Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tomorrow's Heirlooms Patriotic Stitching Weekend with The Scarlett House and Stacy Nash

There is just no denying how very lucky I am to be blessed with such wonderful stitching friends!!!!!  We were together again last week for another stitching retreat and it was a doozy of fun times with laughter, stitching and bonding!!!!!!  We are lucky to have Tomorrow's Heirlooms as a local shop and have attended many of their retreats.  This was a very special retreat as it featured our friend Tanya Brockmeyer of The Scarlett House and another of our very favorite designers, Stacy Nash.  Thank  you to Pam and Kim of Tomorrow's Heirlooms for bringing such great designers and for all the work that you do on our behalf to provide such a fun time.  The official weekend starts on Friday night, however, we have our traditions and we start a bit earlier.  Here is our picture at the The Clubhouse restaurant where we always have lunch on Friday before going to the hotel.  

We were VERY LUCKY to have the two Debs with us!!!!!!!  Debra S. and Deborah B. joined us from North Carolina and Massachusetts respectively.  We met Deborah last year at the Plum Street weekend that Tomorrow's Heirlooms put on.  We met Deb S. at the Dyeing to Stitch retreat in April of this year.  We just love our Debs!!!!!  We wish they lived closer!!!!  We were also to be joined by our group member Karin from New York.  Alas, she got sick the night before and could not come.  We were crushed!  Seriously, it was so upsetting that she could not be with us.  Luckily, we have a group weekend planned for September when she will come out.  Phew!  We also really, really missed Nataly from Massachusetts who we met last year at the Plum Street retreat. 

 Friday night at the retreat was a meet and greet.  We were welcomed with the charts for these two fabulous designs!!  Above is from The Scarlett House and below is from Stacy Nash.  We were able to purchase kits with the threads and fabric for each of these designs.  Which of course we all promptly did!

 The boutique that the shop put in place at the hotel was so wonderful.  Everywhere you looked there were more and more wonderful stitched models!!!!!  Above is a new design from The Scarlett House which perfectly describes how we all feel about stitching.
 Here are some of Tanya's wonderful designs!!!

Sorry this picture is blurry, but I want you to know the top tablecloth that Tanya has on her display table.  See the red alphabet stitched on it????  I went crazy for that idea!!!

 Is that not genius!!!????

Here we are stitching, etc. in the atrium.  We took this picture to send to Karin and I am proudly holding up my can of Tab!!!!  Where I go, so goes the Tab.
 Where Teresa goes, there goes the Relax!!!!!!

Saturday morning it was time to get started with the official festivities!  Here is the project from Tanya all wrapped up and ready for us to dive into.  She does the best project packaging of all time!!!!  And here is what was inside!!!!

 I mean really!!!  This is an amazing project!!!!  The shaker box came with it too!!!!!!  We were amazed and delighted!!!

We received this fabulous project bag from Tomorrow's Heirlooms!!!!!!  Love it!

 Brenda recently finished this beautiful reproduction sampler.  She and Tanya posed for this lovely picture - designer and stitcher.  Friends through cross stitch.

 This is Brenda's darling finish of another of Tanya's designs  Yes, I am jealous!
 This is a darling pin keep that Tanya made for Brenda last year.  Tanya stitched it on a small count and it is adorable!!!  Love that sentiment!
 Kellie showed us her progress on the Sweet Temper sampler.  This is such a masterpiece!!!!
 Patti made our group these fabulous scissor fobs!!!!!!!! Love this so much!!!  She also made a patriotic needleminder which I failed to get a picture of.  By the way, if I could ever capture in photographs all of the joy, fun and laughter of one of these weekends I would probably win a Pulitzer prize!  There is so much going on at all times.  It is truly a whirlwind!!!!

 The afternoon brought this dear project from Stacy Nash.  Very, very wonderful!!!!
 This was part of the packaging of Stacy's project.  Love this image and want to tie it on my bag when I finish it.

 Remember a couple of years ago when I went crazy nuts over the Hinzeit Sweet Land of Liberty chart????  Well, Barb B. from Indiana is working on it now!!!!  Isn't it amazing!!!  She converted it to silks and is stitching it on 40 count and it is amazing!!!!!!!!!  So glad she brought this for show and tell. 
 On Sunday morning there was a project from each designer.  Here is Tanya's project which I am deeply in love with!!!!

Is this not super fabulous!!!!!!!  And the fabric marker with The Scarlett House logo!!!???  I mean!!!

 Here is Stacy's closing project and it is so very dear!!!!!!! Can't wait to stitch this!!!  

 Lastly, I snuck a picture of Tanya stitching on the Charlotte Clayton sampler!!!  Isn't this amazing???? 

We are all very lucky, lucky people to have this shared love of stitching and all the wonderful people that go along with it!!!!