Saturday, March 10, 2012

Accessories from Dutch Sisters

 I was at stitching night this week and Karin showed me her new bag!  See below; that is Karin's bag.  She bought it from an Etsy shop, Dutch Sisters.  The shop is run by two sisters who live in Holland.  They shop in thrift stores looking for old stitched items and then they repurpose them into bags and ornaments.   I loved Karin's bag and so I went home and looked up the shop.  Lo and behold, there was a bag that was perfect for me.  The two Dutch ladies drinking tea!  I am pretending they are drinking Tab out of teacups though.

I grew up in South Holland, Illinois where there was a strong sense of history and roots from Holland.  My brother and I even had Dutch costumes and marched in the Tulip Parade with our cousins.  So this bag has great meaning for me; above and beyond the fact that it is totally retro-cool!!!

 Isn't Karin's bag smashing???  You know Karin is actually from Holland and getting ready to go back for a visit later this month. 
She also purchased this darling ornament from the Dutch Sisters Etsy shop.  It is a beauty for sure!!!!

Here is a link to the Dutch Sisters Etsy Shop.

Here is a link to the Dutch Sisters Blog.