Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Else? Stitching!!!

Last night was a special Saturday Night edition of stitching with the gals. As always, it was inspiring and revelatory. I became enraptured with Karin's Sajou embroidery scissors. Above is her Eiffel Tower pair.

(Blogger did not comply with my order of pictures so things are kind of out of alignment here for storytelling purposes!)

Above is Pat's progress on her current work, Frances F. Sampler by Sheepish Antiques. As a group we are currently having a Sheepish Antiques love fest.
Okay, here are the Sajou scissors I really, really, really want (either these or the Mother of Pearl handled pair). Some women want diamond necklaces or Coach purses......(well, I want those too, but you know what I mean), but I really want these scissors. I can't explain it. I know they are expensive and no one needs expensive scissors. I guess it is like a fancy watch. It just feels luxurious. I am in talks with Santa about these scissors.

Nancy is working on this fabulous Lizzie Kate piece! She is almost done.
Marcia is stitching this Lizzie Kate for her daughter. What a wonderful gift!
Linda is doing this BBD from the current issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine. Another must stitch to add to the list.
Linda M. is doing this really cool and very different Three Faces of Eve by Prairie Moon. Can't wait to see the whole piece done. Very arty!
Karin had a finish last night!!!!! This is simply stunning!
See what I mean about out of order pictures? Here is a detail of Nancy's WIP. I love, love, love Mr. Turkey!
Carolyn continues to work on her Autumn Cross. Words cannot convey how beautiful this is. Another one I hope to see in its final stage.
Barb brought this eye candy to show us. That frame!!! The stitching! The design! Yikes, this is just dandy!!!! It is by Courtney Collection.
Here is one of Barb's current WIPs. Very cool.
Above is a me!!!!! I purchased this chart last Saturday and had it finished by the next Friday night!!!!! It was so much fun to stitch. It is by Notforgotten Farms. My color guru, Pat, did a thread change because I was not a fan of the colors as called for. I stitched it on 36 count Edinborough Ivory which is now high, high, high on my list of fabric. It was just perfect to work with. I love it so much I want to marry it. Yes, it has me downright giddy and acting like a 6 year old!!!!
Jon Lee was working on Patriotic Landscape by Homespun Elegance. She told me that they are her favorite designers. I love to know someone else's favorite designer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Chapter in the Stitching Book

Yesterday was a stitching Sunday at Inspired Needle. It is great to run over there on a Sunday afternoon to stitch with fellow stitching maniacs!!!! Above is the beautiful new With Thy Needle Mystery Birds of a Feather Sampler which is being stitched by many, but this beautiful work belongs to the lovely and talented Teresa.
Remember our group project, Spring Tuck Pillow by Primitive Betty? Here is another finish. Pat finished her stitching and framed her little beauty. Gorgeous! I forgot the name of the thread she used; if you need to know tell me and I will find out from her.
Guess what? Yesterday was the meeting of two bloggers!!!!!! The famous and lovely Brenda came to join us. We had a great time. A number of us have been stalking Brenda's blog of absolute stunning stitching so it was good to meet her in person. Now she does not have to think we are a bunch of crazy stalkers! (even though we really are!) Here is a link to Brenda's blog......LINK.......... This is our second famous blogger to come to Inspired Needle's Sunday stitch. Ranae has also come before and will be back again! Here is a link to her blog.......LINK......(we stalk her too!)
Above is the completed May by The Drawn Thread. I love her flower bouquet!!! Barb stitched this. Her stitching is so beautiful.
Linda's current project is up next. This is Tending the Tulip by Notforgotten Farm. I love this chart so much!!!!!!!! I hope to stitch it in the not too distant future.
Debbie finished this masterpiece while we were at stitching!!!!!! This is Quaker Floral Sampler by The Sweetheart Tree. I need to add this to my list too. It is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g!!!!!!!
Barb was working on Elizabeth's Garden. Very cool!
Pat recently started this Frances F. Sampler by Sheepish Antiques. Great thread colors!
Recently I was able to spend a day with my friend Trish. She is a fabulous Mary Kay consultant and needed a fancy dress for an upcoming MK shindig. We happened upon a fancy dress store in Ottawa, IL!!!! She found this gorgeous and amazing dress. It looks so good on her. She will be the bell of the ball!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspired Needles!!!!

We had stitch night again last night! It was quite the extravaganza of projects. Above are Linda's finished La D Da hearts. She sent them away for finishing to The Artistic Needle. They are beautiful (to say the least!!!)
Here is Linda's pear by With Thy Needle (also finished by The Artistic Needle). I am speechless!
Here is a perfect little number from the La D Da trunk show at the Inspired Needle. Add it to the list of must do projects!!
I finally decided to get serious and just take down the La D Da trunk show framed pieces and put them down on the table for better photography. Here is Yellow Bird by La D Da. I believe it is stitched over one on 40 count. (yikes)
Here is another of Linda's masterpieces.....charted by With Thy Needle. I love this little birdie heart on a spool so much!!!!! I must do it semi-immediately!!!! This is another finish by The Artistic Needle.
This is a gorgeous La D Da chart that was stitched by our very own Barb.
S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!! I am going to lead a cheer about this piece!

La D Da Christmas ornament......!!!
Here is a Christmas ornament from Shakespeare's Peddler, stitched by Barb and finished by The Artistic Needle.
Another darling La D Da piece.
A lovely finish by Karin.
Last Thursday Karin bought this La D Da chart, the frame, the thread and the fabric. By Tuesday she was done stitching it!!!! I love, love, love this frame and birdie!!!
Barb is working on the three part chart from Jardin Prive. She always starts in the upper right corner.
Okay, seriously La D Da you are killing me!!!!! Every one of their charts is a masterpiece!!!!!!!
This is a shop model that Barb lent to Cathy. It started a run on the chart. I think almost everyone bought a copy last night!!!!
This is May by The Drawn Thread (part of a really cool series!) stitched by Barb.
Here is an amazingly beautiful ornament that Barb did (I think it is on 50 count!). It is a chart by Jardin Prive. I don't think you can get it. It was a fundraising chart for Unicef. The ornament is beautifully finished by Sew Inspired. This is the first time Barb used the services of Sew Inspired and she does wonderful work. Highly recommended. I am going to stitch an ornament soon so I can try it out too! I also want to send something to Artistic Needle as her work is completely top notch also. Hmmmm, I think I really need to finish stitching a few projects so I will have something exciting to show!!!
Tiny little darling floss tag by Barb.

BBD ornament stitched by Barb and finished by The Artistic Needle.
Barb's current progress on Beatrix Potter stitched with Belle Soie Teddy Bear. This is a stunning piece that is always in the back of my mind.
Close up of Beatrix.

Barb's finish of a Jeanette Douglas design.
Barb's finish of a darling Drawn Thread chart.
Action shot!!! Here are a few stitchers comparing thread colors near the door in order to get natural light. We love to opine on color and fabric choices for each other.

I am the luckiest stitcher in the world!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Recent Stitch Night

Here are the sights from a recent stitch night at Inspired Needle. They are in no particular order because I had to hurry today. Trying to be domestic!!!

Above, Pat is almost finished with Quaker Diamonds.

Linda finished Red, White and Bloom and brought it in for framing. She selected a red frame. Another must do! Isn't it just gorgeous!
Cathy has a La D Da trunk show. Above is a definite must do! and that frame!!!
Here is Pat's Ann Trump sampler. Those colors!!!!
La D Da trunk show. The more I look at this the more it is screaming to be done. Love it!

Trunk show bunny
Karin's spring Vera Bradley bag and accessories. Sigh!!!!! Gorgeous!
My almost done La-D-Da
This is the inside lining of Karin's Vera bag. Love it!
I entitle this picture, "A Common Sight." This is what the front counter looks like as each of us picks out fabric and pay for our treasures. It is definitely a hot spot!
This is Chris' Mary Peacock. She is doing it on Navy Bean. I am seriously considering using this fabric. So pretty!
Another La-D-Da trunk show beauty.
Barb finished her Spring Tuck pillow! She did the finishing herself and it is just beautiful! She even did the little strawberry. I better get done stitching mine!
Here is another must do!!! It was not on my radar until I saw the thread colors!!!!! Elegant and understated!!!!

I need to learn how to stitch faster! There are so many great charts out there!!!!