Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Blog!

My friend Linda has a new blog!!!
I have been lucky enough to stitch with her over the past year.
Her projects are totally gorgeous and perfectly stitched.

We have become good friends and she has enriched my life so very much.
So, I am very happy to let you know that we have another
wonderful stitcher in the blogging community.

Please visit Keeper of the Crowes and see for yourself.
Click here for transport!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Just Can't Beat It! Stitching with Friends

Hear are some sights I have been lucky enough to see this weekend. Above is the finished and framed Frances F. (thanks PJ!!) by Sheepish Designs as stitched by Pat. Isn't it just gorgeous???
And speaking of Gorgeous??? Pat finished this BBD Loose Feathers design last night. She stitched on pear linen with the called for silks. It is really just amazing! It is on my must do list!
Linda finished and framed this great design by Stacy Nash. This was our summer group stitch along project. Linda and Karin (see below) picked some unorthodox colors to stitch with and it really paid off!!!!
Here is Linda's current project. Part one of the BBD Loose Feathers design. I need to get on this bandwagon stat!!!!! So lovely!
My friend Teresa really had a whirlwind day. She flew home from her California vacation in the morning and was stitching with us in the evening! Now that is dedication. She was nice enough to bring by her newly framed Button Button by CCN. I LOVE that yellow frame! I want to buy it and then figure out what to stitch in it!!!!
Linda M. brought some finishes for us to see. This is a project that she finished some years ago. She did not remember the designer. Karin thought it was a British designer. It is really so lovely.
Here is Karin's rendition of the Stacy Nash project. She was trying out different frames. Love her colors.
My friend Jayne was showing us this framed piece she did a long time ago. Darling Lizzie Kate design!!
Linda M. brought this beautiful counted thread piece for us to see! Wow!
Oh that Barb! She stitched this entire stocking within one week! It is on 40 count linen. The design is by With Thy Needle and Thread. It is just so so darling.
I had to show you a close-up of the bottom of the stocking. Can't wait to stitch this myself!
I bought these scissors last week. I love them! So much fun to snip, snip, snip threads now.
Jayne showed us this piece that she framed herself. Love it!!! Also, this design by LHN is a total classic!!! I stitched it too and it was so much fun!

Wishing everyone a good week!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Sorry for the long absence....I was having some technical difficulties (which means I really need to read the manual for my camera!) I am getting ready to go to stitch night at my friend's house and I wanted to get these photos logged on before taking a ton more tonight! Above is one of my WIP's. It is Needle and Thread by Little House Needleworks. I could not resist the cuteness and the love of stitchiness that this chart provided.
You know how you go along and go along not spending money "frivolously?" Well, all of a sudden I just went nuts and bought another needle minder. I can see how these can get totally collectible! Next up on the to buy list is the Christmas candy cane needle minder for my Christmas stitching.
Karin finished this beauty by Hinzeit and got it framed. Can't wait to see it in her house!
Remember our Bring Three, Pick One project back in January? It is where everyone brought three charts from their stash and we all voted on which one they should finish by the end of the year? Debbie finished!!! And this is one of the most gorgeous pieces ever!!! I must add it to my short list! It is Hornbook Alphabet Noir by A Mon Ami Pierre done with Bell Soie Fallen Leaves.
Close up!! I love that little girl!
Karin finished the companion piece to the one above and had it framed. What a great little grouping this will be!!
Barb had her Drawn Thread piece framed and it is stunning!
Barb finished the August and September Drawn Thread monthly checkbook covers. Look at the amazing work she did on the leaves and the flower petals!!!!! Wow!
Barb had another framed piece to pick up. This is Elizabeth's Garden by Kathy Barrick.
The aforementioned September.
This is Dutch Tulips by Carriage House Samplings as stiched by Barb. Now, I have this chart, I have started this project, and now when I see it started by Barb I am in a frenzy of love for the whole thing!!! Lucky me!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend full of fun times, family, friends, stitching, reading and just all around happiness! See you soon!