Saturday, October 06, 2012

Interview with Brenda

Over on the Year of the Smalls blog this month's small was selected by Brenda.  Thought you might enjoy reading an interview with her.  

Beside cross-stitching, Brenda LOVES University of Michigan football.  Hence, the picture of the fabulous stadium where the team plays.  If there is a game on, I know that Brenda will be glued to the TV with a project in hand.  It sounds like a really good time to me!!!!

Here is the interview with Brenda.  If you would like to visit her website, click HERE!

Q:  How did you get interested in cross-stitching?  When did you first start stitching?

A:   I got interested in stitching when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter back in 1984.  My first cross stitch piece was a Dimensions kit for a birth sampler for Ashley.

Q:  Okay, quick, it is 9 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.  Your boss tells you that you don't have to come to work today.  What are you going to do with yourself?

A:  On an unscheduled day off I would probably go to a LNS for some stash enhancement and then come home and stitch all day long with NO GUILT!

Q:  You are famous in certain circles for your "kick-ass" stitching room. Can you tell us a little bit about how long you planned for it and thought about it before you were able to implement it?

A:  Well my stitching room is something I had dreamed about for years.  When my oldest daughter moved out I very quickly (like the next day-- LOL) moved all my stash into her old room.  The room has sort of evolved over the last couple of years with the addition of furniture and my wanting to change things around.  I get a lot of my inspiration for what I've done in that room from seeing different stitching/quilting rooms online.   

Q:  What is your favorite thing about having your own stitching room?  

A:  The best part of having my own stitching nest is being able to retreat there when life gets crappy.  All is good with the world when I'm stitching in my nest:)

Q:  Can you tell us a few of your favorite designers?

A:    I have so many "favorite" designers.  This is hard but if I had to limit it to what charts I would buy "sight unseen" then that would include Blackbird Designs, The Drawn Thread, Little House Needleworks and The Victoria Sampler


Q:  What is one of your favorite small pieces you stitched before we started Year of the Smalls?

A:  One of my favorite smalls would have to be a 15-sided Christmas Biscornu by Just Nan.  I enjoyed stitching all the little sides and was so proud that I was able to assemble it on my own.  


Thanks so much Brenda!!!!!  You are such a wonderful stitcher and friend!   


Keeper of the Crowes said...

Great interview girls. We were all treated to the very essence of our friend Brenda!!!

Cathy B said...

Love all you gals! Are you getting ready for your retreat at the end of the month???

teresa said...

enjoyed the interview Brenda and Laura ~ it's like getting to know you all over again ~ and to think I have had the pleasure of being in the STITCHING ROOM!

CathyR said...

Loved reading about Brenda and what draws her to needlework. Her Stitching Nest sounds perfect for keeping her focused and able to create all those beautiful stitcheries!