Sunday, May 24, 2015

Framing Day

 Here are some updates on finishes on the pick 5 projects.  Linda and Brenda finished their Red Deer Samplers by Gigi R!!!!!  This is a total masterpiece!  Wow.  I am just so blown away by the beauty of these samplers.  Above is Linda's completed sampler and below is a close up of that magnificent red deer.

 We gathered at Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake, IL for their annual framing sale.  It has worked as a "deadline" of sorts for people to finish stitching projects and take advantage of the sale.  Welcome has very unique frames too so it is fun to look through tons of choices.  Above you can see Linda and Brenda with their masterpieces.  I confess, I am totally green with envy of these finishes!!!!
Above and below are two more of Linda's finishes.  Again, I am totally in love with both of these.  I don't know how many times I have told myself to just stitch whatever Linda is stitching.  She has impeccable taste.  Above is an old chart by Carriage House Samplings, Birds and Bees.  It is so funky and fun and just so totally cool!!!!!  Below is an OOP Blackbird Design chart.  I am currently diving in my stash to find and kit up my copy of this one.  I mean, really!  Is it not just the best???

Pat is almost done with the masterpiece also known as Mary Peacock.  She picked out a frame for it.  I am in love with this sampler.  I think I have one motif stitched on mine.  And that frame!!!!!!!  It is the favorite frame that we picked out yesterday.  I need to use it for something.  When Pat finishes this and has it framed we need to have a viewing party!!!

 Pat and I both stitched Adeline Ogier.  We are working on having a grouping of red and white samplers.  In the picture above, Pat's is the one that is pressed and looking lovely!  Mine is the wrinkled one.   By the way, I used a new to me fabric for mine.  It is 32 count Weeks Linen.  I love that fabric.  Thanks to Karin for introducing me to it. 
 Above and below is the Hannah Wells sampler by Brenda Keyes.  I bought this chart last August at The Attic.  It was a really fun stitch.  Below is the frame that I chose.  I am in love with it. 

I stitched this a long time ago.  It is Feed the Birds by Merrily A. Beams.  It is definitely an OOP chart.  I never stitched the border on it.  I was always going to, but then I decided that it was fine the way it is and I should take it with me to get framed.  Glad I did.  I think the border made it look a little too "country" for my tastes.  I added the year 1913.  That is the year my Grandma Jacobs was born.  My friends totally picked out this frame for it and I think it is going to be really cool.  

Now, I said I was not going to buy anything.  Well, maybe I would buy a chart, but definitely I was not going to kit anything up.  I have so many wonderful things to stitch already, but then I saw a model of the chart below and it was all over. 

Models do really sell charts, that is for sure!  So this came home with me.  I also bought another needle minder for my collection.  This one  has been on my wish list for a long time.

 Another perfect day with my stitching friends.  I wish we all lived on the same block in the same town!!!!!!!