Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday Stitching

 Had a great stitching night last weekend.  I don't have too many pictures because I actually sat and stitched!  I will have to show you my project soon.....I never seem to stick with one project for very long though.  Above is one of Barb's current projects.  As you can see it is a chart from an issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.  It is really gorgeous!
 Jayne recently obtained this cool La-D-Da chart and is going to do it in this great thread color - GA Otter Creek!  So gorgeous. 
 And now what would definitely be a prize winner at any county fair!  Pat stitched this BBD Loose Feathers flower with the called for silks.  It is so stunning.  She took it up a notch by finding the most perfect frame for it!!!  (at Joanne Fabrics!).  

Pat, our hats are off to you!  You did a wonderful job dear!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Twisted Stem

On a recent August Saturday there was one place on the planet to be and it was The Twisted Stem in Crystal Lake, Illinois where floral artist John Regan was at work in his beautiful new shop.  He started the shop with his sister Dorothy.  Lucky me! I am friends with them!  My Mom and I paid our first visit to the store; and even luckier, Carolyn was in town from Bremerton, WA.  

You see, my Mom, Dorothy and Carolyn have been friends for years.  They all used to teach together in the mid 1970's.  Lucky for me, as I got older, I had the pleasure of being included in their escapades and now I think I am a full fledged member of the trio.   

 So as you see above, John was hard at work getting flowers ready for a wedding.  The rest of us were goofing around and looking at every nook and cranny of the shop. 
 I love zinnias!!!!
 My Mom found this must have tea cup which she will use as a planter on her front porch with mums.
 Here we are in front of the store.  Left to right:  my Mom, Nancy, Carolyn, me and Dorothy.  I can't tell you how great it is to spend time with these women.  We laugh, remember and always have a ton of fun.  I look like a weirdo in this picture because I could not open my eyes all the way.  Too sunny!
Here are the gals having a confab over some of the beautiful items in the store.
John is a very creative florist.  He really thinks outside of the box and the results are magical. 
 Flowers are everywhere!
 I loved this arrangement at the front desk.
Loved these canvas posters!!!
 These hand woven baskets are gorgeous, sturdy and hand made in Africa. 
Isn't this table arrangement inviting!!! I love the little blue "egg cup" that you can float one flower in.  Brilliant.

We had a fabulous day together....of course we did lunch too. There are some very precious people in the world....and these three are in my top echelon.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today's Obsessions

I cannot wait to get these two publications!!!!!!!
I am hepped up and torked up and just waiting!!!!
I am sure they will both be worth the wait!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Mom's Birthday!

 My Mom turned 70 on August 15th.  I cannot believe she is 70; thank goodness she is still the same as ever and no signs of aging are evident!  We spent the weekend together.  The time started with lunch last Friday.  Above are my Mom and I.
 Here are my Mom and my brother, Todd.   We really have been through life together....together!
 My Mom really pays attention to the little things in life that enhance experiences.  Her table setting was gorgeous!!!
 My Mom wanted my friend Diane to come over too.  We planned to stitch and hang out after lunch.  You can see my Vera bags ready to go in the corner.  Diane and I have been friends since were kids and we are still having lots of fun together! 
 This is a strawberry pie my Mom made.  I thought it looked gorgeous on the plate!  It tasted good too.  I should have taken a picture of the chicken salad my Mom made.  It was the best I ever had in my entire life.
 My Mom and I used to collect vintage postcards.  We still would be collecting them too if we had any disposable income!!!  This is a special card as it is my Mom's grandma's name.  They shared the same birthday too! 
 I love mums!!!
 This is the card that Diane made for my Mom.  Love it!!!!
I know this photo does not go with the others; it did not turn out very clear either.  But, this is my Mom's project bag area.  Yes, each bag has a project!!!  I thought you all could relate to this scenario and maybe you can hang up all your bags in the basement too!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!  I love you so!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I know a lovely young lady by the name of Kathryn.  This summer she required surgery and was housebound for the whole summer!  Being the sunny young lady that she is she spent her time having fun with family, books and cross-stitch!!!  Oh yes, there is some rug hooking, ornament making and crocheting too!  Above is the towel that she cross-stitched for her Mom's birthday!!!  Please note the bottom right hand of the towel where Kathryn cross-stitched a special message to her Mom.  What a sweet message. 

Kathryn's grandma is my friend Lorie.  Kathryn's Mom, Susan, is my friend.  Actually, Lorie is my husband's aunt and Susan is his cousin.  But we all really love spending time together so we are friends first!  

Lorie taught Kathryn to cross-stitch and they are working on this bag together; each cross-stitching one side of the bag.  They will pass the bag back and forth.  
Doesn't that stitching "To Grandma" just melt your heart???
Darling Christmas ornament!
These little Salt and Sugar projects are so dear!!!

And now for the shocking part.....Kathryn is only 10 years old!!!! She will be 11 in December!  I think she is displaying some amazing talent!  Perhaps she will be designing cross-stitch projects for us all in a couple of years!!!!  

Kathryn, thank you for sharing your work with us!  I know your Mom and Grandma are so proud of you!  I am too!  I am so happy that you are enjoying the needle arts!  You are a very special girl!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

 Tuesday was stitch night at Inspired Needle.  Cathy has a trunk show of the most beautiful works!  The designer is Milady's Needle.  One piece is more beautiful than the next.  My current obsession is with this sampler Sarah Brown. 
 Look at those birdies!!!  The colors are just gorgeous!
 I am lucky enough to have Margaret Brown in my stash.  But now I feel that these two must be stitched and then framed to sit together on the wall.  I better get stitching! 
 I had to take pictures of more of the trunk show.  I am sorry that I don't know the names of each piece.  If you see something you want to order; please call Cathy at the Inspired Needle.  She will be able to set you all up!!!
 I adore this Christmas ornament. 
 I love the parasol ladies on this piece, but I am afraid that I don't like the negative message.  I want to stitch those gals though!
 Another amazing sampler from Milady's Needle.
 Work from friends!!!  Above is Patti's rendition of our summer project designed by Stacy Nash.  Patti used the called for colors and they are gorgeous!!!!
Barb had another finish!!  She stitched this darling With Thy Needle and Thread Christmas ornament!!!  It is totally perfect in every way.

There was talk at the table about what our Autumn project will be.  It is so much fun to dream about projects isn't it???