Thursday, June 14, 2012

July 2012 Small

Here is what is happening over on the smalls blog.....

How delightful our next small is!!!  It makes me feel as we are out in a beautiful garden with just a hint of a breeze and the smell of roses in the air!

This lovely design was chosen and stitched (above) by Karin.  Later this month I will share the story of how Karin and I met.  It is the tale of two crazy stitchers!  This month's design is Crown Sampler by Niky's Creations.  And look at the finish that Karin had done for this design.....stunning!   What a great little project to sneak into your bag on a weekend away!

As usual, if you would like to order the whole project kitted up, Cathy at Inspired Needle is ready for you!!!  

The fabric used is Weeks Dye Works Beige and it is available in 30, 35 or 40 count.  There is enough floss in the kit to stitch the design.  The kit price is $29.00 which includes the chart, the fabric and the fibers (and a cute little bag to put them all in!)  Cathy will have a kit with Aida cloth available too; just ask!

So, here we are kicking off the second half of the Year of the Smalls!!  Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm.  So far, it has all been a total blast.  

Hope to hear from lots of you stitching this design (and any of the past ones.  True confession; I just started Small Token by BBD last night!!).


Barb said...

Your finish is really delightful!

Anonymous said...

Laura, what an amazing finish!
I'm filling up a cart at Cathy's since March I guess.. I'll order plenty of Smalls (great great idea) with fibers and floss so I'll get the chance to try new things!
I met Nicoletta last autumn, she's such a nice person, I bet she'll be thrilled about this! :D
don't forget to how us Small Token ok? happy xxx!

Margaret said...

Nice choice! I've never stitched anything by Niky. Maybe it's time to start.

Katrina said...

Don't feel bad, I have the blackbird one kitted, last month's kitted and this one kitted, I was with Karin when she picked it. I need to get my needles on turbo and stitch some things :-).

Lois said...

Love Karin's finish! I hadn't really taken this one under my notice well, you can guess what's happened now.....think this will have to go on my 'must buy' list!!!!

Jenny said...

How pretty. I really like the colorful flowers on top!

Natalia said...

So cute, Laura. I have a couple of designd from Niky, but haven't stitched them yet. I've seen some great things stitched by Karin lately.