Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Day

Card by Beth of Seaside Dreamer

Today I came home to a good mail day!!! This wonderful card sent to me by my friend Beth! She told me she had a new stamp from Character Constructions and I asked her to make me a card. I forgot about that until today! I love her art so much and this card is just fantastic!!! It really made my day! It got me to thinking how much happiness a card in the mail can bring.

So, I had a BRIGHT IDEA, I am going to send a card to someone whose blog I really love, and so I thought if each one of us did that, just one card to one blogger, how cool would that be!!!! I am going to contact someone I don't know that well, but that will be the fun of it....so, come on, let's all join in! Let me know what happens if you do it!

Then, once I was unwinding from the day, getting ready to eat dinner with Mike, Miss Jane called with the news that the stamps that we were coveting and going ape over from
Hero Arts
were in! So, off we went to Archiver's. You know we have to have them tonight even though we won't be stamping with them until this weekend!

So, all in all, quite a lovely day! Now, let's send a card people!


One Crabapple said...

That is a great idea !

Love your Beth Card. You so deesrve good mail . I am glad you are getting it !

Love to you. S.

One Crabapple said...

Can;t wait to see those new stamps.

Now you must post after this weekend's artwork ! I insist !

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura what a wonderful idea re sending other bloggers cards - must give this a go!

And what a smashing card from Beth!

Beth said...

Whoaaaa....gosh, if I had known I was going to get front page billing for this little card, I would have really "wowed" you with something more spectacular. This was just a quickie so you could see my new stamp...but, I'm so glad you loved it and the fact that it inspired an idea for you.

So now let's see who wants to play "cards"....it will be a fun little journey !!!!!

And Laura, what's the t-shirt logo....shares well with others....that should be your middle name !!! You're the best !!!

carlenelf said...

Adorable card, have fun stamping away this weekend!

Diane Duda said...

congratulations on the good mail day... and also your new stamps! did you at least sit down and eat with your husband or did you head straight for the door?!?

dogfaeriex5 said...

hey I contacted my gal and will be sending her an atc! what a great idea..beth's care is so darling.you guys are stamping queens!!
hey, is that like dancing queens??

Trixie said...

Great ideas all around!

Babsarella said...

What a wonderful idea, sending out cards to brighten someone's day!!! I love this card and that stamp is one of my favorites!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Common interests make life richer...=).

Karen said...

Great card from Beth!! Awesome idea to send cards out.........loved it so much I set right down after I read that and got my cards ready to mail........They went out this morning.......Thank you for such a wonderful suggestion.

Karen said...

Great card from Beth!! I loved your idea about sending cards out so much that I set right down and addressed some envelopes and got cards ready for mail. They all went out this morning........What a wonderful idea..........Look at you......See how many lives you have just touched with one idea............Way to go Mrs. Laura

Lotus Reads said...

What an absolutely gorgeous card! I could stay here and look at it for a long time!

Oooohhhh, I really do want to take up stamping!!!

teresa said...

awesome idea...I love it!! Great card, too. I am a big fan of Catherine Moore!!

zUzU said...


So YOU are the one that started this!

I was touched by a blogger I hadn't met before contacting me, saying she wanted to send me a card ... Because she enjoyed reading what I shared on my blog!

This is such a wonderful thing you have begun. I must tell you it made my day bright to hear from someone out of the blue ...

And now I know where it started ::smile::
It is so very like you!

Quite ... WoNdErFuL!

huge BIG hugs,
=^..^= love zU

Sarah and Jack said...

I am doing a little Valentine Card exchange on my blog, and it is SO awesome to get actual valentines in the mail.