Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Day at Summer School

Our last day of summer school arrived.  We had a grand finale of sorts with this beautiful project by Linda Vinson of Needlemade Designs.  Linda designed this beautiful Civil War Huswife and gave us an amazing history lesson too. 
 Linda's relatives are pictured in the projects directions and history. 
 Linda's packaging of the materials was wonderful.
 Here is the finished Huswife.

Jeanne's husband is a master wood worker and he made each of us this amazing thread winder that you see peeking out of the huswife.  It was thrilling to receive this whole kit.  I am hoping to finish mine for my Mom who is a major Civil War historian is a past president of the Chicago Civil War Round Table. 

 I purchased a new magnification light to help me stitch on the higher counts that are used by The Attic.  I am really a 32 count stitcher so it was a real shift to stitch on 40 count.  This light helped and also allowed me to use a very darling embroidery hoop.


Pat remained dedicated to her Mexican sampler deer throughout the weekend and was able to finish the stitching on the deer.  She was fueled by her VIP Diet Coke!

Of course we had to make one final stop at the store before boarding our flight back to Chicago. 

 These are the things that caught my eye on my last trip to the store for 2015 (see how I said that.....that means I am going back in 2016!!!!  I hope!)

I bought these scraps of fabric so that I can play with stitching on a higher count with silk threads and also play with stitching over one on 28 count. 

We really had a most fabulous time in Arizona at The Attic.  We made tons of memories and met new friends.  I hope we can go back again.  It was truly sheer perfection.  Thanks to my BFF's, Karin, Brenda, Teresa and Pat!!!  Also, we missed having the rest of our group, Linda, Patti and Kellie with us.  Next time let's all go!!!!!


Robin said...

What a wonderful last day of summer school you had! I had to re-read that sentence with over one stitching in it. You made me chuckle, Laura! Glad you all had a most enjoyable time!

Robin in Virginia

Barb said...

What a great experience! Thanks for sharing. That will be just the perfect gift for a Civil War expert!

Ann said...

I've really enjoyed your posts about Summer School at The Attic--a trip there is on my Bucket List!

Christine said...

It's hard to go to The Attic just once ~ thanks for sharing photos of the 'summer school'!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences at the Attic with us. I really really want to make it to the Attic someday. This is the next best thing!

Maggee said...

I have yet another friend that will be visiting The Attic this month! Gee whiz--what a great project you have there! It will be perfect for your Mom! Thanks for sharing again! Hugs!

Needlemade Designs said...

I just now found your blog about Summer School. I am so thankful that you enjoyed the class I gave. I loved every minute of the research, designing and stitching. I so enjoyed reading your kind words.
What a sweet idea to stitch this for your mother. I am sure she will love your work.
I would love to see a photo of your finished piece. If you would send it to needlemade at cox dot net I would be thankful.
All the best,
Linda Vinson