Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yipee for a Boring Day!!

Thanks to you all for all of your kind get well wishes to my Mom! She came home from the hospital on Saturday evening and was delighted to be in her own bed! She was diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis - which means they could not find the cause of it. She has a new diet to follow - which we all know is super challenging. My brother and I got her settled in and went grocery shopping for some healthy foods.

So, today was one of those boring days I was hoping for!!!! Knowing my Mom was at her house resting and relaxing allowed me to putter around here in all my glory. Reading and napping was the order of the day with a quick trip out with Mike for lunch and a stop at Barnes and Noble. I am reading the best book right now, Free Food for Millionaires. Click on
this link to read about it!!! I love it!! While at B&N I picked up two books on my wish list.... Casting with a Fragile Thread and Don't Leave Me This Way. I want to start them and read them right this instant! They both look super good. Oh poo, I just noticed it is 9:43 p.m., which means I have just a bit of time left to myself before I have to go to bed. Work calls in the morning, but that is okay, because hopefully it will be another boring day of work, reading, TV, Mike time, and the knowledge that my family and friends are relatively healthy and happy for another day!


dogfaeriex5 said...

so good to her your mom is doing better and is home, nothing like sleeping in your own bed!!!! did mike tell you i called?...your book choices sound good, i might have to take a peek at them!!
miss you

Beth said...

SO HAPPY...."mom" is home and in her own bed !!!...and how sweet that you and your brother got her some healthy groceries !!...she is so lucky to have you guys right there.

I went to Barnes this weekend, too !!'s the only therapy I can afford...and honestly, the only thing that works when I need a little mental break.

I came home with "the last beach bungalow" by Jennie Nash and I can't wait to dive into it.
{I also found the artful blogging magazine, which is beautiful}

And the rest of the weekend....boring like yours. Some movie re-runs, a nap here and there, PF Changs for dinner and a new episode of Extreme Home Makeover that made me cry, but was WONDERFUL !

Diane Duda said...

That is such good news, Laura. I'm sure you are relieved and that she is happy to be at home.


Trixie said...

Good news about the mommners and about that glorious boring day! I also loved your pink colors too. Miss you much!

Karen said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I hated to read about her stay in the hospital but was so glad she got a private room!! That is huge!! Send her my best wishes.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad your mom is home -- I was going to check in to see how she was doing. I know you'll be in challenge mode with her recovery, but at least you get "recovery!"

Three cheers for boring das, bookstores, and a few minutes to read. So glad your mum is better.

One Crabapple said...

This is really the best news (dont think it was not on my mind !)

How fun and super caring that you went shopping for the healthy foods she will need. You know that has got to be one of the hardest things when faced with a new diet ! WHAT to get .... So I am sure your creative thinking will be a huge help in trying and sticking with the new foods. Not to mention the motivation of not going thru what she just did I am sure ! But really...that would tough to be inspired on what to get on top of recovering right now. GO LAURA !


I checked out the book links and of course as your reccommendations always spur interest ! I am really curious about the African one. Oh and the one you are reading now, I think you posted about that one once a long time ago and I thought then that it too sounded really good. Or maybe I have seen it ? I don't know !

Do I feel Support ! hahahha. My goodness I felt like I had the Rock of Gibraltar scooted right under me when I read your note. THankYOU so much. I did not mean to generate so much negativity with that post and it has felt a little overwhelming because I almost wish I had kept still ....but I have been everSOlucky to have people like you lifting me up.

You are awesome. Thanks.
Love Always, S.

Nan - said...

Good news that your mom's problems can be solved with food changes. It's not so hard to eat well when it makes you feel better.