Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Compete and Total Obsession

Here are two cards I recently made. I am loving the combination of vintage photos and rub-ons!!!!! The word Photographie on the top picture is a 7 Gypsies rub-on. The quality of their rub-ons is very high....if you see some in the store get them!

I am completely and totally obsessed with a Christmas gift exchange I am lucky enough to be in. I want to work on it every waking moment, except that darn job keeps getting in the way. I would work on it tonight, but I am just too pooped. This weekend should be clear sailing for the project though.

My friend Jane and I went to Staples today. I wanted to copy a bunch of vintage photos and our friend Shari told us that Staples does copies for 39 cents a page!!! Wow! Plus the man who helped us out was just the best, answered all of our questions and gave us tutorials on how to use the machine. I will be going there for all my copy needs!!!


Trixie said...

We are now stalking office supply stores to cop a buzz? One word...INTERVENTION!! But honestly, love the post, love the fact that you got a copy connection, and love the fact that you are jazzed about your project. Can you feel the love tonight?

lindaharre said...

Laura, I just posted my family reunion page on my blog. I will send it to you, but am not sure of the address....who's kidding who?.....I don't have any idea of your address:( I also put a note on FFA group. Not sure if I can post....will try:0 Thanks for this opportunity, it sure was fun. Linda

lindaharre said...

Laura....your are so sweet you blow me away!!!!! Thank you for the comments about my page. It was a gorgeous cabinet card you sent me! Thanks again. hugs, L.

pinar said...

love them.. love the second one.. wanna be in deep night thoughts surrounded by lavender..

One Crabapple said...

mmmm Love the Rub Ons! that wedding card came out CUTE !! nice job.

Good tip on Staples , thank you. Always get good tips here !

My job gets in the way too.
What to do !?

Tired tired tired. I feel like an old bear that wants to head up to the cave for winter.....