Monday, April 26, 2010


Last night I asked Mike what time it was and he told me it was 10:06. He said it like that ten-o-six. All of a sudden I thought to myself that those numbers had some meaning........oh yeah, Bonnie Bell 10-0-6 facial cleanser!!!!!! I haven't thought about that for years!!!!! Then of course my mind drifted to Bonnie Bell lip smackers.....
While looking up images to see the actual products from the 1970's I ran across more and more mind blowing memories and am now stuck in the 70's (at least for tonight). Please go visit 70's Child. This blog will really take you right back to the seventies! My favorite decade of all. Let me know what memory blows your mind!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gustav Klimt

Something magical happens every Sunday morning as I do my relaxed web surfing. I always discover something really inspiring. This morning when I was checking out the blog site, Old Painting, I ran across the painting that is at the bottom of this post, "Old Swamp" by Gustav Klimt. I knew of Gustav Klimt. I think all of us have seen his painting "The Kiss." I even believe I have one of his paintings on another post of mine somewhere on this blog. After seeing "The Swamp" I wanted to know more about Mr. Klimt. I checked out some more of his images on Google Images and just started uploading them to my blog. They are all too gorgeous!

I am too lazy right now to name and date all of the paintings. I just wanted to call your attention to them. I also found out that there is a bio movie about Gustav Klimt starring John Malkovich. Have to get that soon! Also, I want to go to the library and look at books that have some biography and paintings by Mr. Klimt.

Ahh, the fine arts! Something about paintings, music and literature! It just soothes my soul!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lucky me! I was driving to work this week and listening to NPR. They had a feature on this artist who is originally from Benin, Africa. Her name is Angelique Kidjo. She has a new album out called Oyo. Her singing is fabulous and she sounded like a really cool person. This album is songs that she remembered from when she was growing up. I am love! Love her sound, style, and everything. The album is very uplifting and gorgeous. Click on her name (above) and go to an Amazon page where you can hear a sample of some of her songs. I am sure I am going to be exploring her other work soon. I get so excited when I make a musical "discovery!" I titled this post "Instantaneous" because the minute I heard this music it seemed like it was already a part of me. Love it!