Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last night was the monthly stitch night at Jayne's house. It is such a haven of friendship, support and stitching!!!! Following are some sights seen during the evening.
As mentioned previously, Barb is doing all of her stitching this year from designs by The Drawn Thread. Here is her start on Winter Welcome. This is such a great design!
Linda M. was working on Lucky by Shepard's Bush. I should have taken a picture of her project later in the evening because she was almost finished!
Nancy was working on this La D Da design.

Here is Winter by Erica Michaels. Jayne finished this really great design this month.
Here is Karin with her almost finished Mary Peacock. This is a masterpiece! Sorry for the blurry pics. I really need to learn how to operate my camera.
Teresa was working on the Margaret Havelick sampler.
She was also doing some finishing on this gorgeous Shepard's Bush ornament.
Patti was working on Coasting Day by The Sampler Girl. Completely cute and it is on my to do list!
The two Linda's are doing a Friday stitch a long with BBD Birds of a Feather. Can't wait to see these finished. I have loved this design for a long time!!!!
Here is Jenny with Bluebird Quaker Sampler. I LOVE this!!!
Pat brought some quilts that we were lucky enough to see. She does such beautiful color combos and her quilts are a joy to behold.
Nancy really brought some thrills by showing us a stack of finished projects!!!
Aren't her satin stitches just so pretty??
Here is Jayne's Home Sweet Home framed and hung on her wall. Her husband did the framing and it is so pretty!
Karin was working on this BBD sewing tray project which was a class piece at the SB Retreat last fall. I am hoping this is one that is going to be included in their upcoming book!!!!

Lucky: Lucky to have these gals as friends, lucky to be able to spend time with them stitching and stashing and dreaming of projects, never want it to end!!!!


Karin said...

We are lucky indeed!! As always it was such a fun evening and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will stitch again on Tuesday night at the Inspired Needle!!!

Thanks to Jayne for hosting!!!!!!

Siobhan said...

What great pictures!! I loved seeing everything--it must be amazing to see them all in person. :) Thanks for taking us along for the evening ;)

Karen said...

What a great collection of stitchers and stitcheries! Nice to share in your get-together.

valerie said...

What a fun time! How lucky to have a great group of stitchers to get together with and all those wonderful projects! So pretty!

BrendaS said...

Wow! It looks like everyone is so talented and that you had such a good time.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Margaret said...

Wow, what fun this must have been! I love seeing all the projects! (Hi Karin!) I hope that SB BBD piece is in their new book too!!!

Jan said...

Wow, how fortunate you are to live near so many stitchers!! Love the shares, what great fun!

Just happened upon your blog...I am now following and I will be returning!

Jan @

Carol said...

Oh, I'm so envious of your stitchers' group--how nice that would be to have a local group to stitch and chat with on a regular basis. Tell everyone how much we enjoyed seeing their work :)

Katrina said...

You ladies are all so sweet and it always makes me happy to know Karin has such a great group of friends there :-). Gorgeous projects!!!!

Sally said...

Wow you are definitely lucky:) Those ladies have some fantastic projects on the go!

Jeanie said...

Oh, Laura, isn't it wonderful to have a group of kindred spirits and you just eagerly await getting together -- and when you leave, you're already waiting for the next time? Sounds wonderful and you can just see from the work you show and the smiles on faces that you're all well suited and everyone is having a grand time!

Patti said...

We are so lucky, aren't we?! Everyone's pieces are beautiful- you should do this every time so we have a record of progress and what everyone is working on! Truly a wonderful group and evening!

Nan said...

You really know how to live, Laura! I mean it. You are so happy in all you do, and so lucky to have friends who share your interests and enthusiasms!

Kathy said...

What amazing pictures of all the wonderful needlework pieces being stitched by your stitching group. Wish that I could join you! It looks like you all have a great time together!