Friday, September 27, 2013


Happy Blog Anniversary to Cathey!  Wishing you a wonderful day and sending you all the best wishes possible for improvement in your health. 
Daffycat started this special occasion for Cathey and it is pretty darn cool to see all the pumpkins in blogland for a fellow stitcher!  We are a tight-knit group....even if we don't know each other personally...we always wish the best for each other (and want to know what each person is stitching!)
So.......I know you all join me in sending restorative loving wishes to Cathey. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Country Sampler in September Weekend

Well, us lucky ducks were at it again this past weekend.  We spent the weekend at the Country Sampler's Second Story in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  This place is one of my most favorite destinations ever!!!  It is perfect for a group of friends to spend time stitching, laughing, eating and shopping!!!!  Above is a medley of quilts that are just setting about the apartment. 

Here is a lovely chair that I have coveted each and every time I have been to the Second Story.  Of course, I never sit there to stitch because there is a big table for us all to sit around.

I always envision giving a journalistic blog entry of our weekends.  First this happened and then this happened which equaled that happening....however, we get wild and crazy right away and everything gets all jumbled up in my head so.....I will just give you some captions for the pictures I have here and the rest will be lost to history.  

 One of the first things we did was to gather round the table and go through the new Christmas ornament issue......we critiqued each and every ornament.  Some we loved and some we did not love.  We did find it cathartic to be able to express our opinions loudly though.   They should hire us as a focus group.

 Many of us purchased this lovely little publication.  Karin says that she had one in 2012 and she kept tracking of all of the things she stitched that year.  So, of course, we all had to hop on board with that idea.  I plan to keep it near my stitching table and log in with what project I am stitching on what day.  I hope I make it past the 15th of January!

On the way up to Spring Green we always stop in Madison for lunch at Granite City and shopping at Lynn's of Madison.  This year we had time for a stop at Barnes & Noble.  This is the best B&N I have ever been in!!!!  I would make the trip just for it.  Here are the books I bought there and the fall decorations that Patti and Karin had for each of us!

 While in the Country Sampler shop we spied an amazing sampler.  We were stunned.  We were amazed.  Who designed it???  We all had to know.  Please Miss Shopkeeper do tell us!!!  It is by Blackbird Designs.  What?????  We have every BBD chart there could we have missed it???  Well it turns out that most everyone already had this chart at home in their stash!!!!!!  Oh brother!  I did not have it.  So, I had to get it and they had it already kitted up!!!  Score!

 Karin brought her new kit from the Dying to Stitch club.  Love this one from BBD!!!

 Linda is working on this new BBD chart and it is totally fabulous!!!!!!!!!!  Love!!!!

 Patti is working one the Plum Street Samplers offering from the JCS Halloween issue.  I love this one so!!!
 Here is Brenda admiring another project that Linda worked on this weekend.  This is by the fabulous and wonderful Nan of Threadwork Primitives.

 Kellie was working on the Vintage Flower Sampler by Elizabeth's Needlework Designs.  Love this one too.
Karin said she picked out all of these new charts within 5 minutes of being in the store!  Good choices all!

 Brenda is working on this amazingly gorgeous masterpiece!!!!!!!  It is just stunning!!!
 Karin bought this chart and kitted it up at Lynn's of Madison.  She had seen it stitched by one of her friends and they had a shop model at Lynn's.  Love this one!!  It is going to be amazing when finished!

 I brought this chart with me intending to kit it up with Maritime White linen.  Found some at Lynn's and bought the floss there too. 
 As you may know, Kellie is a chef.  She always cooks for us and it is so amazing.  Friday night we had a wonderful salad and chicken pot pie.  Amazing!
 We always bring way too many snacks.  Here is this weekend's snack table.

Here is a picture of my Friday night dinner.  Aren't the colors just fabulous!!!??
 We all worked on multiple projects throughout the weekend.  Karin finished part one of the Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Sampler.  So pretty!  Love her Christmas fob too!
 Here are the mags that Kari got at Barnes and Noble.  Hours of fun reading!!!
 There is a fabulous independent bookstore just down the street from Country Sampler.  I wanted to be sure I supported them with some purchases.  Here are the two books that I got there.

 Patti has a favorite shop that she likes to support, Panacea.  They have wonderful gifts and accessories. 
 Here we are......Linda and Brenda.
 Karin and I.......I was boycotting make-up all weekend so I think I look horrid...but you have to live with the choices you make right??
 Here are Kellie and Patti.....
 Kellie told us a funny story about her lamp.  She was stitching while her husband was watching TV.  Apparently, the light was shining on the TV screen.  Her husband asked her to turn off her "laser" so he could watch TV.  As you can see it is quite a bright light!
 On Saturday afternoon we had quite a civilized little repast of bread, cheese, grapes, wine, champagne and Tab!!!  Yum!

 Above is my Country Sampler stash. 
 I found this turkey at the Country Sampler and wanted him!  I think I saw him last time I was there too.  Cute!
 Here is Patti's stitch wallet made by Natalia.  I love, love, love this one!!!!

 Mr. Scarecrow peaking out of Brenda's Vera Bradley!
 Kellie bought this book at Barnes and Noble.  This is the best book I have read so far this year.  Love it!
 Many of us purchased the new book by Lori of Notforgotten Farm.  We also started Turkey Trot.  It is done on 30 count linen.  The instructions say to stitch with one strand of thread.  So, now I have an issue... I started with 2 strands because it is a low count of fabric (see above).  Karin started with one strand of thread (see below) because she follows directions.  It looks good with one strand too! I thought it would look too sparse. 

We had such a fabulous weekend.  It is hard to come back to reality.  Especially after Kellie even popped popcorn the old-fashioned way on the stove!!!!!!  We are going to start planning our next weekend away soon so that we have something to look forward to.  I love, love, love my stitching buddies!!!!!  Thanks to all who made this weekend possible.  And to our two missing buddies, Pat and Theresa, you better be with us next time!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stitch Night at Pat's

 A couple of weeks ago we got together at Pat's house for stitch night.  As always, it was totally fabulous.  I took some pics with my iPad.   Here is Pat's Jane Pattison sampler all finished.  oh. my.  It is gorgeous!!!

 Here is another beauty stitched by Pat.  This is Mary Edmonton.  I really need to get this one stitched and then I want to frame it exactly like Pat did.

 This is Pat's current progress on CHS Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.  She is using DMC threads on 32 count fabric.  I, on the other hand, am still on the first block. 

 Here are some of my peeps....Karin, Teresa, Linda and Kellie are pictured.  You can also see the stitching hands of Patti and Pat on either side.  The quilt on the wall was done by Pat.  She quilts beautifully too.

 Brenda was working on Pink Sparrow by WTNT.  I also like to look at the things on the table beside the stitching in these pictures.  I see iPhones and Vera Bradley here too. 

 Kelllie was working on this older and totally great BBD design.  Note more Vera Bradley placed about.  Also, Pat's scissors with darling fob from WTNT.  In the background you can see the Homeland DVD....I have recently binge-watched the first two seasons and love that show!

 Above and below are two of Pat's stupendous finishes in beautiful frames!

 Above and below are some of Pat's smalls on a beautiful little quilt.  

 I was working on Midnight Ride that night.  And you can see my ever present can of Tab!

 Here is another table shot.  I am sure we are looking up more stitching stuff on an iPad!!!!

 Here is where I got that weekend on Midnight Ride.....

......and instead of sticking with that one I had to start My Heart's Design by BBD.  

It seems that lately there are so many great designs coming out that I am spinning out of control!!!  I guess that is a good problem to have!!!

Happy weekend to all!!!