Sunday, April 01, 2007

Books, Fries, and Stamps

I had a wonderfully fun weekend! On Saturday morning I woke up to find that there was a trunk show of B-Line Designs rubber stamps at a nearby stamp store!!!!! I called Jane up and demanded that she drop everything and go with me as I love their stamps! Well, after seeing three tables full of their stamps and many amazing card samples, they are now hands down my favorite stamp company of all time!!!! We just stood in front of the display with mouths agape in disbelief at the sheer beauty of these stamps!!!! I was actually about to hyperventilate at one point as I was so in love with the images. After picking out a few of our favorites it was back to reality......

Or should I say back to the regularly scheduled portion of the day.........Mike read an article in a magazine that said that the best french fries in Chicago were at a place called Susie's Drive-In in the neighborhood where he grew up.

So, he and I took a drive into Chicago for French fries! They were great, especially when consumed with a hot dog and a banana-Oreo milkshake!!!! Woohoo!!!

Prior to our French Fry extravaganza Mike and I went to two bookstores and a magazine store where they have every magazine known to man!!! I ended up with several new books! It was a really great day....I daresay a "toot" was definitely had!!!!


Terri said...

That sounds like a darn near perfect weekend to me! Lucky you!
God bless.

Mary said...

One of my favorite Jessie Wilcox Smith illustrations - that little girl was me.................many, many moons ago!
Glad you had fun - I'm about to check out this rubber stamp company.
Have a great week Laura.

Trixie said...

Toot, Toot, is actually code for the Train o Fun! What a good weekend, what good finds...except I went to B-line designs website and they now have a 5 week waiting period for shipping! You must of bought out their current stock!

Karen said...

Sounds like you had LOADS of fun!! Where are those stamps??? I want to see them........And now I am hungry. I've got to go find those Fries. Boy that sounds good!!
Happy Monday my dear friend.

Diane Duda said...

Wow! That does sound perfect!
Life is good!

longnecklady said...

That is just everything that's right in the world.



Beth said...

It's a good thing you got some new stamps, cause you really needed those !!!! (yeah, you know I'm giving you a hard time)

And the books/magazines/fries.....well, what a day you had !!!!....but I must say that the name of the milkshake you had made me a bit nauseous!!!.....was it really that good ?????

Nan said...

My favorite food! :<)
And what might those new book titles be?

DonnaG said...

I love,love that picture of the little girl reading! Where did you find it?

denise said...

Laura! I just read on another blog that your ATC is in 1000 Artist Trading Cards! Have you seen it yet? I won't get a chance to the see the book until Friday.

Sandy mentions your here:

JJ said...

Sounds like we have a new spot to hit on our next jaunt to Chicago....always up for some greasy, fried food!