Friday, January 19, 2007


Just a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

At work today (medical transcriptionist) I came across a report that just filled my heart with gladness. It was a sad report about a terminally ill patient who required transfer to another hospital that was more equipped to help him, and at the end of the report the doctor dictated,
"Good luck John, and God bless you." (name changed).

Wasn't that kind? It is rather unheard of to dictate such a warm and personal message into a patient chart, but it really touched my heart and made me feel good.

I love very small acts of kindness that happen during everyday life. Those are the kinds of things that keep us all going, like a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, a hug, a friendly laugh, someone going out of their way to help you find something you need or get where you are going.

Love it!


dogfaeriex5 said...

what a great entry today! a RAK-random act of kindness..not too may people share that these days, but you do all the time, love you, miss maudey!

Nan said...

A lovely picture (did you make it?) and a lovely blog entry. Thanks so much.

Trixie said...

And I love you!

Beth said...

Big hugs to you.... you funny, loving, kind, warm, bright light YOU !!!!

And my RAK for today is sending my magical little fairy to your house to help with the cleaning you talk'd she do ???? hee, hee

Seriously though....I try all the time to add a RAK to my usually involves letting someone in front of me in line. You know... the poor guy that comes up behind you with just a case of soda and there I am with a weeks worth of food that I just started to unload on the conveyor belt...those kinds of things just warm me up inside, because the look on the face of the recipient is just priceless !!!!!

And of course you know living in Chicago...the best is always paying the toll for the person behind you...LOVE that one !!!!

Lorie said...

I am always amazed and brought to tears by the RAK that goes on around us. I believe that they really do exist, but most people take them for granted. On that note, I want to thank Karen for her RAK in the form of a beautiful card that I received in the mail today, on the way to a stressful work meeting. As usual, one of my sharing, caring friends comes through without even knowing.

Love to all

Heather said...

what a wonderful thing to happen across. I bet it made you feel good and I pray that "John" found some peace. Thank you for sharing this RAK with us today.. it was a little pick me up that I needed.

Love the floral picture. HUGS my friend.

lindaharre said...

Wonderful story and beautiful wallpaper! Thanks for sharing. Yes, these are the things that make up for much of the bad stuff!!!!!

Paula said...

lovely blog entry Laura....wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

Lotus Reads said...

What a lovely post, remind me what an impact a random act of kindness can have. I will have to remember to do one as often as I can.

Seeking Simplicity said...

What a nice thought to share... and thank you for the CD you created for me. I simply love it... and be on the lookout... something is headed your way .


Tricia Scott said...

a lovely post. thank you.

Diane Duda said...

for me you are the Queen of RAK's. you always boost my spirits with you generous comments!

One Crabapple said...

You are very sweet and leave many acts of kindness on blog comments. I have seen them. Always so enthused and thinking of a question ...

You are a sweet woman.

Love all the light blue here - that flower picture really vibrates well with it. So pretty ! It compliments your story which was very touching. How that must have lit you up with a bit of a surprise and left a soft glow as you thought of him penning the words in.

What a nice doctor.

Thanks for sharing such a good story.

That is inspiring. You are right. It is the little things.

One Crabapple said...
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zUzU said...

=^..^= Laura!

.::Wonderful post::.
I love your story of the doctors words!
Such perfectly placed kindness.

Look how many people have now been touched by that simple act. You. Each of us that read of his good wishes. And it continues with every person that sees that note on the chart from this day forward.

Recently I have met a doctor like
the one you speak of ...
Special & caring. Wishes more than
anything to help you.
Someone that is doctor because first and foremost, they really want to help people.

I arrived at his office in serious
condition and needing emergency surgery due to an infection. His staff had worked me into a tight schedule so he could help me that very day ... He had to call home to tell his family
that he would not be able to leave on vacation that day ... (I overheard the conversation from the next room.)

Then after my surgery he called my house to check on me before he left town, had his nurse call each day while he was away.

When things were not going well, his partner in the practice saw me. (He brings his little dog, George to work ... George sat on my lap and licked my hands to comfort me becasue I was shaking so hard.)

When my doctor returned from vacation to find I was in need of more surgery, he decided it would be best to do it rather immediately ... He made time AFTER work because he had no other time open ... Both he and his nurse stayed after hours to help again. Later I found out that another nurse that works there stayed too as well as the other doctor in the practice stopped by before leaving "just in case he was needed" because I wasn't doing well during surgery.

It was a nasty time for me that was made easier by people that obviously cared.

When I had to finally inquire about my bill (it had not arrived and I was worried they would think I was horrible for not paying) I was told
there will not be one. No bill.

How do you suppose the doctor knew? I was SO stressed out over the money thing. I hadn't a clue how to pay for it all, but I hadn't said a word to anyone there.

Talking to his nurse over the following weeks, I found that he does this a lot. Sometimes, she says, he just knows the best medicine is to share his skill. No strings (or bills) attached.

Do you believe in angels? I do.
They are out there!

The smallest act can change the world.

=^..^= love zU