Monday, January 15, 2007

A Light Dusting of Snow

There is a light dusting of snow outside, just the perfect amount to make things look like a Winter Wonderland. Mike and I readying ourselves for night two of 24........we are warm and cozy and lucky to be in our own home and married to each other.......Winter Coziness....flannel pajamas, a good book to read, a freshly poured Tab to drink.......ahhh, life is good.

Above is a card I made and I give all credit for the inspiration to the lovely Donna who has a great blog that you should go visit! She and I have lots in common in the stamping and reading department.....She made a card using this stamp and coloring the little girls all in pink and that is where this card started. I also used German Glitter Glass for the snowflakes. And then the brilliant idea of using my snowflake punch on my scraps of paper suddenly hit!

Also, another new blog that I would like to introduce you to is by my friend Karen! She has joined my friend Jane and I in the obsessiveness of rubber stamping. We are all crazy and currently obsessed with stamps from Stamping Bella. These are completely opposite of my usual vintage style, but if you go to another new blog I discovered, Little Pink Flowers,
I think you will see why we are so inspired. By the way, can I show you another stamp I am currently obessessed with, it is from Art by Moonlight from the Stamp Francisco website. Isn't it totally cool!???

You know what I really need to do? Stamp!!! I have been obsessing over product and magazines, but have not done any stamping! Hope to rectify that tomorrow after work.

Oh, and on the book front.... I finished the first three of my TBR books (To Be Read).....They were all good, but none of them will end up on my best books of the year list....still waiting to crack open a book that sends me into orbit......

The first three that I read are: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields (one of the best writers ever!), Blankets by Craig Thompson, and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (very, very good book!).


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Laura!

I love coming here - your blog is just beautiful! I love the card you made - I don't stamp or scrapbook, but looking at all the beautiful things you create, I would sure love to start.

I read Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat,Pray, Love" and like you, I really enjoyed it! Great book!

Going to visit some of the blogs you recommended now.

Anonymous said...

great blog recommendations Laura...and love that stamp by Art by Moonlight.And I also love your gorgeous card,I love that Anna Griffin paper too.

Beth said...

WHAT ??? My favorite book of last year, "Eat Pray Love" isn't going to make your best book list of 2007 ???
And I thought I liked you...hee hee !!!!

This is not my year to read...I can tell that already...not sure why, just a feeling.

When you find that "ONE" for this year, let me know !!!! Did you tell us the #1 book on your list from last year or was there more then one best ????

I'm reading a funny, light beach reading book right now and it's keeping me entertained...not one I would suggest, but now it's got me hooked.

And now most of all, I'm just so impressed that you've already got 3 do you do it ???

Big hugs to you !! Love ya !!!

Maggie Ann said...

What a pretty card, lighthearted and happy!

nancy bates said...

Hi Honey, I love the Stamp Francisco stamps and found too many I was crazy about to write the #'s down. The blog is great. Remind me what the name of that book I want to reoder from Amazon is again, even if it turns up we can always use 2. That's my next project. xoxo. Mom