Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

It is the day after my 45th birthday! I had such a wonderful day, one of my very best birthdays ever! Above and below is the beautiful card that Beth made for my birthday!!!!!! It is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ver seen. I love it so! The words inside are taken from an old Little House on the Prairie book! Clever!
I had so many phone calls yesterday from friends and family. I felt like the belle of the ball! My Mom, brother, and Jane came over. We went out to lunch at Portillo's (sorry Kim!) and then came home and while the guys watched classic episodes from The Dick Van Dyke show, we gals stamped and had a really great time!

Also, I had surprises on the blogs of my friends!!! I was tickled pink by Kim and Sandy!!! How sweet!! And the previous entry on my blog done by my Banner Fairy AKA Heather! What a wonderful surprise that was!!! (and don't forget people...she is going to start her banner business this year, so all those half-naked blogs can get beautiful!)
Above is the tag that Trish made for my gift! Isn't it cool???
Unrelated to birthday...... the most talented Cris Cunningham sent me this altered cabinet card when she sent in her FFA page!!! Wow! I was so thrilled!!!! This is so gorgeous!
My wonderful friend Karen made the above card for my birthday! I absolutely love it!! It is stamped on a small white card and looks adorable!!!! This stamp is from the vegetable couture line from Lokhart stamps.....check out their flower couture line too! Very innovative and totally cute!
Above is a journal page my Mom did last night!!! Totally gorgeous. You can't see all the glitter sparkle she added with this scan though!
Above is a card that Jane made! Isn't it the cutest!! She is a genius! We were inspired by the gorgeous card that Donna made and posted on her blog. The main image is a retired Stamping Up stamp and the How Jolly is a stamp from Red Lead that we have coveted the entire Christmas season! Look for it on many, many Christmas projects next year as we finally broke down and bought one after Christmas this year! What were we waiting for?
Heavenly Peace. Another journal page that my Mom did last night! So simple and beautiful!

Thank you to all for such a wonderful birthday!


Beth said...

awe, shucks !!!! Thanks for the kind words regarding my card I made for you...I'm just lucky your name is Suzy or it just wouldn't have worked..hee hee.
Looks like you had a great 45th...see, it isn't so bad, huh ??? (that coming from me, your much younger friend, hee hee)
Now get back to doing your house projects missy...I know you are procrastinating !!!!

Beth said...

TOTAL oops !!!! I meant that your name ISN'T Suzy...what an idiot I am !!!!!

Diane Duda said...

it sounds like you had a great day. and what talented friends and family you have!

Michelle (MilwMommy) said...

Happy Birthday Laura!! So sorry I missed it! Guess I'd better start working on a belated card........

I'm totally caught up on your blog, although this is the only comment I'm posting. I need to catch up on about 15 more blogs, lol!! But --yours was first!! First in my bookmarked list ---don't you feel special??

Hope you had a wonderful day, & a Happy New Year!!

lindaharre said...

Happy Birthday Laura, It sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!!!

Trixie said...

"And if you live to be 100, may I live to be 101, so that I may never live a day without you"...(or something like that) said Pooh Bear to Christopher Robin...his bestest friend. And so I say the same to you my dear friend!

Maggie Ann said...

Looks like your birthday was wonderful!!

MarilynH said...

I loved reading this post, Laura! What beautiful artwork, too! glad your day was great :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic art work...love your style.

Babsarella said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. Sounds like it was a blast and you received so many lovely things. Best wishes for a FANTASTIC 45th year!!! (or as I like to say,the 16th anniversary of your 29th birthday)!