Thursday, July 09, 2009


My Mom said I better update my blog so I am complying with that directive!
I joined Facebook a couple of months ago and it is lots of fun (and an extreme time-waster!). I have reconnected with some old friends and I am able to opine on numerous subjects which I quite enjoy.
Now, I know you are supposed to put a picture of your own face on your Facebook wall, but currently I do not have a photo of myself that is suitable for publication.
The pictures in this post are some of the pictures i have used for my Facebook profile picture. I think I got all of them from the internet by googling images.

Now that I have done a post for my Mom I know she will be asking me about Facebook. I bet she has no idea what it is; but I will show her because a couple of her own friends are on there!


beth said...

I think I'll have to come to chicago and have a little photo shoot with you so you can have your own photo to post....

people are missing that smile of yours !

Patti said...

Oh- you gotta love Facebook and all of it's time wasting abilities! I do think you should take Beth up on her offer! lol

Nathalie Thompson said...

OOooo, I love your vintage photos!
I joined Facebook because a friend invited me to, but haven't done a thing with it. I am too happy blogging!

Jeanie said...

I'm such a bad Facebooker! I'd rather blog, and mostly I joined it because I have to monitor it for work. But I love every one of these wonderful lady faces you use and I always note when you change it!

Relyn said...

Oh, you do pick good images. I wish I looked like any one of those.

Stitcher S said...

I joined FB in February, as did half the people with whom I work. Lots of us are over fifty so it's definitely taken off with a different crowd. My son at first didn't want to be my FB 'friend', but now he is one there. :)

It is a time waster, indeed. That Bejeweled game has me addicted, and I've never played video games before. :)

Love your vintage images!