Saturday, March 23, 2013

Need vs. Want

Last Tuesday was stitch night at Inspired Needle.  I went for the stitching...oh, and one skein of thread I needed to complete a project.  There it is pictured above.  That is all I needed.  That is all I planned on buying.  Hah!  You know being in a stitch store is like being a kid in a candy store (actually it is way better!!!).

I went in for a skein of thread and I left with another project!!!!  I have been drooling over this Jeanette Douglas design for some time and my friend Pat is stitching it in wools so.........I had to do it too!!!  Gorgeous!!!  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Okay, first of all....I need some staging skills!  I was trying to make a quaint arrangement of my finish from yesterday... which is the free chart from BBD called Souvenir de France........I added a card from my Mom and a couple of stamps from my collection.   I need some more practice at this.  Anyway, I was glad to finish this yesterday.  I started it a long time ago.....along the way somehow it got wet and there are some small imperfections because of that but I will leave it as is.   Love this design!

 Catching up on all of the gifts that I received at Christmas; my friend Pat gave me this great mug from Heartstrings Samplery and this darling needle minder. 

 Guess what???  I cleaned up my stitching station.  Here is what it looks like now (how long will this last???).  I must say it makes quite a difference and now I can easily fit my glass of Tab there too.
I was scouring around for things to photograph and came across this darling card my Mom sent me.  It is from an artist named Jonathan Wright.  So cute!!!

Okay, I am off to either continue working on a Christmas ornament or to start a big sampler......oh the possibilities!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nashville Market, etc.

 I am so lucky to live near so many great stitching shops!!!  I was able to see the Market nights at Inspired Needle and Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  Both absolutely fabulous shops and, if you can, you must visit both!  Below are some of my new purchases.

I already started the Liberty Eagle pincushion from the new BBD release.  However, I took a picture of the front of the chart! The pincushion design is pictured on the back.  I could just stitch BBD charts for the rest of my life and be happy.  Barb and Alma are geniuses! 

I bought these two new BBD charts too.  Don't know when I will stitch them; but one has to have them to ogle don't you agree????

I did not intend to start another series.  However, did you see the upcoming release for the LHN Christmas village???  It is a train station.  I saw that and I was in!!!!  Love, love, love trains and Christmas time.  My friend Teresa had the idea of stitching all or part of the series in a straight line on one piece of fabric.  Of course, that means I will be doing the same thing.  We got some 30 count Northern Cross fabric to stitch on.  I love the look and feel of this fabric.

That led to kitting up this LHN sheep virtue with the same fabric.  I did not buy the first one in the series; but that may change.

This is not a new chart; but I recently saw it done on linen (instead of perforated paper) on the Inspired Stitcher's blog!!!  GorgeousClick here to see it on her blog.  It was just so cool looking on the linen; had to add this to the stash.

Here is my progress so far on my Santa's village, Poinsettia House.  I also got the next one in the series.  Mrs. Claus' cookie house. 

My friend Brenda has these cool needle minders......whale and spool of thread.  I have admired them for months.  Our friend Teresa went online and found where they are sold in we all ordered various ones.  These are the two I got.  Love!!!   Here is a link to the shop:  CLICK HERE

Teresa made this amazing scissor keeper for each of us at Christmas.  Isn't it just too, too gorgeous!!!!!!!!!  She included the gorgeous scissors too!!!

All of the pictures up until this one really look cool, crisp, clean and uncluttered don't they????????  Well, here is the real truth.  This is the table next to my stitching seat.  What a mess!  I should really go straighten that up before I start stitching today!!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday and a great week!