Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt Shows

I went to quilt shows the past two weekends!! One was in Clarendon Hills and the second one was in Crest Hill.  They were put on by quilt guilds and I really should have taken note of the names; but since I am not a quilter I just went and drooled!!!!  

Pictured are some of my favorites seen on those two days.  If anyone knows of the talented women who made these quilts please let me know so we I can give credit.  

The first quilt is exactly what we need to see this time of year!  Bright and cheery.  I decided that my favorite quilts have white backgrounds and then patterned material on top of that.

I absolutely went ga-ga over this quilt!!!  The fabric that was selected was fabulous and the placement of the pieces was so modern and cool!  Love!!!

 Here is a great idea.  Framing a piece of quilting.  This is just stunning!

My Mom went with me to the second show and I was so happy to take her.  She loved looking at everything and especially the merchant mall!  She is a quilter (and a knitter, sewer and embroiderer).  I loved this quilt that was just white and beautifully stitched all over the place. 

 My other favorite type of quilt was like these two.  Pick fun fabrics and then just put them all together.  Love, love, love!

 After the quilt show my Mom and I went to Robert's Sewing Center in Crest Hill, IL.   It is a really fabulous quilt shop.  My Mom was looking for fabrics to quilt these wonderfully vintage redwork pieces.  She did not want fabric that screamed Christmas.  I think she mad a fabulous choice with these fabrics.  Stunning!!!!
 I wanted you to be able to see more of her redwork.  Isn't it just darling???
There is nothing like a Saturday spent all hepped up about crafts, hobbies and passions!!!!!!!  What fun!!!!


Barb said...

What a great day you had with your Mother. Tell her the redwork is just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing those amazing quilts!

Kathy F said...

Love the red work!! My mom made a large red work wall hanging that was ruined in a hurricane. :(

Sounds like a great time made even better by sharing it with your mom!!

DebbieSFL said...

Your Mom's redwork is really lovely, and her fabric choices are perfect. Your apple doesn't fall far from that tree :)

Margaret said...

Fantastic! Loved seeing the quilts from the shows! And your mom's project is wonderful! Beautiful stitching and great fabric choices!

Vickie said...

Your mother did a great job!
I really like the framed piece.

Katrina said...

Everything is just gorgeous!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Jealous! Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful quilts. I wish I could've gone to the Crest Hill show. The fabric your Mom chose for the redwork piece is perfect!