read more about the doomed queen. She seemed like a nice person; hope that part is true. I do understand the intensity of the poor people against the royals though. Too bad we can't all share the wealth! (What a socialist I am!)
We also watched "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist" this weekend which I really loved too! I have "Neverland" to watch next. I am quite behind on my movie watching!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Need Your Help

I need some recommendations. Both of my digital cameras have stopped working. Mike and I did a cursory look at cameras yesterday; and so far I like this one, but it is about $300 so I we did not get it because we need to do more research. I want a camera to take pictures for my blog. I guess a basic point and shoot type of camera is what I am looking for. Could you all give me some ideas of what you think a good blog camera would be?

Friday, May 22, 2009


For crying out loud! Where have I been???? Well, I have been working, sleeping, reading, doing a bit of cross-stitching, watching the time trials for the Indy 500, went to see Bruce Springsteen, and doing more sleeping.

I don't have anything scintillating to report; but I figured I better show my face before everyone forgot about me!!

The picture above is the latest issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework. I am all done reading it and would love to pass it on. If you would like it; please leave me a note on this post. I will pick a winner on Monday.
These scissors are gorgeous! I think they have been photographed upside down, and they are still gorgeous. If anyone knows who makes these please let me know. I bet they are cost prohibitive though.

I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend.

EDITED TO ADD WINNER: Diana, you are the winner!!! Please email your address to me at and I will have the magazine off to you quickly. Thanks to all for the comments! As soon as I get another good magazine I will have another drawing.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Memoir Heaven

I went on a bit of a rampage at the library. These four books I requested came in today! How exciting! They are all memoirs (my favorite genre) and they all look delectable.
I wish I could be shipped off to a cabin by a lake with these four books, my cross-stitch, and Mike. Oh, and Buddy and Pal (our cats).
Back in the "good old days" I would have bought all of these books; but due to an attempt at financial maturity and the fact that our house is overrun with books; I am getting books at the library (sometimes). Especially, memoirs, because I can read them really fast.
I sure don't have time to work, houseclean or anything else! I just want to read, cross-stitch, shop, talk to friends, and have a gay old time! Well, at least for tonight I will be happy and under the covers reading away!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Perfect Night

Last night was a perfect night! I am loving all of these perfect times coming my way. On the first Tuesday evening of each month there is a stitching night at my local and wonderful cross-stitch shop, Inspired Needle, in Lemont, Illinois.
There were several women who attended and all of them were so nice and fun! We looked through all of the great charts that Kathy has (by the way, she has the most unique and cool stuff that you will not find anywhere else!). People were finding things that had been on their wish list for years and had not been able to get before. I bought the Shepard's Bush Mermaid Sampler because I have been wanting to try an SB pattern. This one was attractive to me because it is small and I love the color of the material.

The BBD pattern pictured above is one I saw on someone's blog and fell in love with. It looks so much better in real life than it does on the pattern. That was a lucky find!
One of Kathy's friends came in with "Imagine" finished on a different colored fabric and it was so cool. I ordered the fabric right up and brought home the pattern. Love the little girl skipping rope!

Kathy's shop is THE BEST
! I wish I could go there once a week to sit and stitch! It was great to be with some other addicted people and share in the joy everyone was feeling! I love to be with people who are passionate about their hobbies!

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day. Actually, it was a magical day. Here is a recounting: First stop was JoAnne's Fabrics where I bought some 32 count linen to practice on (I have been using only 28 count; so I wanted to try the count that the "big girls" use). Then on the way out of that store I spied the new issues of "Where Women Create" and "Somerset Studio." Major score!
Next stop, lunch at Panera. My Mom met me there and she was accompanied by some of her friends. My friends Sharon and Melissa came also. We all sat at one big table and had a most delightful time. We were there to eat before going to the Elizabeth Berg reading at a local library. While eating our lunch guess who else stopped by to eat? None other than the author herself! What a wonderful coincidence! We had a quick little chat with her and were able to tell her how much her books mean to us.

Then it was off to the reading; the Orland Park Library where it was held was a beautiful building. It was so inviting. The weather was perfect; clear, sunny with a lovely breeze. The spring flowers were all in bloom. I was surrounded by beloved friends; believe me when I say I was giddy! My friend, Patti (Creative Cottage Dreamer) met us there. She was the first to arrive and got the #1 ticket to get her book signed. It was exciting because Elizabeth Berg is her favorite author and she had never met her before. Also, my friend Kathy and her daughter, Jackie, came. They are big fans of Elizabeth also. We were there about an hour early which was great because it gave us time to chat and trade names of great books.

Elizabeth Berg's reading was just wonderful. Listening to her read from her novel is just like listening to a fairy reading a story. The feeling of joy in the room was palpable. Everyone was sharing a moment with an author who writes books that are so meaningful to them. Ms. Berg also answered questions from the audience; and she gave real, true, deeply honest answers that were so appreciated. She is just one of the coolest people I have ever met. Again, I urge you, if you can go to a reading by her; get there!

After the reading my Mom, her friend, Judy, and I went over to Judy's house. Judy is the mom of one of my best childhood friends, Julie, whom I have not seen in some time. Well, magically, perfectly, Julie called and said she was on her way over to her Mom's house so I got to surprise her and give her a big hug. The day was like that all day long; such perfect coincidences; a day full of surprises and deeply felt love for so many people, ideas, books, and soft breezes. Perfect.

The lovely 1920's patterns that you see illustrating this post were part of a perfect day my friend, Jane, had without me. She went to a garage sale and found these patterns for 25 cents each!!!! Total score! Aren't they just gorgeous?

We really are lucky people around here.