Thursday, January 11, 2007

Favorite Things!

Puppies and Kitties!

Luscious hand cream!

Most fabulous up and coming artist! (with affordable prices! Bonus!)

The best blog banners known to mankind!

Many, many, many stamps that you cannot live without!

Best Grocery store product for dry skin! Smells terrific!

Best product for dry lips!!!! (never buy Chapstick again, only buy this! It is so much better!)

Best book to read if you want to fall in love with the characters and have a delightful time

Musical I could see at least 5 more times!

Documentary I wish more people would see!

Best comedy on TV right now! with the cutest guy on TV right now! (Jim!)


Can't wait for it!!!!!!!!

Please leave your endorsements in the comments!


DonnaG said...

What a fun post! I'm off to buy the Fannie Flagg book now.

Diane Duda said...

You're too good to my guardian angel or something!
We had the same "secret" as you a few years ago and everything worked out fine, so don't worry. Everything happens for a reason.

The office is my favorite, favorite too. Those beauty salon make-over's last night were the best!

One Crabapple said...

Okay come back to The Light Luke...You have gone Link Mad !!!! It happens...I get it ! thank you for all the lovely links ! (Thank GAWD I am not at home on dial up right now)

Lil Project for the day ?
Kinda S L O WWWW over there ?

laughing. Teasing. L/S

One Crabapple said...

Wow so many great tips !

Love that site ! I must link it pronto !

Love the Kitty and Girl picture you have posted and wondered if it was You ....

I knew you meant The Office & THAT Jim.

Have to check out Fannie Flagg-

oooo I don't know about that documentary...those twist up my gut so bad ! but I will keep an eye out for it anyway.

oh read the book / would LOVE to see the Play.

As for the last KNOWWW what I have to say about that ! NFW !!! laughing.

Laura said...

Hey Sandy!! That is not a picture of me! It is from a birthday card that my best friend Noreen sent me!! Plus, I do believe that child looks like she is from the 1950's and I will have you know I was not born until 1962!!!!!

lindaharre said...

Well Laura......I want to tell you how you entertained me this Sat. evening:) I must have a spent an hour going through your links:) What fun!!!!! My hubby is watching football and I got lost in the stamp link.....I looked at every one OMG! Thanks for taking the time to do that:-D I am link impaired and this was an inspiration to me:) hugs,L.

Trixie said...

Remember how I told you about my new catch phrase.."Why do I always have to be the.."? Well I did it again. Read the entry, okay. Went to leave a comment and guess what, all your statements are LINKS!! I had no idea, although I guessed almost all of the answers. I just get blonder every day! Sorry if that offends anyone, but at least you all know what I am saying!

Heather said...

I love your things you love post. I Love the Office too! Jim is one of my fav characters. I am going to add that book to my reading list. I am currently reading Sue Grafton's "S" book. I am having a hack of a time with dry skin now that the weather has gotten so cold so I am going to check out your lotion recommendations.

Anonymous said...
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Beth said...

That photo is so sweet and goofy. Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing a fun post!