Monday, March 02, 2015

Kellie's 5 WIPS and Updates

When I did the photo session of everyone's 5 WIPS back in January, Kellie had to work so when we got together this past weekend I asked her to bring hers along for a photo shoot.  So, Yipee!!!, we have some more WIPS to peruse!!!!

First up is Scarlett Berries by CHS.  Love this one and it is definitely in my stash too!!!!

Next we have Songs of the Seasons by Little House Needleworks.
When I was taking pics of Kellie's WIPS, I noticed that she picks the most lovely fabrics to stitch on!!!!!  Just amazingly great choices!!!
 Here is another classic from CHS....Miss Lila's House.  Another must stitch!!!!!

Here is an OOP chart.  The Spot Sampler by Of Female Worth.  This is really a WOW piece!!!!!  Another one I need to do.
 Here is Kellie's progress on the Strawberry Sampler from BBD.  Love!!!

And now some updates from Brenda and Patti.
 Brenda finished this masterpiece that was one of her five.  It is from Dames of the Needle and it is glorious!!!
This sampler from Gigi R was not in Brenda's initial five, but she wipped it up really quick.  Isn't it just so dear!!!  Definitely want to do this one too.
Patti finished one of her five WIPS!!!  This is Mary Edmonton from Pineberry Lane.  I love this one intensely!!!!

Be back soon with some more pics from our day of stitching last weekend!


Vickie said...

Very inspiring and pretty. I love these posts.

woolwoman said...

always fun to see what you gals are up to. Beautiful WIP"s and beautiful finishes too. Keep 'um coming - I'm sure you'll be going to Cathy's market night - I'm so jealous!!!! Mel

MoonBeam said...

Some really nice pieces here that I havent seen. Luv all the berries and spring pieces. Fun.


Barb said...

I really enjoy seeing all those wonderful projects!!

Margaret said...

Great choices from Kellie and hooray for the beautiful finishes too!

llknbillburg said...

This is such a wonderful challenge! I am kind of doing this myself this year but unfortunately, my projects are much larger! LOL. I'm going to be a while!

Congrats on your group's finishes! I can't wait to see how many of your 5s are finished this year!! Laura

Melissa said...

Oh more yummy photos! Kellie's got some lovely projects on the go!

Maggee said...

I LOVE seeing all these great WIPs and finishes! Very very inspiring! What a great group of dedicated stitchers you belong to Laura! Hugs!

Anne said...

Gorgeous designs chosen by all! I really love that Strawberry sampler from Carriage House. I have the BBD one and think I should start it!