Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stitching Buddies!

I am so lucky!!! I have friends that love to stitch, love to talk about stitching, love to shop for stitching, love to give each other stitching gifts, and love to get together and stitch!!!!  Over our last several get together times I have snapped some pics.  Above is my start of Liberty 1776 by LHN.   We were going through Brenda's stash in her heavenly stitch room....I admired it and said I had always wanted to stitch it...and lo and behold she gave it me to stitch (and it was already kitted up!!!).  Now that is a true friend!!!!!  I am loving it so far!!!!
Above is a BBD design pin cushion that Pat stitched.  And she finished it herself!!!!!  It is gorgeous and perfectly done.  I have always meant to stitch this because I love it!!! 
One of the additional perks of my stitching group is that Kellie is a chef/baker.  Last Friday she made this gorgeous cake which when cut open revealed the USA flag!!!!  It was stunning and tasted so good!!!!
Pat brought several of her finishes for us to see.  Above is Miss Peepers by LHN.  Don't you love her glasses???  Adorable!!!

Here is Pat's finish of a BBD design - she stitched it and finished it on the box that it called for in the chart.  WOW!  This is really cool!!!!!!

Recently we went to Brenda's house to stitch.  She had an extraordinary party favor for us.  Her husband made these stunning wooden risers!!!!!!!!  They are for display purposes.  We had fallen in love with risers that were shown at Country Sampler in Wisconsin.  Now we have very special ones made by Mr. Brenda!!!!! Amazing!!! 
Karin finished this little chart by JBW on gingham linen.  So cute and totally great!!!

Here is Karin's finish of the latest chart in the Stacy Nash club from Country Sampler.  I don't think these are available anymore so don't fall in love too hard. 
 Kellie finished May I.  Wow!!!!

 I think she is done with this now; but Teresa was working on Love by LHN with Pearle cotton.  She is going to make it into a pillow.  Love it!

Okay, this is wild.  Pat received this chart on Friday night and by Saturday night she had finished stitching it.  It is brand new from Shepard's Bush.    Not only did she finish stitching, but she had started on the finishing!!!!!  Seeing this picture makes me want to stitch this one too!!!  So cute!!!  Love the sheep and the little flag!

And then..........I discovered from a friend that coming down the pike is Stacy Nash's Summer at Hollyberry Farm!!!  Oh my goodness!!!!  This is a must stitch.  Love the bunting!!!!!!!  Love the flag!!!!  Love the little girl!  The house!  The border!!!!  Yes please!!!!!!!!! Stash diet or no....this is coming home with me ASAP!!!!!!

Hope you are having a good weekend all!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hi Carol!

Has this ever happened to you?  You have a piece started somewhere in your stash...and suddenly you see someone else working on it and you think to yourself, "My goodness, that is simply gorgeous!!!"  

Well that happened to me this week.  I was at stitching group at Inspired Needle when I spied Carol working on this piece that we had received at a stitching retreat through Tomorrow's Heirlooms. (I am really lucky to have two great shops in my neighborhood!)  It is a La D Da piece.

I nearly jumped for joy knowing that I had it in my stash.  It is coming right out and I am going to start stitching on it ASAP.  

The colors in it are super special.   I just have to figure out what I want to put at the bottom instead of the name.  The name Krissy Nelson is a childhood friend of the designer.  Perhaps I will put in one of my childhood friend's names???  

Thanks to Carol for working on this on Tuesday....see what you started!!!