Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stamper's Heaven or The Long, Long, Long Road to Organization

Last week while Mike and I were on vacation we went to IKEA to look for a desk. In addition to that I found this great organizational unit. Please meet.....Antonious!!!! It has baskets and drawers on each side of the tower with shelving in between! I can fit so much in here! It is so much fun!
I took everything off this wall and am streamlining my stamping room. With this system I can see what I have!
Note that there are even racks for hanging ribbons and various "doo dads!"
I separated things in baskets, for example, all of my paints are in one drawer. All inks in another drawer. All things to color with in another drawer.
I am not done yet, but have a very good head start on things. I am also making a "catalog" of my own stamps. Stamping on image of each stamp, noting the maker, and then putting them all in a three ring binder.

I should be up there right now, but am too pooped!!! Hope this inspires others!!!


dogfaeriex5 said...

you go sister, looks fab!!
have a TAB......

lorie said...

What a challenge. Dibbs on any leftover bins or baskets that you empty out!!!!

Now the wagering....Taking bets on the following two categores Finding duplicate stamps/paper/inks and
Still not having enough space when all is said and done.

Logging your stamps is always a great idea. What about using your digital camera, taking pictures and then storing it on disks or a flash drive? Less paper, more trees.

Have a great time rediscovering the hidden treasures you will find. How exciting.

Beth said...

WOW.....that is the best !!!!
You are gonna be hard to live with being so organized !!!
The fact that everything is right there at your finger tips and you can see whatever you're looking for....well all I can say is SCORE !!! and you just gotta love IKEA !!!!

Heather said...

OMG I am soo going to IKEA!! I need organizational help!!

Making you a blog fairy button!!

Trixie said...

Wonderful stuff! And we can see it all! Like Beth said, the more you can see and easily reach the more likely you are to use it! I wanna come over and play!

Rein said...

Woow, looks great!
Wonderful stuff!

Diane Duda said...

I'm so jealous...I have to go digging for every little thing! I don't know if i'd get more done if I was this organized, or if i'd just sit around being proud of how organized I was. I'd like to find out though!

By the way, it was an Anna Griffin stamp (I never answered you.)

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Wow, am I jealous!!! It looks great, & you are so lucky to have such a great stamping space!!

Anonymous said...

wow...its looking good - I think a trip to IKEA is on the cards now! Thanks for sharing!

Dotee said...

What a fantastic storage system Laura! I am most impressed at your organisation of your art goodies.

I try to be tidy but end up with stuff everywhere. When I create I get into a bit of a frenzy and make a big mess.

You have inspired me to try to be neater!

Jean said...

That system looks great! It is so hard to organize when you have lots of different "stuff". Super idea!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

This organizational unit look fabulous!!

Karen said...

Love the organizational unit! I will be needing one of those soon!

Kimberly Kwan said...

It looks like a wonderful system!
Good for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Funny you should post about organizing because I've been doing just that the past couple of days. I don't have but a third of the wonderful supplies you have which I'm a little jealous of. I ended up using paper mache boxes which are covered in a rose motif. They were of different sizes so I just stacked them one on top of the other and made a little tower. It's too cute but I must say I would be thrilled to have your IKEA storage :)

Lora said...

OH WOW!! Total organization envy here LOL