Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspired Needles!!!!

We had stitch night again last night! It was quite the extravaganza of projects. Above are Linda's finished La D Da hearts. She sent them away for finishing to The Artistic Needle. They are beautiful (to say the least!!!)
Here is Linda's pear by With Thy Needle (also finished by The Artistic Needle). I am speechless!
Here is a perfect little number from the La D Da trunk show at the Inspired Needle. Add it to the list of must do projects!!
I finally decided to get serious and just take down the La D Da trunk show framed pieces and put them down on the table for better photography. Here is Yellow Bird by La D Da. I believe it is stitched over one on 40 count. (yikes)
Here is another of Linda's masterpieces.....charted by With Thy Needle. I love this little birdie heart on a spool so much!!!!! I must do it semi-immediately!!!! This is another finish by The Artistic Needle.
This is a gorgeous La D Da chart that was stitched by our very own Barb.
S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!! I am going to lead a cheer about this piece!

La D Da Christmas ornament......!!!
Here is a Christmas ornament from Shakespeare's Peddler, stitched by Barb and finished by The Artistic Needle.
Another darling La D Da piece.
A lovely finish by Karin.
Last Thursday Karin bought this La D Da chart, the frame, the thread and the fabric. By Tuesday she was done stitching it!!!! I love, love, love this frame and birdie!!!
Barb is working on the three part chart from Jardin Prive. She always starts in the upper right corner.
Okay, seriously La D Da you are killing me!!!!! Every one of their charts is a masterpiece!!!!!!!
This is a shop model that Barb lent to Cathy. It started a run on the chart. I think almost everyone bought a copy last night!!!!
This is May by The Drawn Thread (part of a really cool series!) stitched by Barb.
Here is an amazingly beautiful ornament that Barb did (I think it is on 50 count!). It is a chart by Jardin Prive. I don't think you can get it. It was a fundraising chart for Unicef. The ornament is beautifully finished by Sew Inspired. This is the first time Barb used the services of Sew Inspired and she does wonderful work. Highly recommended. I am going to stitch an ornament soon so I can try it out too! I also want to send something to Artistic Needle as her work is completely top notch also. Hmmmm, I think I really need to finish stitching a few projects so I will have something exciting to show!!!
Tiny little darling floss tag by Barb.

BBD ornament stitched by Barb and finished by The Artistic Needle.
Barb's current progress on Beatrix Potter stitched with Belle Soie Teddy Bear. This is a stunning piece that is always in the back of my mind.
Close up of Beatrix.

Barb's finish of a Jeanette Douglas design.
Barb's finish of a darling Drawn Thread chart.
Action shot!!! Here are a few stitchers comparing thread colors near the door in order to get natural light. We love to opine on color and fabric choices for each other.

I am the luckiest stitcher in the world!!!!


teresa said...

Fun fun post - thanks Laura.

Glenna said...

Thank you thank you for the posts about what the stitchers are working on and the frames. Total eye-candy.

Anonymous said...

How lucky are we to have you as our "photo journalist"!
Linda C.

Karin said...

Fun!! Laura is our personal blogger, journalist and photographer. As always we had a great time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your stitching nights. Your group always has the most interesting projects.I see a couple of must add's to my stash listing that I will have to get the charts for.
Glad everyone had such a great time getting together.

Sylvia said...

Fun, fun fun! I just have to live vicariously through you.

Giovanna said...

I so enjoy seeing your stitch-night pictures - you're such a talented group!

Joanie said...

STOP IT, STOP IT NOW, LAURA!!! My checkbook can't take it any more! There's at least ALL of them that I want and I want them ALL now! What a crappy time to be unemployed...{{Sigh}}

Margaret said...

Argh!!! Everything is so wonderful!!!! I love seeing everything! Wow wow wow! So much fun to see what you all see and do. :D

Deb said...

All those pieces are pure candy. What an inspiring group of women!!

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous!!!! You know I wish I were there too ;-). Glad you had a good stitching night!!!

CathyR said...

Laura, I had no idea you were taking the models off the wall and photographing them! LOL Where the heck was I? Great post. I always like to hear about what I missed! :(


Ranae said...

Wowza!! What a fun and inspiring post :)

I love Linda's pear, what an awesome piece, love it!

Now I have to go get my La D Da folder out and look to see what I have. I know I have the mockingbird with linen, so I shall start that ASAP.

You are one lucky stitcher gal

How long is the trunk show on? I would love to see it in person
Take care!

Nancy said...

Wow! Thanks for all the pictures and for the links to the finishing sites. I have a couple of things finished, but I'm just too dang lazy to finish them! Will I see you at J's this month?

Jeanie said...

These ARE inspired! I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried -- they're all beautiful -- and yes, you are lucky!

sana said...

I love La D Da too !
I restart stitching. Thank you very much for a warm encouragements !

Myra said...

Thank you for sharing all this gorgeous eye candy. I want to stitch them all!

krayolakris said...

Love to see all the projects; very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Sally said...

Oh wow more gorgeous eyecandy! I feel my wish list getting longer and longer!