Friday, March 28, 2014

I Wish!!!!

 I came across this picture on Pinterest tonight.  It makes me wish that I had started stitching samplers when I was 12 years old and just kept stitching them and that my stairway looked like this!!!!!  Rats!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stitching at Patti's

Last Saturday our wonderful group gathered at Patti's house for a Saturday Stitch-a-thon.  As you can see Patti is decorated for Spring and Easter.....even if our weather is still in the winter phase. 

But before I show you all of the stitching that went on I need to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped me find and fix my mistake on the La D Da My Sister's Garden.   I am so thankful for all of your eagle eyes!!!!!!!!  I frogged the problem area and then my friend Karin went over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was correct.  I am back to stitching on it.  Phew!!!

Pat finished the beautiful Louisa Bell sampler, but unfortunately I took a picture of the amazing finish while it was on top of a Vera bag so that it showing through.  You get the idea though.....Amazing Piece!!!!!!    This was part of a Wednesday stitch a long on Instagram.  I wonder what they will pick next.  I want to join!!!  I love to be part of groups.

 Here is Brenda's framed finish of Harriette Coe.  This is a total masterpiece!!!!  

One of Patti's current stitching projects is this one from Kathy Barrick.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!  I am putting this on my list to work on starting next October.  Love!
Kellie finished Proper Sisters School of Needlework by Pineberry Lane!!!  This is also a most fabulous design!!!

Patti's Dad was an artist and had many mediums.  He made these beautiful eggs!!!!  So stunning and so wonderful that Patti can display them every Spring.  

 I had some ornaments finished so I brought them for show and tell.  It is always fun to have people who really appreciate "this stuff" look at them and ooh and ahh!

 I am really loving flat folds!!!!!

 Karin was working on this new design from La D Da.  She was using Sanguine by Weeks Dye Works with wool thread.  The color below is a bit orange because of the flash.  The color above is more true.  It was so cool and gorgeous and fun.

Guess what?  This was her progress on Saturday.  She is now done with the project on Monday!!!!!  Super smoking needle!

Brenda and Linda are also stitching on Louisa Bell.  So fun!!!

Kellie started with no Vera Bradley when we all met.  She is coming right along.  This is part of her current pile of VB!!!! We always seem to need more. 

 Linda and Karin are going to stitch this sampler by The Traveling Stitcher.  Very colorful and I have a feeling it going to be one I will want to do!!!

We were also all agog over The Red Deer Sampler.  So cool!

Another fabulous day of stitching and laughing and friendship is in the books.  Thanks Patti!!!!!  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Picking up a WIP

I still cannot find my error in My Sister's Garden.  I picked out the flower on the left thinking that all would be revealed; but not yet.  I am going to throw myself on the mercy of my stitching peeps when I see them on Saturday.  Perhaps they can find my error.

In the meantime I pulled out Mary Edmondson by Pineberry Lane which several of my friends stitched last year.  I have loved this one for a long time and made a minimal start on it last year.  

I stitched on it again last night and it really soothed my nerves!  Looking forward to stitching on it again tonight.  

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and kind comments on my lost stitch!!!!! You gals are just the best!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No More Fun and least for today

Well, isn't that the truth!!!!  I came across this hilarious sentiment this morning on Pinterest.  It rang true for me because last night I made an error somewhere in my current project that puts me a half stitch off!!!!!  I was thinking that maybe I could have finished this delightful project this weekend.  Now I am in the depths of despair and need to find out where I went wrong.  I tried to figure it out last night but no luck.  My friends said to look at it in the morning with fresh eyes. 

This is a gorgeous project from La-D-Da.  A Sister's Garden.  I don't have a sister; but no matter.  I loved the colors in this design and the prim look of the flowers.  

I highlighted the initials of my grandmothers, my mom and myself in the alphabet.  C is for Cynthia.  N is for Nancy.  R is for Rose.  L is for Laura.  

So, later today I will put on my thinking cap and figure out where the problem lies.  I think it is somewhere in the flower basket.  I have this issue where when I run into a problem like this I start something new intending to back to the "problem" design.  I don't want to do that this time because I a love stitching on this project.  Stay tuned........

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt Shows

I went to quilt shows the past two weekends!! One was in Clarendon Hills and the second one was in Crest Hill.  They were put on by quilt guilds and I really should have taken note of the names; but since I am not a quilter I just went and drooled!!!!  

Pictured are some of my favorites seen on those two days.  If anyone knows of the talented women who made these quilts please let me know so we I can give credit.  

The first quilt is exactly what we need to see this time of year!  Bright and cheery.  I decided that my favorite quilts have white backgrounds and then patterned material on top of that.

I absolutely went ga-ga over this quilt!!!  The fabric that was selected was fabulous and the placement of the pieces was so modern and cool!  Love!!!

 Here is a great idea.  Framing a piece of quilting.  This is just stunning!

My Mom went with me to the second show and I was so happy to take her.  She loved looking at everything and especially the merchant mall!  She is a quilter (and a knitter, sewer and embroiderer).  I loved this quilt that was just white and beautifully stitched all over the place. 

 My other favorite type of quilt was like these two.  Pick fun fabrics and then just put them all together.  Love, love, love!

 After the quilt show my Mom and I went to Robert's Sewing Center in Crest Hill, IL.   It is a really fabulous quilt shop.  My Mom was looking for fabrics to quilt these wonderfully vintage redwork pieces.  She did not want fabric that screamed Christmas.  I think she mad a fabulous choice with these fabrics.  Stunning!!!!
 I wanted you to be able to see more of her redwork.  Isn't it just darling???
There is nothing like a Saturday spent all hepped up about crafts, hobbies and passions!!!!!!!  What fun!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


If I went to the Oscars I would have worn one of these dresses.  Just so you know......... (however, as per usual I stayed home and watched it on TV while wearing sweatpants.)