Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bring 3. Pick 1.

I am so incredibly lucky to have a group of friends who love to cross-stitch. Every time we get together it is like a little slice of heaven. We are all passionate about stitching, new charts, new accessories, old charts, new thread, laughing and being positive and happy.
Recently we were able to celebrate a big birthday for Linda. We gathered at Karin's house and just had a great time. Key words are birthday cake, stash room, and fun.
As we were stitching someone told a story about a group of stitchers who had a great idea. I am stealing that idea.
Here is the scoop: at our December stitching get together at Inspired Needle we are all going to bring 3 projects. They can be works in progress or just a chart that we have but have not started.
Then everyone will vote for one of the three charts for each person. The task then will be to finish that project by the end of 2011! Isn't that so much fun!!!!
I vow to document the day with pictures of all of our choices and the winning projects.
Hence, the title of this post "Bring 3, pick 1!" Half the fun is going through my stash to pick which three projects I bring!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Eye Candy

Tomorrow night is stitch night!!!! Can't wait. These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago....above is Teresa with her Gettysburg Address in really looks good!!!!
Here is Linda's Plum Street Sampler ornament from the current ornament issue. I am sure this is done by now because Linda is a diligent and organized stitcher.
Here is Barb's progress on Swan. I have the feeling this is done also! Can't wait to see it!
This is Jayne's gorgeous Dutch Strawberries! Are you done Jayne?
Above and below are the totally great and cool Tulip Woman and Tulip Man by the Good Huswife as done by Karin. Love, love love these!!!! They are out of print!!! Why!!!!!!??????

Above and below are Teresa's finished class projects from our BBD retreat. Gorgeous!

Above and below are masterpieces stitched by Linda M. Harvest Fairy is on the top and Halloween Fairy is on the bottom. Truly amazing work!!

Above is a shop model of the new BBD ornament....Cathy has the fabric and thread for sale in a little kit. Very good idea.
Above is a shop model in progress. It is a Primitive Needle design and it is stunning!!!
Above and below are some "smalls" made by Debbie. They are breathtaking!!!
Below is another masterpiece by Barb. The Queen's Diamond by The Good Huswife. Another out of print design. Click to make the picture is so gorgeous.