Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Patti's 12

 I took my camera to stitch night last night.  I am going to try to take pics of each of my stitching buddies 12 WIPs to work on this year.  

These 12 are Patti's picks.  First up above is The Acorn Sampler.  Patti and I saw Barb's finish of this piece and we both bought this chart.  Patti is almost done!!  It is a totally fab piece.
 I think several of my buddies are stitching this Bloom pincushion.  It is really darling.
 Miss Belle Pepper is almost done too!  She is so sweet!
 This lovely piece is from a recent magazine.  I started this on our retreat and need to get back to it.  Patti has the right idea with this one!
 This is the Spring Tuck Pillow from Primitive Betty. 
 Patti is almost done with this amazingly gorgeous OOP BBD called Garland Fair.  I forgot the name of the thread that Patti is using.  It is beyond words!
 This is "Joy" from the most recent JCS ornament issue.  Patti is using a great color combo of a black/brown and green.
 Oh wow!  This is so gorgeous!!!  Quaker Moments.
Sorry about the blur!  This is a very gorgeous Shepard's Bush piece.
One more blurry one - sorry!  This is a seriously cute trio of Snow women!

 Here is one of my all-time faves!  Patti is almost done with Winter Sampler by Birds of a Feather.
Rounding out Patti's 12 is this dear bunny in Aunt Sarah's Garden.

Patti picked out 12 really great projects!  Here is a link to her blog, Creative Cottage Dreamer, where you can see more of Patti's projects and read her beautiful poetry.


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

A beautiful post. I'm drooling. I have never seen the Bloom Cushion before. Who is it by?

All the pieces are gorgeous. What a nice stitching group you have.

Margaret said...

Wow! 12 great projects to finish! Ok, this is going to be fun! :D I'm glad you started with yourself.

Gabi said...

Fantastic projects. Drooled over all of them. LOVE the first piece from the Stitching Parlor. gorgeous.

Karin said...

This is so much fun!!! Love the challenge and I am sure Patti wil finish all of them! :-)

Jeanne said...

Oooh I like ALL of these! Why is it we want to stitch everything?!

Melanie said...

Lovely projects. The Stitching Parlor is my favorite, I love the red!

Cathy B said...

There are quite a few projects there that I wouldn't mind stitching!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a great group of WIPs. It so fun to see what everyone is working on.

Deborah said...

Another great post. Everyone's project looks beautiful.

Katrina said...

Patti's projects are so great too!!!! Love the idea of picking 12 for the year, what fun :-).

Siobhan said...

I need to stop reading your blog. Jiminy crickets!! I love all of Patti's projects and have a few in my stash--I need to hurry up and get stitching!

Kellie said...

Love these "12" posts! Patti's are gorgeous!!