Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yipee for a Boring Day!!

Thanks to you all for all of your kind get well wishes to my Mom! She came home from the hospital on Saturday evening and was delighted to be in her own bed! She was diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis - which means they could not find the cause of it. She has a new diet to follow - which we all know is super challenging. My brother and I got her settled in and went grocery shopping for some healthy foods.

So, today was one of those boring days I was hoping for!!!! Knowing my Mom was at her house resting and relaxing allowed me to putter around here in all my glory. Reading and napping was the order of the day with a quick trip out with Mike for lunch and a stop at Barnes and Noble. I am reading the best book right now, Free Food for Millionaires. Click on
this link to read about it!!! I love it!! While at B&N I picked up two books on my wish list.... Casting with a Fragile Thread and Don't Leave Me This Way. I want to start them and read them right this instant! They both look super good. Oh poo, I just noticed it is 9:43 p.m., which means I have just a bit of time left to myself before I have to go to bed. Work calls in the morning, but that is okay, because hopefully it will be another boring day of work, reading, TV, Mike time, and the knowledge that my family and friends are relatively healthy and happy for another day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thanks to you all for your well wishes for my Mom!!! She is doing better....she is still under the morphine fog, but that is better than being in pain. The doctors are just keeping her pain-free and hydrated right now. They will see if this passes on its own and then look for some answers.

I so appreciate your well wishes! You all are the best!!! One good thing today, my Mom got a private room. Yipee!!! It is nice to have total control over the noise level in one's sick room isn't it? I for one would find the TV noise from some cheap talk show enough to send me round the bend!

My Mom told me to go to work today, so I did. I will go to work tomorrow and then check in on her in person tomorrow night or Saturday. The hospital she is in is about 45 minutes from where I live.

You guys really have lifted me up! and my Mom too when she finally reads this! I am deeply grateful!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I am wishing everyone a Valentine's Day full of love and happiness!!!
These absolutely darling Valentine postcards are from my Mom's collection of vintage postcards. She and I have been collecting vintage postcards for years now.
I spent the day with my Mom today while she was in the hospital. She woke up with sharp pains last night and went to the ER. She was diagnosed with acute viral pancreatitis and is now "doped up" on some pain meds. She should be better in several days, but I hope to find out what caused this. So, I would appreciate it if you would keep her in your thoughts! Just a few days ago we were sitting around making cards as you can see in the previous post. You just never know what a day will bring. I always say it is my favorite day when it is a "boring" day, no one is sick or in emotional distress.....just your good old boring day - go to work, come home, have dinner, read a book and watch some TV. Those are the days when I truly feel blessed.

Feel free to use these images on any of your projects! They are too cute not to share!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making Valentine's

Saturday afternoon was spent making Valentine's Day Cards with some of my fave people! Pictured below are my Mom, Lorie, me, and Jane with some of the cards we made. We hauled down supplies from my stamping room and gathered around the dining room table for some stamping therapy. Mike was so kind as to make us a superb lunch and dessert!
Below you can see the chaos that resulted in such lovely cards.
Looking on was this lovely artwork by the very talented Diana Duda! To see more of Diane's amazing work click on the link on the right, the one with her name. Prepare to be addicted!
Below left is a great card Jane made and on the right is one by my Mom!
Jane got me the stamp pictured below. Is this not the cutest stamp ever????
Here are some cards I made yesterday.
All four of us are participating in a card swap and now we are ready to get our little Valentine happies on their way!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Countdown to Valentine's Day!

Just before Christmas I had a little blurb on my blog (say that 10 times fast!) about getting together a group of gals to exchange Christmas cards with. It turned out to be a small group which worked in our favor, because now we are making Valentine Day cards to send to each other. Here are a couple I made.........our group consists of Jennifer, Lorie, Karen, Erica, Jane, Donna, Liz, Nancy (my Mom!), and myself. It is lots of fun to have a little circle of women to send cards to.

Today is Sunday, my usual hermit/do nothing day. I managed to clean the bathroom this morning and straighten out a few piles of paper. Now I will reward myself by going back to bed to read the paper, watch some TV, study, and maybe watch a movie. I rented Memoirs of a Geisha.......I loved that book. I remember when my friend Noreen bought it for me. It totally opened up a new realm of reading about other I love reading books set in India, Japan, China and other foreign cultures. Maybe if I feel really peppy I will work on some more cards!!