Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home from Vacation

Still trying to adjust back to the regular last vacation-y thing to do. Mike and I took the day off of work tomorrow so we could stay up all night watching the Royal Wedding.

I am trying to maintain the zen mode of life I adopted on vacation. I saw some people who are pretty darn important in my life. I saw places of such beauty. I felt in touch with the essence of my spirit.

I also read some good books and found a few stitch-y things. Worked some more on my book project (maybe some of those will come to fruition soon!)

Listening to this CD keeps those feelings close.

And now I continue on with my Midwest life.........which is such a blessed life. Time with Mom and brother, girlfriends, stitching buddies (who are girlfriends that stitch and just "get" me!), trips to the library, watching the big screen with Mike Duet (Go Bulls!), more books, more stitching outings, just more of all that I love.

These Russian people really make one stop and think.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tomorrow I am leaving for vacation!!! First stop is my BFF's house. Noreen lives in Hermosa Bach, CA. While not a big fan of southern California, I am a big fan of Noreen. We have known each other since I was 16 and we always have a great time together.

I am also going to visit my cousin Bill while out there. He and his wife just bought a house in Canoga Park, CA. It will be exciting to visit them.

Then I am off to one of my most favorite places on Earth - Bainbridge Island, WA. My Dad is going to be 70! I will be riding this lovely ferry over from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. I cannot tell you how much I love to ride the ferry. It is a zen experience for sure! Mike is going to meet me there later in the week. I will be away for a good amount of time. Not returning to the Land of Lincoln until April 24th!

I will miss you all but will be checking in from time to time on my Iphone! Thank goodness for that great technology! Will report back here upon my return!

p.s. There are no cross stitch shops (that I know of) in L.A. or Seattle!!!!! Let me know if I am wrong.... would love to visit one!!!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much for all of the suggestions!!!!!!! I am going to try to get to the shop in Garden Grove and I would love to go to the shop in Ana Cortes. Have to see how far from my Dad's that is. Woooop! I will let you all know if I get anywhere! Thank you for all of your well wishes too!!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stitching Tuesday

These pictures are kind of out of order! Rats! But I am sure you can follow along! Above is my FIRST 40 count finish!!!!!! I was working on 36 and it was going pretty well; so I decided that I wanted to try and conquer 40 count. I asked my friend Barb if she had a small piece of 40 count to donate to my cause. She gave me Tarnished Silver by Lakeside Linens and I LOVE it!!!!!! I put the dime in the picture so you could really gauge the size. I am on the hunt for other "easy" 40 count fabric. I am awaiting delivery of 40 count Lambswool which I think will be really fun!

Now on to the sights of this Tuesday's stitch night at Inspired Needle.
This is a really gorgeous Shepard's Bush piece stitched by Jean. I don't know its name but oh my, it is just beautiful!
In my 40 count frenzy I wanted to try another project. I am testing out Park City 40 county by R&R with this totally great La De Da chart!!!
Here is the Shepard's Bush Pink Snowman by Jean. Love her!!!
Another shot of my first 40 count project with a picture of the cool chart that it is from. Love these little projects!!!
Rita had a finish!!! A big, big, big finish on this 25th Wedding Anniversary Sampler by Victoria's Sampler. I am so mad that the top picture did not turn out better! This is an amazing piece! I would not even know where to begin to stitch this. Difficult!!!
My favorite part was the top with the silk ribbon stitching. Wow!!!!!
The lovely and talented Miss Pat was stitching a bit on this gorgeous BBD design. I had not seen this stitched in person and it is so pretty!
Jean was working on this Shepard's Bush project, Wave, on Tuesday night. Love it intensely!!!
Okay, talk about intense!!!!! Above is a piece that I stitched for a special birthday present....then my friend Teresa quilted it for me into a little mat!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? What a friend to take all the time to do this AND pick out the perfect material to quilt it with!!!! I can never thank you enough Miss T!!!! (funny! Tea and Miss T!!!)
Here is Teresa's progress on our second group project, Spring Tuck Pillow by Primitive Betty. Love the fabric and floss choice!
My friend Patti is working on Spring by Danybrod. She is doing it all in white as you can see and it is turning out so wonderfully!!!!
My buddy Barb picked up her finished first group project. It looks so amazing in its beautiful frame!!!!!!! Stunning.

I missed taking pictures of all of the projects on Tuesday. So many great things were going. I did not want to bother every person there, but someday I will!!!!!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, April 03, 2011


There is a new website that is addicting to say the least. It is called Pinterest.
Once you join you can take any image from the internet and put it on your own personal pinboard.
This is like having a bulletin board only it is a virtual version. You can create many different categories, name them what you like and then start putting pictures in each category. It is great to have all the images you love in one place on the internet. For example, I have a cross-stitch category so that I can remember what projects I may want to purchase in the future!!! Love that enabling!
The next great thing about Pinterest is that you can share images with others and see what others are posting. Scattered throughout this post are some of the images on my Pinterest bulletin board.
In case anyone needs a cool cake idea!!!

Warning: Pinterest is addicting!!!!!!! Let me know if you join!