Sunday, February 01, 2009


I have been tagged with the Fabulous Blog award! I am so honored and excited! The instructions for this tag tell me to list 5 addictions and pass this blog tag on to 5 other bloggers.
I was tagged by 3 bloggers! Jeanne of Willow Tree Stitcher, Joanie of Joanie's World, and Barb of Stitching Again. Please go visit their blogs because they are all totally fabulous!
Okay, so 5 addictions? Sorry, I have so many addictions that it is not even funny! So, since I was nominated 3 times I will list 15 addictions!!! (apparently one of my addictions is bending the rules!)
1. Thinking about riding the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.

2. Thinking about going to Barcelona to see the buildings by Gaudi.

3. Pouring over blogs and internet shops to look at cross-stitch patterns.

4. Wanting to see every chart made by Prairie Schooler and Blackbird Designs.

5. Rubber stamps.

6. Vintage ephemera.

7. Going to antique shops.

8. Going to bookstores.

9. Reading books and magazines in a newly made up bed.

10. Taco Bell.

11. Tab.

12. The internet; especially email and blogs.

13. My cats; Buddy and Pal.

14. Eternity by Calvin Klein.

15. Magazines. (Entertainment Weekly, Somerset Studio, Stamper's Sampler, Somerset Memories, Somerset specialty publications).
I am tagging 5 blogs that I am ADDICTED to!!!!!!!!!

1. Noreen of Just My Luck.

2. Nan of Letters from a Hill Farm.

3. Nicole of Nicole's Needlework.

4. Coni of Spinster Stitcher.

5. Relyn of Come Sit by My Fire.


Nicole said...

Thanks Laura, that was so sweet of you! :)

Noreen said...

Cyber awards come on...give me a frkn break or at least a cig...I'll try and give some attn to this bs tomorrow. Njw

Nan said...

Thanks, dear Laura for the tag! I probably won't do it (what addiction is that?) but I do appreciate you thinking of me, and I loved reading yours.

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Oh Laura - you won my blog giveaway. Yippee! My email address is in my profile - send me your address so I can send the pkg to you. :)

Diane Duda said...

those all sound good!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Laura! I love posts like this because it helps me know you better, and I loved all the cool things I discovered! And the photos are great, too!

AMIT said...

Very good post.

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Relyn said...

Sloane chose Taco Bell for lunch today and I thought of you. I read my newest Somerset Life and I thought of you. I got on GooodReads and I thought of you. Obviously, I am thinking of you.

And your Mom.