Friday, March 12, 2010


Recently I got back in touch with one of my dearest friends from childhood, Diane. We lived really close to each other and hung around together a lot from 5th grade through high school. You know, the kind of friend you played Barbies, Life, and Monopoly with. The kind of friend where you could spend hours just hanging out at each others house. The kind of friend where you knew her parents and siblings. Now all of these years later, lo and behold, we both love to stamp and make cards. I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Diane. She made the card above! I LOVE it!!!!!

Diane and her sister, Lorie, started a small business making and selling paper goods and other things. You can see their business card below. They have some of their wares for sale at a great shop in Homewood, Illinois, Art 4 Soul. I have not been there yet but I can't wait to check it out. I absolutely love their style. Those are their gift tags above.

Below is a darling rabbit that Diane colored. It is so vibrant. Very cool!

Below is their business card....what a great name for a business. It is named in memory of their Hungarian relatives. (I don't know why this is underlined. I can't seem to get rid of it! It's always something!!!) I will keep you posted on the further adventures of Goulash and our stamping.


Patti said...

Laura! I LOVE Art 4 SOUL!!! I have a 10 dollar credit there- remind me to tell you how THAT happened- it is REALLY funny! Anyway- let's go! That store Nathalie's that sells the Vera stuff is right around the corner, plus Aurellio's is right across the street! I tell you- it's an Outing waiting to happen! Bring your Mom too!

BTW- the images from your friend are gorgeous- she is very talented. Please tell her about the store Take Me Home on 131st and LaGrange in Palos- they have some of the same merchandise as Art 4 Soul and do sell handmade- that is a great store as well!

And in your list of games- you left off Mystery Date- lol!!! I LOVED that time of my life- just hanging out with friends doing everything you mentioned and also riding for hours and miles and miles...

Laura said...

Great idea Patti! My Mom would love to go and I am sure Diane would too!!

and you are right about Mystery Date! In fact, Diane had that game!!!

Jeanie said...

This is fabulous! I love those circle tags and oh, the business card! That's so witty! I must stop by the link!

Relyn said...

You've given me the motivation to get in touch with a few old friends of my own. Who knows what could happen? Thank you.