Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It is a miracle! I made a card after work! Usually I am reading and TV watching during the week, but today my first two Bella stamps came and I had to try them out so I whipped up this card! Used Prismacolor and Gamsol to do the coloring. Also, the new ribbon that I got at Michael's last night. Jane and I have a bit of a ribbon problem and we were there oohing and ahhing over the new stock! We bought about ten rolls and decided to split them! Smart thinking!

Anyway, I think I have mentioned these Bella stamps before, but you might want to take a lookg at the website. These are a new line of stamps from a woman in Canada. Small business owner....and she designs her own stamps!! Very cool! They are lots of fun! Also, if you want to see examples of beautiful Bella cards, please visit Little Pink Flowers or Prairie Paper & Ink.
Those gals know their way around a Bella. Also, Little Pink Flowers has a new card making program that sounds divine! So, check that out if you are so inclined.

Other than that, not much happening around here as it is in the teen's with a zero wind chill! I am one of the huddling masses, glad to be able to go upstairs and start a new book. So far I have read four of the books from my TBR list.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Blankets by Craig Thompson
The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
King Dork by Frank Portman.

Sadly, this is the only thing in my life that I am caught up on or ahead of schedule on!!! Oh well, one must be true to themself! or something like that!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

21 cards!

Yesterday was such a blast!!! We had an impromptou stamp-a-thon! You see, Jane's friend Liz was in from Florida! and at the last minute Jane was able to put together a stamping get together! We started early too! Trish came to pick me up at 8 and we went out to get the Starbucks!
Then over to Jane's house where she had set up a stellar stamping area! Trish and I unloaded our goods onto two tables and called them Trish's store and Laura's store. Contained therein were supplies, stamps, images, ribbon for all to use. Over on the other side of the room where all of Jane's stuff was we called Jane's outlet mall! It is jam-packed with great stamps, etc.
We ended up stamping for about ten hours! I made 21 cards in all and some of them are featured here! It was so great to have such a large output! and I like almost all of the cards I made!
Sorry about the poor scanning on these last three. I could not figure out how to fix that.
I realized that my style of stamping is very simple. I enjoy putting together the basics and do not enjoy working with store bought embellishments other than rub on's and ribbons. I like to use rubber stamps, old pages from books or sheet music, card stock from SU, rub-ons, copies of photos and postcards that I have found at antique shops, ribbons, and patterned paper. And that is it. I now know what I like and I am sticking with this style for awhile. I will embrace my simplicity and hope others like it.

We sure had fun yesterday. Of course the creativity was great, but it was just so much fun to spend the day with others who are crazy about stamping. We had Thai food for lunch, laughed a lot, ate "Reesie" peanut butter cups, and even had a fire in the fireplace. GOOD TIMES! I said it was as good as Christmas Day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today I am obsessed with.........

Today I am obsessed with.......

Art by Diane Duda. This woman is a genius!!!!!! This is her work above and the newest addition to my growing Duda collection.

Seeing all five movies that were nominated for Best Picture today! (so far have only seen The Queen)

Retired Stamping Up set, Sugar and Spice (thanks Karen! said with sarcasm!)

Finding out about music that is tinged with the sounds of India and George Harrison! Thanks Anjali! By the way, please visit Anjali's blog, Lotus Reads, for the best book reviews around!! I love her blog!

Daydreaming about being a famous classical musician and having this as my album cover!!! How Rhonna Farrar!! (if you know what I mean!)

Broadway show tune CDs!!!!! Chicago, 42nd Street, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and my current favorite, The Drowsy Chaperone!!!!

Self-exile to a magical cabin in a forest located next door to the world's best bookstore and stamp store!!! I could read this book, The Top Ten, and order all the books that sound interesting and stamp and read to my heart's content.

What are you obsessed with lately?

Friday, January 19, 2007


Just a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

At work today (medical transcriptionist) I came across a report that just filled my heart with gladness. It was a sad report about a terminally ill patient who required transfer to another hospital that was more equipped to help him, and at the end of the report the doctor dictated,
"Good luck John, and God bless you." (name changed).

Wasn't that kind? It is rather unheard of to dictate such a warm and personal message into a patient chart, but it really touched my heart and made me feel good.

I love very small acts of kindness that happen during everyday life. Those are the kinds of things that keep us all going, like a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, a hug, a friendly laugh, someone going out of their way to help you find something you need or get where you are going.

Love it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Day

Card by Beth of Seaside Dreamer

Today I came home to a good mail day!!! This wonderful card sent to me by my friend Beth! She told me she had a new stamp from Character Constructions and I asked her to make me a card. I forgot about that until today! I love her art so much and this card is just fantastic!!! It really made my day! It got me to thinking how much happiness a card in the mail can bring.

So, I had a BRIGHT IDEA, I am going to send a card to someone whose blog I really love, and so I thought if each one of us did that, just one card to one blogger, how cool would that be!!!! I am going to contact someone I don't know that well, but that will be the fun of it....so, come on, let's all join in! Let me know what happens if you do it!

Then, once I was unwinding from the day, getting ready to eat dinner with Mike, Miss Jane called with the news that the stamps that we were coveting and going ape over from
Hero Arts
were in! So, off we went to Archiver's. You know we have to have them tonight even though we won't be stamping with them until this weekend!

So, all in all, quite a lovely day! Now, let's send a card people!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Light Dusting of Snow

There is a light dusting of snow outside, just the perfect amount to make things look like a Winter Wonderland. Mike and I readying ourselves for night two of 24........we are warm and cozy and lucky to be in our own home and married to each other.......Winter Coziness....flannel pajamas, a good book to read, a freshly poured Tab to drink.......ahhh, life is good.

Above is a card I made and I give all credit for the inspiration to the lovely Donna who has a great blog that you should go visit! She and I have lots in common in the stamping and reading department.....She made a card using this stamp and coloring the little girls all in pink and that is where this card started. I also used German Glitter Glass for the snowflakes. And then the brilliant idea of using my snowflake punch on my scraps of paper suddenly hit!

Also, another new blog that I would like to introduce you to is by my friend Karen! She has joined my friend Jane and I in the obsessiveness of rubber stamping. We are all crazy and currently obsessed with stamps from Stamping Bella. These are completely opposite of my usual vintage style, but if you go to another new blog I discovered, Little Pink Flowers,
I think you will see why we are so inspired. By the way, can I show you another stamp I am currently obessessed with, it is from Art by Moonlight from the Stamp Francisco website. Isn't it totally cool!???

You know what I really need to do? Stamp!!! I have been obsessing over product and magazines, but have not done any stamping! Hope to rectify that tomorrow after work.

Oh, and on the book front.... I finished the first three of my TBR books (To Be Read).....They were all good, but none of them will end up on my best books of the year list....still waiting to crack open a book that sends me into orbit......

The first three that I read are: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields (one of the best writers ever!), Blankets by Craig Thompson, and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (very, very good book!).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stamper's Heaven or The Long, Long, Long Road to Organization

Last week while Mike and I were on vacation we went to IKEA to look for a desk. In addition to that I found this great organizational unit. Please meet.....Antonious!!!! It has baskets and drawers on each side of the tower with shelving in between! I can fit so much in here! It is so much fun!
I took everything off this wall and am streamlining my stamping room. With this system I can see what I have!
Note that there are even racks for hanging ribbons and various "doo dads!"
I separated things in baskets, for example, all of my paints are in one drawer. All inks in another drawer. All things to color with in another drawer.
I am not done yet, but have a very good head start on things. I am also making a "catalog" of my own stamps. Stamping on image of each stamp, noting the maker, and then putting them all in a three ring binder.

I should be up there right now, but am too pooped!!! Hope this inspires others!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some Light Housecleaning

Well tomorrow I return to work after a week off. Mike and I were planning on organizing our lives last week, instead we spent a lot of time relaxing, lunching, reading, and shopping. Oh well, one must restore their soul also.

I have been working on a very cool and exciting organizational project in my stamp room though. Mike and I went browsing at IKEA and I found a totally cool organizational system. Mike spent our anniversary day putting it together. It takes up a whole wall with racks and baskets, and is just perfect. I am slowly getting all my stuff rearranged in the room. My incentive to get it done is a desk that would go along with the organizational unit. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks I will be done with that. Pictures to come as soon as it is presentable.

Also, in the next week I need to get finished with the FFA (Faux Family Album). That is weighing heavily on my mind as so many cool people participated and I want to get their FF albums returned to them. If you are waiting and thinking what the heck is going on....have no fear, they will be moving soon.
Lastly, a photo of me as we went out to dinner for our anniversary. We went to Le Cirque for dinner and then 21 for drinks!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 4, 2007 Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary!!! Above is my favorite picture from our wedding! We have had a wonderful ten years with lots of joys and only a few sorrows.....we have really taken good care of each other (actually Mike takes better care of me!) I am very lucky we met and am so thankful that Mike is my husband. We had a whirlwind romance. We met and married within one year.
Let me talk about myself for a minute. Can I just tell you how much I loved this dress, veil, and flowers!!! Gorgeous! and I loved my bell sleeves!
When we got married I was 35 and Mike was 33....since we were "older" I did not want to have a head table with us and our attendants. I wanted to sit with our parents and grandparents and make it really special. Here we are at our table with our dearest loved ones. Our sister and brother sat at tables on either side of us with their family/friends.
I wanted to show you the beautiful church we were married in. It is the church I grew up in.

Thank you Mike for a wonderful ten years......here's to many more years of happiness!

Thank you all for looking at our wedding pictures. As you know, I love wedding pictures of all types. If anyone else posts some please let me know!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


look who was here...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

It is the day after my 45th birthday! I had such a wonderful day, one of my very best birthdays ever! Above and below is the beautiful card that Beth made for my birthday!!!!!! It is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ver seen. I love it so! The words inside are taken from an old Little House on the Prairie book! Clever!
I had so many phone calls yesterday from friends and family. I felt like the belle of the ball! My Mom, brother, and Jane came over. We went out to lunch at Portillo's (sorry Kim!) and then came home and while the guys watched classic episodes from The Dick Van Dyke show, we gals stamped and had a really great time!

Also, I had surprises on the blogs of my friends!!! I was tickled pink by Kim and Sandy!!! How sweet!! And the previous entry on my blog done by my Banner Fairy AKA Heather! What a wonderful surprise that was!!! (and don't forget people...she is going to start her banner business this year, so all those half-naked blogs can get beautiful!)
Above is the tag that Trish made for my gift! Isn't it cool???
Unrelated to birthday...... the most talented Cris Cunningham sent me this altered cabinet card when she sent in her FFA page!!! Wow! I was so thrilled!!!! This is so gorgeous!
My wonderful friend Karen made the above card for my birthday! I absolutely love it!! It is stamped on a small white card and looks adorable!!!! This stamp is from the vegetable couture line from Lokhart stamps.....check out their flower couture line too! Very innovative and totally cute!
Above is a journal page my Mom did last night!!! Totally gorgeous. You can't see all the glitter sparkle she added with this scan though!
Above is a card that Jane made! Isn't it the cutest!! She is a genius! We were inspired by the gorgeous card that Donna made and posted on her blog. The main image is a retired Stamping Up stamp and the How Jolly is a stamp from Red Lead that we have coveted the entire Christmas season! Look for it on many, many Christmas projects next year as we finally broke down and bought one after Christmas this year! What were we waiting for?
Heavenly Peace. Another journal page that my Mom did last night! So simple and beautiful!

Thank you to all for such a wonderful birthday!