Monday, March 23, 2015

A Huge Honor

Paula from Kelmscott Designs has a new venture.  She created a new line of stitching accessories that are different from her original needle minders.  They are super fabulous and darling.  The needle minder above is called Love,, Laura.  It is named for me!  I almost fainted when Paula told me about this.  You see, I usually sign all my emails love, laura.  It touched her heart that I signed emails to her that way even though I didn't know her.  The reason I sign them that way is just because.  Why not throw a little bit more love out into the world.  So, she named this needleminder Love, Laura.  It sure is perfect for me.  All the little girlfriends lined up on a bench reading and talking!!!!  I am just so thrilled about this.  Thank you Paula!!!

Here are some of the other new designs she has.  I am putting pictures up of all the ones on my new wish list!!!

This is the Blue Queen Threadkeep.  I LOVE her!!!!!!  We should all feel like queens of the world when we stitch and this will keep that thought foremost in mind!!!!!  

Look at this Vintage Blue Sheep needleminder!!!!  I love her!!!!!!!  Love!

Speaking of sheep!  This is the Black Sock Sheep needleminder.  Love these gals!!!!  My Dad used to have a sheep ranch so I am partial to sheep.

Vintage Paris Needleminder.  I need say no more.

 Must have!  Another needleminder.

And there are necklaces!!!!!  Lots of different choices!  So cool!


Folkart Crow with Star

This is Folkart Crow with Star.   A new classic Kelmscott needleminder is out too!!!!

Along with, Easter Egg!

Easter Egg

People, stitching is just so much fun!!  The charts, the fabric, the designers, the people you meet along the way!!!  So happy!!   

Thanks Paula!!!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Market Stash!!!!!!

I am a very lucky stitcher!!! I was able to get everything I wanted from the new releases at market!!!!  I thought I would show you pictures of everything.  First up is the new BBD book, In Friendship's Way.  Whenever BBD has a book I will buy it because they are always THE BEST!!  I like to look through them again and again.  They are very inspiring.  There is a sampler in this book that I immediately went nuts over.  It is the 1861 Antique Sampler.  I had to start it immediately.  My friend Pat picked out this great Lakeside Linen to stitch it on.  It is Vintage Pearled Barley.  Love!!!!

Here is the sampler that I was waiting for!!!!  Last August when we went to The Attic we were so lucky to meet designer, Tanya Brockmeyer!!  She was so kind and generous with her time.  We were able to see the original of some of the samplers she has reproduced.  This Mary Betchell 1810 sampler was on the drawing board at the time and I went "ape" over it.  
Isn't it glorious?????  I started it yesterday and I am having so much fun already!!!  That means that I need to revise my 5 WIPS....will keep you posted on that.
 I was so drawn to these sweet birdies!  The colors used on this piece are so sweet!  I have to see if my Mom has some vintage buttons for me to use. 
 I intend to stitch the top piece in this chart for my red and white sampler wall.  Love this one!
Here is another amazingly gorgeous sampler from The Scarlett House.  I want to start this one ASAP too!!!! I love that border!!!!
 Here is another sweet birdie!!!!!  Love his little hat!
 This lovely little chart from BBD was not on my radar and then we pulled the colors and I fell in love.  It looks like a pretty quick stitch too - well, at least in comparison to the huge samplers that I seem to be collecting lately.
 I loved all of the Stacy Nash farm animal releases and wanted them all, but decided to start with the chickens.  They are so sweet.
 Upon seeing this chart, it was a must purchase.  Love the lady with her flag, flowers, stars and eagles!
 I saw the models of these charts and was a goner.  Just gorgeous!
 Here is a piece that was not new at market but is a recent purchase so I thought I would throw it in.  Scattered Seed Samplers has so many amazingly great charts!!!

And now for something completely different, I have two finishes!!!!!!!!!  As you can tell, I really am going to town with my red/white samplers!!!  They are a blast to stitch!!!!  Thanks to my friend Pat for such a great idea!!!
Hope everyone else was able to secure a lot of goodies from market!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Fun Stuff!

I finished something and had it framed!!  Miracle!  This is a Pineberry Lane sampler and the first of my red and white samplers!!!!!  Love!
We got together last weekend for an afternoon of stitching!  What a balm to the soul!  Patti got this mug for Teresa.  Both of them are watching the whole Gilmore Girls TV series.  They want to live in Stars Hollow!!!
 Kellie has a secret 6th project.  This is a darling sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler.  It is named The Sweet Temper Sampler.  Here is a Link!
Here is Linda's progress on the Red Deer Sampler.  Isn't it gorgeous and amazing????  I am kicking myself for not stitching this with my buddies.  I am jumping in on their next SAL. 
Here are some smalls that I received back from the wonderful woman who finishes for me.  These are gems!  First up is a really great pattern from the lovely and talented Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives. 
 Love the backing fabric!!!!
Here is Sleigh Bells done as a cupboard keep.  This is by Country Rustic Primitives.  I am in love with this!!!!
This is a door hanger ornament.  I don't know who the designer is.  This is my class piece for a beginning linen class I took years ago. 
Finally, I have two Christmas Tree ornaments!!  First is Noel by Homespun Elegance and the second is a freebie (!) from Pineberry Lane.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Kellie's 5 WIPS and Updates

When I did the photo session of everyone's 5 WIPS back in January, Kellie had to work so when we got together this past weekend I asked her to bring hers along for a photo shoot.  So, Yipee!!!, we have some more WIPS to peruse!!!!

First up is Scarlett Berries by CHS.  Love this one and it is definitely in my stash too!!!!

Next we have Songs of the Seasons by Little House Needleworks.
When I was taking pics of Kellie's WIPS, I noticed that she picks the most lovely fabrics to stitch on!!!!!  Just amazingly great choices!!!
 Here is another classic from CHS....Miss Lila's House.  Another must stitch!!!!!

Here is an OOP chart.  The Spot Sampler by Of Female Worth.  This is really a WOW piece!!!!!  Another one I need to do.
 Here is Kellie's progress on the Strawberry Sampler from BBD.  Love!!!

And now some updates from Brenda and Patti.
 Brenda finished this masterpiece that was one of her five.  It is from Dames of the Needle and it is glorious!!!
This sampler from Gigi R was not in Brenda's initial five, but she wipped it up really quick.  Isn't it just so dear!!!  Definitely want to do this one too.
Patti finished one of her five WIPS!!!  This is Mary Edmonton from Pineberry Lane.  I love this one intensely!!!!

Be back soon with some more pics from our day of stitching last weekend!