Sunday, October 22, 2006

Toot Toot!!!!

Toot: A shopping spree. Shopping with wild abandon with your closest loved one or a group of bestest girlfriends.

Mike and I went on a toot yesterday. We had a really fun time. Originally, we were going to toot and go see a movie afterwards, but the strong hold of the toot just kept going and we did not see a movie......just had an extended tooot.

Above you will see the new book by Sally Jean Alexander. The craft blogging world has been abuzz about this book and I found ONE copy at Borders which I promptly picked up and held to my chest with glee!!! Talk about beautiful and inspiring eye candy! Even if I never make a piece of jewelry there is so much stuff in here to springboard from and drool over it makes the book totally worth it!

When we started our day it was for lunch at Panera. Bread and soup! My fave!!! Then we went across the parking lot so I could show Mike the wonders of Staples. He liked it too!

Then we were off so I could use my coupons! I had coupons from Hobby Lobby, Joanne's, Borders, and Michaels. And being a true marketing lemming I could not let those coupons go to waste! Hobby Lobbey yielded some really cool trim at 40% off. On a side trip to Best Buy Mike was able to complete our Wilco CD collection and add some more to our U2 collection. I got the new CD by soprano Renee Fleming.

Then at Joanns Mike used my 50% off coupon and got one of his favorite magazines
Cook's Illustrated. If you don't know about this magazine (or its sister magazine, Cook's Country) and you love to cook, you must find these magazines. They are totally well done, beautiful, and have real and pertinent information in them!
Cancer Vixen has been on my wishlist for a long time. It just came out. It is a graphic novel (comic book style). I read the entire book last night!!! So good!! I love memoirs done in the graphic novel style. It is a totally different reading experience than just reading straight type, I find that I am much more immersed in the author's story this way. It is sort of like being deposited straight into the story! I highly recommend this book. If you have liked any of my previous suggestions, I implore you to go right out and buy this book today. You will not be sorry!
The new stamps above are from a toot the previous day with Miss Jane, aka, Fire Chief Jane! Aren't they totally lovely! The top two are from Postmodern Design. I am seriously going ape over every one of their stamps. They are genius.
Got this magazine with a 40% off coupon. It looks fun and fluffy!!

Yesterday at Borders I had my first book store latte!!!! Oh my goodness I felt like all those people I usually see browsing books and sipping their coffee. It was seriously weird!!! I had a Seattle's Best Vanilla Latte. Very good!! I went through the stacks and brought over about 8 books. Went through them and decided which I had to have right this instant. Those were the above-mentioned Sally Jean book, Cancer Vixen, and the above hot off the press book by Joyce Carol Oates. It looks very good and I started it last night, but did not get very far cause I fell asleep. No comment on the book there, it was after I had already read Cancer Vixen....

All in all a perfect day spent with my dear sweet husband....and to top it all off.....take out dinner was brought home from my all-time favorite restaurant....TACO BELL!!!!


Shari said...

OK girlie---when do I get included in some of these toots (the ones with Jane...not your hubby!)??? Do I not fit in??? Do you not like me?? I am so jealous.
hugs, shari (feeling left out!)

Trixie said...

Toot Toot!!!! "Watch your arms and legs ladies and gents the train is leaving the station" The train straight to Crazy Town that is! What a wonderful adventure, what a perfect day. And you my lovely, are my favorite storyteller!

edina said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments you've left recently! I also just ordered Sally Jean's book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. :)


dogfaeriex5 said...

it sally jean's book just lucious!! amost as lucious as a your new photo on the profile, looks just like you!hehehe.
love you~k

zUzU said...

Laura! =^..^=

Your adventures of the weekend sound like SOooo much fun ... And the treasures you found ::SIGH:: oh my goodness total YUMMERS!

I seriously have the 'I wants' now.

I want some books ...
(the Sally Jean one looks glorious)

I want to play with those stamps ...
(The 'brellas & the ticket! OH!)

I want to sit and read the books ...

I want I want!
I'm going to the store first rainy day to play inside!

What a wonderful post of good fun!
Best of all ... I loved the TOOT TOOT!

You made it all so much fun to read ...
It's infectious! :o)

=^..^= zU

Trixie said...

Looky a new banner! I will miss the lovely lady who I first remember saying "Laura, you can see her boob!". I clicked on the picture by you to get a closer peek and it does not get any bigger. But you my love, are larger than life and full of so much energy, art and fun I can not wait till the next entry!

Beth said...

Wow...what a great toot. I'm so jealous, although I agree with Shari...I'd rather just toot with girls, hee hee !!!! I love all your finds....I swear, you must have a library the size of borders based on your love of books and your purchases. I guess I'll see for myself sometime this winter when I come down to "toot and art it up" with you, Jane and Trixie !!!