Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Diane, Nancy and Mike

Last Saturday my friend Diane came over to check out Inspired Needle and then to my house for stitching. My Mom came over too. Of course, we had to do show and tell. Above and below are projects from Prairie Schooler's Chasing Cobwebs that Diane did. Love them!!! Doing them myself as soon as the chart gets into Inspired Needle (the greatest cross stitch shop ever!).
Lookie there!!!! Diane got the new Vera Bradley Folkloric pattern!!! I love it!! We grew up together in the 1970's and I think this purse is an updated version of 70's style. Putting it on my list of things to get!
Okay, about 15 years ago Diane started these seasons from Prairie Schooler. I think she had 3 done and a good start on the 4th one when she pulled these out last Fall. She has a finish folks!
Love Autumn!
Diane purchased her first Needle Minder. Of course now that she has the bee hive I feel that I must get a bee hive!!! Even though I already have two (acorn and sheep); which means that I definitely do not need any more.
My Mom spent the afternoon knitting. I really should have taken a pic of her work in progress; but I think she just started it. Below is a project she is going to do soon. Best news of all; she said she is going to do it for Mom and one for daughter!
Below is our obligatory Blizzard of 2011 shot. This was the day after our blizzard. Mike shoveled for hours. He refuses to get a snow blower. I nervously watched out the window as my participation. The night before was so crazy. We put our chairs in front of the window and just watched the howling wind, drifting and blowing snow. Very entertaining.


beth said...

no snow blower ? eek gads. how does he do it ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Diane, love your Prairie Schooler seasons! Beautiful. Welcome to the club; the needle minder club, that is. They're a lot like potato chips; can't stop with just one! Laura,would love to see some of your mothers knitting. You really must feature her in a future blog update. Great picture of Mike.
Linda C.

Karin said...

Love Diana's stitching!! Next time you have to show us your mom's knitting.
Finally I see Mr D! :-)

BrendaS said...

Very stitching from Diane. Love the Prairie Schooler stuff.

One can never have too many needleminders:))))

See you on the 26th. Can't wait!

No snow blower? My DH couldn't imagine:))))

Margaret said...

If you get too many of these big snows, your DH will change his mind about the snow blower. lol! That's what did it for us -- and I'm so glad we have one since this winter has been a doozy for us so far. Loved seeing what you and your mom and friend are stitching. Your LNS sounds so great!

Siobhan said...

Oooh, what beautiful stitching projects! Definitely show some of your mother's knitting--I'd love to see it!

sana said...

I love your Prairie seasons.
A very beautifull work!

Jeanie said...

Adore that halloweenie one at the top! It's the best! Can't resist black cats and pumpkins!

Anne said...

I really love that needle minder! Too cute! I just ordered one myself because I'm constantly loosing needles!

Anonymous said...

Nice stitching! Had to laugh at your needleminder comment... I have about 14 of them. I keep them on my lampshades throughout the house, as well as in my stitching stuff.