Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nashville Market, etc.

 I am so lucky to live near so many great stitching shops!!!  I was able to see the Market nights at Inspired Needle and Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  Both absolutely fabulous shops and, if you can, you must visit both!  Below are some of my new purchases.

I already started the Liberty Eagle pincushion from the new BBD release.  However, I took a picture of the front of the chart! The pincushion design is pictured on the back.  I could just stitch BBD charts for the rest of my life and be happy.  Barb and Alma are geniuses! 

I bought these two new BBD charts too.  Don't know when I will stitch them; but one has to have them to ogle don't you agree????

I did not intend to start another series.  However, did you see the upcoming release for the LHN Christmas village???  It is a train station.  I saw that and I was in!!!!  Love, love, love trains and Christmas time.  My friend Teresa had the idea of stitching all or part of the series in a straight line on one piece of fabric.  Of course, that means I will be doing the same thing.  We got some 30 count Northern Cross fabric to stitch on.  I love the look and feel of this fabric.

That led to kitting up this LHN sheep virtue with the same fabric.  I did not buy the first one in the series; but that may change.

This is not a new chart; but I recently saw it done on linen (instead of perforated paper) on the Inspired Stitcher's blog!!!  GorgeousClick here to see it on her blog.  It was just so cool looking on the linen; had to add this to the stash.

Here is my progress so far on my Santa's village, Poinsettia House.  I also got the next one in the series.  Mrs. Claus' cookie house. 

My friend Brenda has these cool needle minders......whale and spool of thread.  I have admired them for months.  Our friend Teresa went online and found where they are sold in we all ordered various ones.  These are the two I got.  Love!!!   Here is a link to the shop:  CLICK HERE

Teresa made this amazing scissor keeper for each of us at Christmas.  Isn't it just too, too gorgeous!!!!!!!!!  She included the gorgeous scissors too!!!

All of the pictures up until this one really look cool, crisp, clean and uncluttered don't they????????  Well, here is the real truth.  This is the table next to my stitching seat.  What a mess!  I should really go straighten that up before I start stitching today!!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday and a great week!


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the pic of your stitching table. Looks just like mine. I have the same table and EOS lip balm. Enjoy stitching.

Deb said...

Your stitching table looks like mine!! A little messy, but with all the things that we love. Can I ask where you got the whale needleminder. It's adorable?

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your stitching table looks normal to me! I'm so jealous that you have two shops you're able to visit in person. I have to be content with the on-line Market reports... it's just not the same as seeing things in person.

Melissa said...

Oh, I wouldn't know what to do if I had real needlework shops to walk into! I like what you've bought and I've been admiring the new BBD designs as well.

I was thinking the other day that I need to organize my needlework table too, so you're "normal". I would love to know the name of the shop for the needle minders too.

Happy Stitching!

Anonymous said...

Super purchases and pictures, Laura! I, too, am curious as to where you got your whale! I think you need to swoop everything in the last picture either into a LB or a VB.

Robin in Virginia

Giovanna said...

Great stash enhancement, well done. That whale is particularly adorable, And that's a really lovely scissor pouch from Teresa, kudos to her.

Margaret said...

Great stash purchases!!! What fun to see everything! Love those needleminders too -- very cool! I like the scissor block too! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

Great Stash!! You are so lucky to have great needlework shops near your home.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I love all of your selections, Laura!!!Your Poinsettia House is so cute. So glad that you decided to jump into the "sheep" series!!!

Deborah said...

Your table next to your stitching chair is no different than any of ours! lol I love the whale and spool needle minders. Where did you order them from? I must have one and afew for friends.

Anonymous said...

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teresa said...

What a fun post Laura ~ I love all your starts! and your stitching table! and everything!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Great stash acquisitions! I deliberately visited Inspired Needle before Market--she had a bunch of items waiting for me there, so I did enough damage to my plastic at that time. Love all your WIPs and your darling needle minders. And your stitching table looks just like mine!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Great stash, Laura!

I'm the one who stitched the BBD design on linen! You can go see it here:

I'm glad you liked it and that I inspired you to get the chart. It's fun!

Melody said...

Yes, you are lucky to live close to great shops! I have to travel a ways to get to one. I have been to Inspired Needle once, and thought it was a great shop, it is about 130 miles from where I live.

Love your new stash. The fabric looks beautiful. I like the LHN building series too. :)

Anonymous said...


Just found you!
Oh your stash is just so lovely and I looking at it.
You have some beautiful stitching on your blog!

Sweet Sue said...

Hiya Laura, catching up on your blog, very enjoyable! That Northern Cross linen is one I've not yet seen/felt, color looks terrific from here. Wondering what color you chose and if you might offer a review of why you like it? Have a great weekend to come:)