Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Sunday at Inspired Needle

Yesterday was Sunday stitching at Inspired Needle. As always, it was completely fun and totally relaxing. My friend Lorie was able to go with me this time. She is a long-time stitcher who is getting back into the swing of things. As has happened to many of us in our mid-life she found that she needed a bit of magnification unlike the good old days when we could stitch with just our plain old eyes!

So, armed with some glasses and a magnifier she is back on track. This was her first visit to Inspired Needle; so of course she was overwhelmed with all of the great products that Cathy has. I bossed her around and told her to find one great little project that she could get all excited about to start with. She found the lovely piece pictured above called Deck the Halls by Little House Needleworks. I love this project; especially the peppermint tree. Putting this one on my to do list also.

Our usual group was spread out to the four corners of the Earth! Gals were in Colorado, California, Michigan and home with family. So it was a much more laid back day than usual. Usually we are bouncing off the walls and being very loud about what we must stitch right that instant!

Above and below are two great pieces that Linda C. finished. They are both by With Thy Needle and Thread. We are very lucky she brought them with her so that we could feast our eyes upon them!!!

The piece above with the bunny riding the crow is Linda's favorite piece that she has stitched. I can see why! It is so cute and the frame that it is in is perfect!!!

Below is Flag Day. I have the chart for Flag Day and I had better get going on it. Love both of these pieces!

Brenda came, which is always a treat. I love, love, love her enthusiasm about stitching. Look at the beauty she finished recently. So gorgeous! This is a detail of Mary's Best Handwork by With Thy Needle and Thread (sense a bit of a theme here?). See a couple of pics below for the whole work (Blogger is not putting these pictures in the order that I would like them in and you may have noticed, that the font sizes are not cooperating either!).

Here is Bloom by Linda C. This was a chart in a recent Just Cross-Stitch issue. It is so cool!
Linda M. completed Three Faces of Eve by Prairie Moon. This is a very gorgeous piece.
Here is the entire Mary's Best Handwork designed by With Thy Needle and Thread and worked by Brenda.

Another perfect day was had!!!


Margaret said...

Such lovely stitching to be drooled over! I always look forward to seeing what everyone is working on at your get-togethers!

teresa said...

WOW I missed lots of nice finishes ~ and lots of fun too I am sure ~ thanks for the post

Laurie in Iowa said...

All the stitching is lovely. TFS

Anonymous said...

You forgot to post a picture of the beautiful piece that you are doing!
Linda C.

Karin said...

I missed a lot of finished pieces and the chance to meet Brenda and your friend Lori!!

woolwoman said...

wow it was another lovely day at Inspired Stitches - you are so lucky to have a great shop to hang out in. Loved seeing all the projects. Melody

Siobhan said...

What gorgeous pieces!! Yeay! I needed that kick in the pants to get off the computer and get stitching! ;)

Carol said...

I always love seeing your recaps of your Inspired Needle Sundays--such inspiration in each of these pieces :)

BrendaS said...

I had such a great time and am really glad I am able to join such a wonderful group of woman for a day of stitching, laughing and shopping:)))

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed being with the group. Counting the days until nest Tuesday. Thank you for posting so I could keep in touch if only vicariously.
Pat C.

Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty!!!! I can't wait to come visit Karin in October. I need a trip to the Inspired Needle.

Ele said...

Hello Laura,

all your embroideries look great, especially the rabbit of With thy needle and thread I like, thanks for showing us


Giovanna said...

Very inspiring stitching as always from you lot - thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

So sorry I missed it and missed meeting Lorie and Brenda (AGAIN)! I am glad you posted this; it's kind of like being there!!! The finishes are beautoful as are the other pieces. Flag Day?? I NEED that pattern (lol) Looking forward to tomorrow night! Happy 4th~~~