Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Perfect Night

Last night was a perfect night! I am loving all of these perfect times coming my way. On the first Tuesday evening of each month there is a stitching night at my local and wonderful cross-stitch shop, Inspired Needle, in Lemont, Illinois.
There were several women who attended and all of them were so nice and fun! We looked through all of the great charts that Kathy has (by the way, she has the most unique and cool stuff that you will not find anywhere else!). People were finding things that had been on their wish list for years and had not been able to get before. I bought the Shepard's Bush Mermaid Sampler because I have been wanting to try an SB pattern. This one was attractive to me because it is small and I love the color of the material.

The BBD pattern pictured above is one I saw on someone's blog and fell in love with. It looks so much better in real life than it does on the pattern. That was a lucky find!
One of Kathy's friends came in with "Imagine" finished on a different colored fabric and it was so cool. I ordered the fabric right up and brought home the pattern. Love the little girl skipping rope!

Kathy's shop is THE BEST
! I wish I could go there once a week to sit and stitch! It was great to be with some other addicted people and share in the joy everyone was feeling! I love to be with people who are passionate about their hobbies!


beth said...

please.....when do we get to see something you've made....I'm waiting !!!

Laura said...

Beth! My problem is that I have "start-itis!" I start a bunch of projects and then have trouble with the finishing. Your comment should spur me on though! Also, our camera is on the fritz! I will try to get it all together soon though!!!

Karin said...

I came across your blog by googling the shop Inspiring Needle. Someone else told me about the shop as we are planning a move to the area. We are looking into moving to Naperville this summer. Your stories about the shop have convinced I need to stop by as soon as I live there :-)

Patti said...

Laura~ glad you had a good time!! The designs you showed are pretty- I LOVE the imagine one!!! I really want to go to that store and SOON!!!!

I am thinking of trying the dragonfly I made in varigated yarn this time and see ow that goes (it was pretty easy to stitch just not with the metallic thread).

liz said...

You have almost got me convinced to pull down my stash of unfinished cross stich projects and thread and get started again. I love the mermaid pattern. Glad you're enjoying this new hobby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following me, it is well appreciated. I love that BBD chart, it keeps calling to me. I also love the "imagine" pillow.

Jeanie said...

You ARE having perfect days! I love the Imagine pattern. I'm with Beth -- show us something soon!

canngil said...

Hey Laura,
an interesting brief article about MTLincoln that I found today:

BTW Loved those old dress pattern envelopes! such sweet art themselves!