Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stamp Camp- March 10, 2007

Yesterday we had a very special Stamp Camp which included some very special people!!! Above pictured are Trish (the lone adult in this picture), James, Christopher, and Kathryn. Trish is teaching her project in this shot.

See, once a month we have Stamp Camp. We get to go to Lorie's house where we relax, laugh, eat, and create!!! It is a blast! Lorie is a Stamping Up demonstrator, but more imporantly she is one of my very best friends! Oh, she also happens to be Mike's aunt. That is how I first met her, but through the years we have become friends more than anything else. Lorie is the person who introduced me to stamping and got me hooked!!! At first I told her I did not need another craft, boy was I wrong!!! I need to stamp!!

Our stamp camps are usually adults only, but yesterday we had a treat because Lorie's grandkids and their lovely Moms came over too!! So we each "taught" a project. The kids had us make something that they made up and visa versa. It was a total blast and so darn cute!
Here is Christopher working on Trish's card!
DANCE BREAK!!!!! Here are Lorie and James dancing to the Arthur Godfrey Orchestra's Slowpoke!! That is one of Lorie's Dad's favorite songs!
Miss Kathryn is an accomplished dancer and here she is delighting us with one of her routines to Born to be Wild!!!! Action shot!
Darling kids with cool finished projects!!!
Miss Trish and Miss Laura had to horn in on this cute picture!!!! Please note that the very cute Mr. Sam (aged 2) could not be pinned down for any pictures (nor could Susan or Jaime the very lovely mothers of these kids!) . Great day people!!!!


Susan said...

Why thank you for the kind words! The kids had such a blast and are planning the next stamp camp. Thanks for the fun and the kid-friendly and creative ideas. Always a joy!

Trixie said...

Good fun, great laughs, and I think James wants to marry me or Laura when he gets older...I hope he chooses me!

dogfaeriex5 said...

looks and sounds like fun was had by all!! sweet faces on those kids..

Jane said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I could have been there soaking up the fun!

Beth said...

ohhh....too cute !!!
I wish I could have seen you teaching those kids a stamping technique....but knowing you, you were probably letting loose on the dance floor teaching them your moves instead !!!!!

Lorie said...


Thanks so much for being a blessing to our family. I am glad that you didn't heed our warning and got married anyway. I wish that I could dip my hand into the gene pool, swirl it up a bit and have you as a daughter in law, but since I can't, I'll have to settle to treasure you as a bestest friend/little sister.

You and Trish were so accommodating to the idea of stamping with the kids and having a kid style lunch. They enjoyed being a part of the Stampin Princesses experience.

We also enjoyed the after party, when stamping to the oldies. Hey, sounds like a theme!

Note to Trish - I hope James picks you too, I would love to have you as a granddaughter in law.

Thanks for a great time. Til next month


lindaharre said...

Sounds like my kind of day! What a good time you all had:)

Donna G said...

You guys look like you're having so much fun with those kids. And I love the pictures of Tootfest. What a riot!

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, looks like everyone had such a great time! Lovely pictures, Laura, thanks for sharing!

Nan said...

zagLaura, I chose you for the Thinking Bloggers Award. You may read more here, and learn how you may pass it along.

Nan said...

Laura, that "zag" before your name on my last comment was due to the crazy cursor going there instead of into the "word verification" box. Sorry.