Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seeking Lightness of Spirit

Over the past several weeks it seems that I have had very little "me" time. My job has been very demanding of late and that combined with all of the TV shows that Mike and I watch has left very little time in the evenings for reading books, cross-stitching or stamping. Frankly, I really need a day in the woods somewhere to recharge my batteries.

I need to go somewhere that is inspiring! I think the ladies in these pictures taken on March 3, 1950 by photographer Gordon Parks look inspired by something. They look thoughtful. I need to get in touch with my inner spirit. Maybe I should listen to the music of Bach as that always brings me closer to my spirit.
Other spirit boosters:

*an art museum
*listening to a symphony concert
*taking a drive in the country
*spending a day with wonderful friends
*reading a good book all day long
*walking through Bainbridge Gardens
*listening to the ocean waves
*feeling a soft breeze

I will be working on getting inspired this week!


beth said...

you know you are always welcomed here sweetie...I promise to motivate and inspire you... and to make you laugh till you wet your pants...miss you !!

Vonna said...

I always get a little anxious this time of year...I don't know why...I think it is because I run around to all these practices for end of year things at school...maybe its just me needing a break too...I know I could use one! LOL! :)

Patti said...

Hi~ Hope this finds you a little better- those are always hard feelings. Have you ever gone out to Cantigny in Winfield to see the gardens and the McCormick Mansion? It's a beautiful place to see. How about the Morton Arboretum? Hope you can get some "me" time soon!!!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful photos on this post, Laura. I know what you mean about pace, stress. That list of yours -- I could use a few pointers these days. Woefully down. Missing my mother, I suppose. Writing about her helps. But it doesn't make it better.

I hope your stress and pace eases up soon. You've had such a lot on your plate; it's time to have time for you -- in the woods or out.

Oh! Congratulations are due! I saw your banner in "Artful Blogging!" Well done! And a good choice by them -- your banner is terrific!

dogfaeriex5 said...

you know you are always welcome at good manor..ihave some sweet shops to take you too and then lunch at hamburger is still the same since 1932.......xo