Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lunch with Tanya

One of the absolute highlights of our trip was meeting Tanya Brockmeyer.  Tanya is the genius behind The Scarlett House.  She is just a wonder!  So creative, so talented and so darn nice!!!!!  We were able to spend some time with Tanya looking at samplers and having lunch.  Here we are at a most fabulous Mexican restaurant in her hometown.  Yum! (I wish I was back there right now!).

Tanya's designs are just fabulous.  They are a mix of gorgeous reproduction samplers and very dear original designs.  I love every single thing she has designed and I am on a serious Scarlett House dreaming phase!

For example, this is Rachel Howell.  My friend Brenda has stitched this sampler.  As you can see it would be quite a commitment to stitch this sampler, but once you see it....all bets are off!  I am thinking of gearing up for Rachel with a January 1, 2015 start!  So excited about this!!!!!

I have this little black cat started and I am going to be pulling him out soon to finish in time for Halloween.  Love the scissor fob that comes with it too!

This is Good Company and another one I want to do STAT!!!  I love the little story in verse...actually I love every single thing about this piece.  

Coverlet houses is in my stash too.  Love this!!!

 She Feeds Them Well is in my stash also.  I know my friend Kellie finished this one already. 

Two more reproduction samplers I would love to do!  My friend Pat started Sarah Elizabeth Brooke.

I really, really, really want to do Seven Sheep Sampler!!!

As you can see Tanya is really really talented!!!!!  And to boot she is a fabulous person and lots of fun to hang out with.  As if that is not enough...she has new designs coming out at the next market!!!!
So exciting!!!

Thank you Tanya for spending time with us and making us feel so darn special!!!!


Patti said...

Great post Laura! Meeting Tanya and spending time with her was one of the highlights of that trip- what a sweetie she is!!! I agree- I wish I was back at the restaurant with everyone right NOW!

teresa said...

love reliving our "trip of a lifetime" Tanya is really special ~ that was a fun day!!

woolwoman said...

Yes I have a bunch of Scarlet House samplers in my stash and in my WIP pile. I need to get that cat out so it can be completed for Halloween display this year. 7 Sheep will be another thing - I have been slow to get started but I am in the FB SAL. I also have Rachel Howells started - another beautiful repro. Lucky gals to get to spend time with Tanya. Melody

krayolakris said...

Thanks for a great post! And now I have added to my list of "must buy" designs!!

Melody said...

What beautiful pieces! I applaud your choices. I think I really want to do coverlet houses too. I will have to start looking for that chart to purchase... :)

Barb said...

She is a wonderful designer. hanks for sharing the photos!

Margaret said...

How lovely that you got to have lunch with Tanya! I love her designs so much!

Faye said...

Isn't Tanya the best??? Not only very talented and pretty... She's a hoot!!! Glad you girls had some bonding time~!

Beth said...

I think "She Feeds Them Well" is calling my name!

Bekca said...

The designs are gorgeous, I couldn't pick a favourite. So glad you enjoyed a lovely meal with Tanya.
Best wishes.

Ranae said...

I see a few I need to pull out,
Im going back to look at the beautiful details of some of them