Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stitching Tuesday

These pictures are kind of out of order! Rats! But I am sure you can follow along! Above is my FIRST 40 count finish!!!!!! I was working on 36 and it was going pretty well; so I decided that I wanted to try and conquer 40 count. I asked my friend Barb if she had a small piece of 40 count to donate to my cause. She gave me Tarnished Silver by Lakeside Linens and I LOVE it!!!!!! I put the dime in the picture so you could really gauge the size. I am on the hunt for other "easy" 40 count fabric. I am awaiting delivery of 40 count Lambswool which I think will be really fun!

Now on to the sights of this Tuesday's stitch night at Inspired Needle.
This is a really gorgeous Shepard's Bush piece stitched by Jean. I don't know its name but oh my, it is just beautiful!
In my 40 count frenzy I wanted to try another project. I am testing out Park City 40 county by R&R with this totally great La De Da chart!!!
Here is the Shepard's Bush Pink Snowman by Jean. Love her!!!
Another shot of my first 40 count project with a picture of the cool chart that it is from. Love these little projects!!!
Rita had a finish!!! A big, big, big finish on this 25th Wedding Anniversary Sampler by Victoria's Sampler. I am so mad that the top picture did not turn out better! This is an amazing piece! I would not even know where to begin to stitch this. Difficult!!!
My favorite part was the top with the silk ribbon stitching. Wow!!!!!
The lovely and talented Miss Pat was stitching a bit on this gorgeous BBD design. I had not seen this stitched in person and it is so pretty!
Jean was working on this Shepard's Bush project, Wave, on Tuesday night. Love it intensely!!!
Okay, talk about intense!!!!! Above is a piece that I stitched for a special birthday present....then my friend Teresa quilted it for me into a little mat!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? What a friend to take all the time to do this AND pick out the perfect material to quilt it with!!!! I can never thank you enough Miss T!!!! (funny! Tea and Miss T!!!)
Here is Teresa's progress on our second group project, Spring Tuck Pillow by Primitive Betty. Love the fabric and floss choice!
My friend Patti is working on Spring by Danybrod. She is doing it all in white as you can see and it is turning out so wonderfully!!!!
My buddy Barb picked up her finished first group project. It looks so amazing in its beautiful frame!!!!!!! Stunning.

I missed taking pictures of all of the projects on Tuesday. So many great things were going. I did not want to bother every person there, but someday I will!!!!!

Happy Stitching!


BrendaS said...

Everything looks wonderful Laura. A nice variety and lots of inspiration

valerie said...

So many fun projects! Congrats on conquering 40 count. I really love that SB Spring piece. It's so pretty!

Ranae said...

Yay! for you stitching on 40ct.
I love 40 ct.
Wow! You have been quite the enabler posting all these fantastic WIP's,
Now stop it!!!!
lol just kidding

Nicole said...

Great post as always Laura!! I always look forward to your stitching get together posts. :)

Good luck on the 40 ct. I love it!! :)

Margaret said...

I so enjoy your get-togethers! Lovely pieces all! And I warn you -- once you start with 40ct, you won't want to work on anything else. :D

woolwoman said...

It is so fun seeing what your group is doing - you are really being an enabler though - I keep seeing things I want to do and I have even ordered a couple of things you've shown - bad girl!!!!! I wish I had more success with 40ct - it is just too hard for me to see w/o magnification and I really don't want to use it daily until I really really can't see to stitch any more w/o it. Good luck - it is lovely for sure - I have several friends who stitch almost exclusively on 40ct - makes for gorgeous finishes. Enjoy! Mel

Giovanna said...

Lovely projects, all of them! i love that ornie from Niky's calendar, it's on my to-do list.

Sally said...

There are some gorgeous projects here as always Laura:) I love 40 count and 36 but not sure how much longer my eyes can take it! lol!

Michelle said...

Oooh, lots of beautiful things you all are working on! Congrats on your first 40 count finish! You'll have to let me know what your user name is on pinterest, so I can follow your pins too!

Karin said...

Congrats on the 40 count Laura!! I knew you could do it.

Missed you all on Tuesday!!! :-(


Siobhan said...

Wonderful projects!! Such beautiful work--it must be so hard to not drool on everything. ;)

Congrats on the 40 ct! I love a Zweigart based fabric for 40 ct. The needle just seems to glide in through the linen.

Anne said...

Those are amazing pieces! I'm in awe of hardanger myself. Love your 40 ct piece and congrats to finishing it!!

Deb said...

So many wonderful things to look at!! Congrats on conquering the 40 count. Things on 40 count seem so much nicer than the other counts!

Natalia said...

Thank you, Laura for showing us the pictures of the different projects. I really enjoy them. We enjoyed having Karin here on our side of the world :-)
Way to go on the 40ct !!! It is addictive and you may not like to stitch on any other count after you've tasted 40 !! LOL !

Jeanie said...

40 count? Whoa! And that pink snowman, adorable.

40? And you can see?