Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stitching at Jenny's House

Last Sunday we got together at Jenny's house.  What a feast for the eyes.  Jenny has tons of beautiful stitched pieces and beautiful treasures everywhere you look.  I was in a frenzy thinking of all the pieces I wanted to stitch and all of the great vintage pieces to admire!!!!  Above is a great piece that Jenny stitched some time ago.  She said it is by The Workbasket.  I must do it!!!!!  Jenny said she took some of her blue and white dishes with her when she picked out the threads so that it would all look great together!  And it does!!!!

Teresa brought one of her quilts for show and tell.  I am in love with these 1930's reproduction prints!!!! 

This is a piece that Jenny designed is in honor of a trip her family took to New Orleans.  The French words translate to "Let the Good Times Roll!"  Love it!
Karin finished this fab set from The Scarlett House.  She is now ready for Halloween.
Karin also finished her Olympic project.....although I am calling a bit foul as it is quite a small little piece.  Nonetheless, it is fabulous for sure!!  It is a new little sampler by Pineberry Lane. 

 Karin also showed us this amazing piece.  She is doing the fabulous Mary Hart sampler on 50 count linen!!!!!!  It is so sweet!!!!!!! 

 Jenny has stitched so many pieces and she finishes them in such creative ways.  I mean could this LHN piece have been finished any better???  We were definitely sighing and having heart palpitations over this one!
 I love this colonial couple!!!!
 Linda had this darling stitch wallet with her that was made by Faye of Carolina Stitcher.  I love the fabric on the outside and then when you see the fabric on the inside you might lose your cotton picking mind!


Lots of my friends are working on or have finished Harriette Coe.  Above is Brenda's finish and below is Karin's.  Simply gorgeous!

Lastly, here is an ornament I stitched by Homespun Elegance.  But the main thing I want to tell you about this picture is the fact that my friend Linda sewed on the red beads and the crown in the bird's beak.  You know you have a true friend when they will use their stitching time to help you out by adding the beads and crown when you are too scared to do it yourself!  Thanks Linda!!!

Thanks to Jenny for having us over to your beautiful home and making us feel so welcome!!!!  I wish every weekend was full of stitching with my buddies (it practically is.....but not completely!)

Sunday, February 09, 2014


First off, here is my Olympic project!!!  My friends and I love to figure out what we are stitching when.  It is always exciting to pick projects for specific times of year.  I started this during the Opening Ceremonies (which I thought were just beautiful); but have not progressed too far yet.  Hoping to go stitch the day away today!

 Shockingly, I finished 5 ornaments so far this year!  Above is a super quickie by Pineberry Lane!  I did it in wool and plan to do it again in a green wool. 
 Above and below are ornaments from various JCS Christmas ornament issues.  The skater above is supposed to have more stitching; but I got antsy and wanted to move on to other she is going to remain as is.  Still cute I think.  My friend Linda said I should do the red of her sweater, skirt and hat in wool.  I took her sage advice and I think it looks really cool!!!

 Here is a mini Christmas stocking by Lizzie Kate.  So cute!!!!  Want to do the others in this booklet too.
I could not resist this chart when I saw it.  Those sweaters!!! I am hoping to make a bunch of these and have them finished as you see in the picture on the chart. 

Okay, back to Olympic watching and stitching!!!!  Hope everyone else is having fun with their stitching too!!!