Monday, April 27, 2015

Happiness Part Three

 Here is my progress after one week of stitching on Heartland Sampler. 
 Here is a close up of the barn.  Love that barn!!!!!!!
This is the retreat bag, scissors and scissor fob that we received from Tomorrow's Heirlooms at the retreat.  Isn't it just the best????  Love it!!!!  Thanks Pam and Kim. 
Here are the charts that I bought at the retreat.  Now, mind you, I have many, many other Scarlett House charts at home......I love Tanya's designs.  These are all new ones.  Once you see models all stitched up and charted.....well...that really increases the stash!!!!  Henrietta Binns 1837 is a chart that my friend Teresa bought at market.  When I saw her copy a few days before the retreat I was obsessed with it.....then when I saw the model at the retreat boutique...well, it was all over.  I love this one!!!!!!!  Tanya said that Henrietta Binns is the quintessential name for a sampler and I think she is right!

I have been OBSESSING over the next three samplers for months and months!!!!!!!  They are huge.  They are masterpieces.  I have seen them all done as models and some in my friend Brenda's home.  They are beyond amazing.  I  had to have them in my collection to dream on and to stitch someday soon!!!!!!!

My plan is to keep going on Heartland Sampler until it is finished.  That will be a huge achievement for me because I am know to flit around from project to project and hardly finish anything.  But I love this sampler so much and I want to stitch these big ones too.  I need to prove to myself that I can do away I go!!!!

I know I have said it before, but I have to say it stitching friends just mean the world to me.  They enrich my life.  My stitching/blogging, IG and FB friends too!!!  You all make the world a better place!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happiness Part Two

Look at this table of fun!!!!!!!  Tomorrow's Heirlooms had a boutique filled with Tanya's models of The Scarlett House designs.  This post will feature all of the pin keeps and samplers and fabulous things that caught my fancy.  My next post will show my stash haul. 

 Mary Betchell 1810
 Seven Sheep Sampler
 Harriet Taylor 1842
 Mary Ann Farmer 1834
 Rachel Howells 1856
 In the Pines
Hannah's Brownstone - 2014 special limited edition kit
 This is Tanya's artful train case.   She carries her stitching supplies in this beauty!!!  She made this.
 Penny Pumpkin and Pumpkins & Bittersweet
 Henrietta Binns 1837
 Coverlet Houses
 Coverlet Houses - you can stitch this chart two ways!
 Coverlet Birds
 Margaret Lillie 1812 - please note that this is presented in a special way.  It is on a handmade box.  Gorgeous!
Jingle All the Way,  A Sampler Grows, 1871 Schoolhouse Sampler, and Strawberry House.

As you can imagine, I added a lot of charts to my Scarlett House collection.  I am in love with Tanya's designs and will be stitching them all through the next few years!!!  So excited!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Last weekend was spent in heaven!!!!  Tomorrow's Heirlooms had a stitching weekend with the wonderfully talented Tanya Brockmeyer of The Scarlett House.  That is Tanya above with the sampler she designed specifically for this weekend!!!  It is called Heartland Sampler and has all of the wonderful Midwest motifs that Tanya remembers from growing up in Illinois.    In the back of the photo you can see Pam the owner of Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  Her daughter Kim is also an owner, and together they are a dynamic duo of efficiency, kindness and hospitality.  They provided everyone with a simply fabulous weekend.  I can't say enough about their lovely selves. 
The packaging that Tanya put together to house the sampler was just wonderful.  I love all of the stamps and embellishments she used to make her package extra-special!

 I am a huge fan of the way that Tanya put together the threads!!!!  You can see that she put the symbol key on the ring with the threads.  That makes it super easy to figure out what thread to use where.  Genius!

 Here are some close-ups of the sampler!  That flag!   That barn!  That willow tree!!
 The rooster and chicks!!!!!
 The lilac tree!!!  The cow!!!!!
 The sheep!  The tulips!  The white picket fence!!!!
 Another extra special thing was that my entire stitching group was there!!!  Karin came in from New York so we were all together again and we made the most of it!!!  Above are Karin and Brenda.
 Patti and Linda!
 Teresa and Pat!
 Kellie and me!

Tanya gave everyone a present!!!! This is the makings of a scissor fob and also a fabric sheath to put your scissors in.
This is Tanya's finished scissor fob. 

I will be back soon with all of the stash that I accumulated over the weekend and pics of the gifts we received from the gals at Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  By the way, they are having another retreat this July with Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers and Jeanette Douglas.  So there is a chance for another perfect weekend coming up!!!